Helping Self...

Understanding Healing


A hint for a happier journey: A healer for the hurting! As we go through life, we cannot avoid the sorrow of loss. Because those we love may leave us, our hearts hurt deeply, and healing can be difficult to find. But there is healing for those who seek it.

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus was wounded for us so we could find restoration and healing in him. And though it is a spiritual mystery, we can experience healing that comes through his sacrifice.

What a relief that we don’t have to just cope with our hurting hearts! We have one who walks beside us, who leads us in the path of healing……….A hint for a happier journey……….Yes, you can ride out your storm.

God said “If you never felt pain, how would you know I am a healer. If you never felt sadness, how would you know I am a comforter?” God is all and more than we can ask for or even phantom…Give it all to him today!!! he is calling you!!!

A Pick Me Up –

I told my girl pal that if I was able to take her pain away, I WOULD! Until then… this is the best that I could do! I tried! She is going through a rough patch in her life…the Ugly D WORD!! Divorce……..

 I am always trying to INVENT things “in my mind” to  make myself and others feel better….. and I thought about this!!!….. Of course NOTHING in life is this easy…if we could go to a local grocery or drug store and get pills that we need for emotional healing…No one would be angry…sad or depressed…. but if we can get our healing from a BOTTLE… Where does GOD come in at? He is the ultimate and genuine healer!

I told her to use her imagination…and I hope that it works! Relationships are hard sometimes ( ESPECIALLY DIVORCE ) and when they end – pain is there! God will show anyone the route that they can / should take to assist them in their healing process….