Weekend Part 4 A

Okay, I finally made it to my destination and boy is it HOT out here! Thank goodness, there is a space for my mommy to sit and for us to stand up close…..

However, even on ” THIS DAY “……at this moment, the most important thing for me to do is to get MORE PHOTOS FIRST!! The sun was blazing today! LOL


So glad to run into so many old faces…. family and friends go hand in hand most times… Especially those individuals who seemed to have ALWAYS been there!

My family – well parts of it at least…… bring me joy and today has allowed me to FORGET the negative things pertaining to my family and concentrate on something good – FOR A CHANGE!

We are all getting settled and trying to hurry up and mingle to get our hugs and kisses in with everyone before everything starts…. It was soo good seeing everyone and just seeing FAMILY together on ONE ACCORD united and truly gathered for the same reason~ LOVE! I am so excited that I cannot even sit still or stand still at this point!!!

Helping Self...

God and Us


To understand God is to know HIM – and have entered a personal relationship with HIM. When that happens, it will be a little bit easier to know that HE is the only one who can re – route the final destination of all of your troubles!

Sometimes we have to be willing to let go in order to let God and when we relinquish those things that have served their purpose, we allow space for all that is new & beautiful that we otherwise may not have had room to receive!

Just don’t doubt HIM in the progress!!! He loves us so do not doubt that and if you understand what REAL LOVE is, then you will welcome your progress no matter how difficult it may become. Why? Because you know what ‘your end” will indeed be!

Understand that In transition (s) some people / things and of course situations have to be added – deleted and overall re – evaluated to see the original purpose “if there is any”….

It is time to CONTINUE and fully embrace the season (s) of transition and God’s favor for our lives!

Understand that God is in control and he grants us the GRACE AND MERCY to also have “a say in our lives” by allowing us to make our OWN choices / decisions. We cannot blame Christ for making wrong choices when we do not operate in obedience. He leads and guides and it is our responsibility to FOLLOW HIM –

Get to know God and relinquish the power that you think that you have over your life because your life is not your own.