Asking and Recieving!

Yup that about sums up a great deal of things I would say!!



Just Thinking –


Ever been through a season in your life when it seems as “All or Most” of your enemies are becoming friends? Well, the Lord says fear not!,  for I stand firm with you! You Can have all the outward credentials, from posture to practice……going through the motions……doing what looks and feels good but what’s the condition of your Heart and the direction of your Soul?

Surely,  whatever is done in the dark, comes to the light! So, it is  best that we come clean……starting with cleansing our Heart enough to be aligned with the Son of God. …… Also remember that not every GOOD plan is the GOD plan. So use these last days to REALLY seek the plan of GOD for your life, before it is too late.

With the power of the Holy Spirit, you will indeed break OUT before you break DOWN!


Helping Self...

Morning Thought


GOD’S JUDGMENT MAY BE SLOW: BUT HE WILL HARSHLY JUDGE EVIL DOERS. God is seeing all that is happening. RENEW YOUR MIND AND DO GOOD and in case you may have fogotten>> Repentance is the best.

EVIL IS EVIL: SO PLEASE KEEP A GOOD HEART. The way we act, what we do and say is important ALSO in how God deals with our enemies. Do not do evil for evil and expect God to show up and show out when you are NOT keeping his commandments.