Helping Self...

Dear Self….


Dear Self……

Remind yourself to take a break AND breath…… Also even though there’s a great deal of things that you still desire to do, it is ALL about God’s timing.. God is in control in the midst of every hell and fire storm… Be encouraged and maintain your salvation so that you can continually be a witness.

Be happy even when horrid things happen. .. ..  Yes, its crazy but God knew YOU before you even entered into your mother’s womb… Put Christ first and things will get just a little bit easier in MOST cases. Get out of yoir own way BUT more importantly, get out of God’s way…. He is waiting! LOL

Remember, like in the book of Jeremiah, He knows the plans for you, so try to stay calm…In layman’s terms….God isn’t tripping because HE already knew how your life would be from the #beginning AND the #end…

So continue to walk in love..pray for more wisdom and allow God to work on a better you. The inside is what counts and your relationship with Christ will always be your TOP priority. ..

Allow the voice of the spirit guide you and tell your flesh MORE OFTEN.

Best Regards and Passionately Signed,



Girl Pals

The merits of female friendships are pretty well-established. Not least of which, who else will give you an honest opinion about your new hairstyle? However, many women find that their friendship circle shrinks as they get older. The pressures of parenting, work and spouses can leave little time for female bonding.

Cherish the old…….. Pray about the new…… and welcome what else God has in store for your life!

Many of us take friendships for granted. But lasting relationships provide more than someone to lean on when the going gets tough. In addition to the emotional benefits, camaraderie actually boosts your physical health. ( yes…being happy can IMPROVE your health )

However, remember that Friends¬†are like Novocaine…… eventually you will see if the friendship like the dental medicine, is strong enough to deal with the pain that you SHALL / WILL endure!