Maybe It’s ME –

There is just something very AWKWARD about this photo and what it is suppose to mean! LOL – What does this interesting pose stand for in this photo? It makes me take a pause-

Okay I know that 2012 means that this is the CURRENT year that we are living in …… but what message are they trying to convey exactly and who is their target audiences? (not me)

Okay I do get that the African American man on the right is the current president of the United States and the Caucasion/ Anglo Saxon  man on the left is the current Vice President of the United States. ugghh –

What I do not get is why they are both standing together with the year 2012 above their heads!

LOL – Are they both trying to say that they are the BEST choice for this country in November?

UGGGHHHH – compared to Mitt Romney and his new running mate, Paul Ryan…..I guess that this photo does represent a SEMI – CHANCE of a normal life. Sad thing is that on the Democratic side, there were NO other options because no one else stepped up to run against President Obama…..

It is just very strange because any and everyone has had complaints on how he has run this country but no one came forward to try to make a difference on the Democratic side….

Sure, I do know that running a campaign at this stature can be a strain and cause a very substaintial pinch in a candidates personal finances – however there are some that had the finances but obviously felt that it “was not worth it” at this point in time to challenge him and his “colorful policies”…… ( can someone help me send SMOKE SIGNALS ) because this country is in dire need of help in all aspects of the forum.

ugghhh- Now tell me again why we cannot change legislation to allow a president to be voted in for a 3rd term if THE PEOPLE elect him or her?  Also, does anyone know how to contact former Congressman J.C.Watts, Governor Christie and former New York City Mayor Guliani?


Bitter / Sweet Olympic Moment –

I personally feel that it is indeed a CRYING SHAME that people around the world…near and far could not “tame their rude and racial” comments towards this LITTLE GIRL.

It is amazing how she is only 16, she is the youngest to win gold, the first african american to win gold, the first black to win gold, the youngest olympian winning gold – and people STILL found something negative to talk about!

While people are talking about Gabby’s hair…her and her mother is cashing in on checks, tv appearances, marketing deals, making history, publicity for all of her FUTURE projects, taking photos to be featured on Kellogg’s and Wheaties boxes, being happy, sponsorships, free college scholarships and being nationally known for something POSITIVE!

Either the world is genuinely getting worse and they are that rude and evil IN SPITE of the positivity that they see and hear or it is indeed because she is black. PICK ONE ALREADY!

A big kuddos to her family for supporting her dreams at a very early age and being there for her in spite of what it took to achieve her dreams! For two years, her mother allowed her to live in another state so that she could have a better opportunity to be in London and it paid off!

Nonetheless, whether she is black, poke a dot, indian, asian, red, yellow, green or blue…NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY what she earned truly in front of the WORLD!

Dear ( ME )


I met Facebook, hung out with Facebook, dated Facebook, fell in love with Facebook, got engaged to Facebook and happily married Facebook !! However, I then felt that it was in MY best interest to go and get divorced from Facebook. It was a little hard at first and we went through small spurts of seperation and then finally I knew that I had to end it!

After prayer and sleepness nights and not being able to focus on the normal things of Life….. I finally FORCED myself to “let go” of Facebook a l little over 2 years ago…..  I realized that my life was better WITHOUT it than with it!! ( insert tears here ) LOL

Like any other relationship, who could forget all the nights of staying up until the late hours into the morning! Getting in the car, catching the subway, walking down the public street, getting waited on in a restaurant holding up the line, almost getting hit by cars and buses because I was so focused reading what you had to say or wrote on my time line, what new photos were being put up, where did you go last night, what were you planning for the day etc!! Who would want to give all of that up!! ( LOL )

Nonetheless, I had to grow up and realize that it was indeed taking a vicious toll on my life that I didn’t like! LOL Blogging is better and more therapeutic for ME anyway….. Being on social networking sites can be great but being on a “social” site everyday like IT IS APART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE is “not normal”……..  If you do not believe me check YOUR OWN routine and see how many SOCIAL sites you actively participate on.



Welp, I NEVER thought that a person other than an AFRICAN AMERICAN during the 20th century could share some feelings about real racism!  They say that there is a FIRST FOR EVERYTHING HUH!!! I am sure that I can speak for a “few black women and a WHOLE LOT OF Black men” and say… ” WELCOME TO OUR WORLD”

The new laws that passed in Arizona “allowing / permitting / pushing” the legal authorities to actually STOP Hispanic / Latino citizens in public if they look suspicious! I think that it is indeed HORRID behavior and now I guess people will NOW UNDERSTAND how the African community used to and still feels like. It is called RACISM and the police departments around the country found to be what “they considered” a nicer word of RACIAL PROFILING.  How in the world can that be considered less gripping than just being prejudice?

When they discussed legislation pertaining this bill and they had the NERVE to use the word “papers” for the Hispanic / Latino community, it made me think of the Jewish community and what they had to go through in Germany!

This country has GONE from land of the free and home of the brave…….to Land of who pays the most money to pass a bill to home of the people that want to deal with it or leave! People who have lived in this country and is working being a productive member of society has to get stopped out on a nice summer day with their family just because the police have the right to check their immigration status??

Sad thing about this whole thing is that there are some politicians who have hired illegal men to do their yardwork…. and the women to babysit their children because they knew that they could “get away with” paying them lower wages! This country makes even the best military man or woman tear up because they also see that they too arent treated respectfully – equally when they return home. BIG SIGH…

So so so so sad!!  Honestly… this election has left the  good ole’ American people no REAL choices for the next 4 years in this sad presidential election to come. It saddens me that not one Democratic Nominee dared to run against President Barack Obama! I know that it costs millions of dollars to run for a presidential election BUT to ONLY HAVE ONE CHOICE is sad. At least the Republicans had enough sense and strength to have at least 8 contenders!

I guess my blog is all over the place because my life and this country is all over the place!!!! Geesh.. can something be right?


Black – White – Right v.s Wrong

When Justin Bieber does it, to fans it seems to be cool and accepted!!??


When rappers like Whiz Khalifa does it, it seems to be cool as well!!??? I do not get it at all, ” please help” okay?

Image Detail

Via “mainstream society Bieber will be the one to “get the pass” and say things like …”Oh he is being a kid”……

Rappers who do not get a pass in main stream society get things said about them like they are thugs adn ghetto.

Well I have a news flash for ANYONE who feels that “this look” is acceptable regardless if they are Black – White – Latino or Asian…… and should NOT be accepted by “certain races” in mainstream society. The Latinos are most commonly known for starting this IN JAIL and it meant something towards their sexuality, tuffness or it could have just been a style that was established because the prison guards had to take their belts so the inmates dont kill each other / committ suicide. Nonetheless, saggy pants over the last few years CERTAINLY sends “signals” via  a code of conduct for having sex with men.

The Latino community have been wearing their khaki pants like this for years and it made statements within their gang communities that they so proudly served and “semi” protected.

Then the black community reminds me of the state of TEXAS at time because Texans go over the top and do things big style!  Welp theblack  males ” TOOK IT UP A NOTCH” and not only have they sagegd their pants – they wear them OFF of their behinds with a belt, hoping they can stay up!  Ask Lil Wayne!

Image Detail

It is indeed sadly repulsive and lowers the male view in society.  Whether you sing – rap – opera – play an instrument – an actor – a dancer etc…. It shows lack of respect for yourself and proves VERY LOUDLY that you are a FOLLOWER and not a Leader!

It would be so nice if all of the states banned together with the state of Atlanta and Michigan made legislation to fine men and women with dressing out of context via soceity acceptability! Down there, the police officers can pull you over for wearing sagging pants….revealing tops and too short of a skirt and dress!

Now that is JUSTICE! ( don’t get mad!! Just put some clothes on! )

Image Detail


Still Bothered….

Wondering why you NEVER hear about BLACK MALE Professional Athletes being gunned down and killed?

Being black, male and unpopular makes you a THREAT in America it seems unless you are popular into main stream society I guess…

Black Men in America ONLY seem to be “cool / okay ” if they play for the NFL….. NBA…NHL… MLB..

Tiger Woods lives in Florida and has been seen wearing hoods but has never been stopped….

Football players wear shorts and hoodies all the time etc…. but THE PAPARAZZI makes sure that America knows who they are so they do not “appear” to be a threat to people who may be scared of black men.

Dear President Obama,

Yes, you went to Harvard and you are “fair skinned” BUT you are STILL a black man as well as a world leader and you happen to be the person who runs the country that this incident happened in!!!!  Can YOU speak up…. America, WE the People – cannot hear you – (AS USUAL!!!) However, if it was something dealing with Iran/ The Middle East etc.. we would hear you LOUD AND CLEAR apologizing on behaf of the Islamic Religion!

Yes…. I am ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As A BLACK MOTHER with 2 BLACK SONS…I should NOT feel like this in 2012


Birthday / Black History Month

I am indeed honored that my birthday shares the same month as my African American Heritage! To be apart of such a rich history is a blessing indeed.

With it being 2012, you can see so many changes that the black community have been able to accomplish over the decades and it is a blessing to  see.

More than 2.5 million blacks who registered for the draft in World War II, about 909,000 served in the Army. In 1944 there were over 700,000 blacks in the Army; this represented the greatest proportion of blacks to total Army strength in World War II. So at its peak, only 8.7 percent of the Army — instead of the planned 10 percent — was black. In June 1945 blacks accounted for less than 3 percent of all men assigned to combat duty in the Army.

About 78 percent of all black males — and only 40 percent of all white males-in the Army were placed in the service branches (including quartermaster, engineer, and transportation corps). Approximately 167,000 blacks served in the Navy during the war, about 4 percent of total Navy strength; and over 17,000 blacks enlisted in the Marine Corps, 2.5 percent of all marines. “Despite the multitude of problems with which the Army was faced in the use of Negro troops in World War II,” historian Ulysses Lee would later write in the Army’s official account of the war, “at the war’s end a greater variety of experience existed than had ever before been available within the American Military Establishment”: 

They had been used by more branches and in a greater variety of units, ranging from divisions to platoons in size and from fighter units to quartermaster service companies in the complexity of duties. They had been used in a wider range of geographical, cultural, and climatic conditions than was believed possible in 1942.

All of this was true of white troops as well, but in its manpower deliberations and in its attempts to wrest maximum efficiency and production from the manpower allotted to it, the Army found that it was the 10 percent of  American manpower which was Negro that spelled a large part of the difference between the full and wasteful employment of available American manpower of military age 44.

Just day dreaming, let alone thinking of all of the things that blacks were apart of, really makes me strive to do better for myself as well as honor what they did for me! 

I think we should honor all of the African Americans that have made positive changes to our society all year round.
Those black individuals make a hole thorough our hearts because so many of them get sent away from their parents and having a month stand out for this purpose sheds light and opens eyes to those who think indifferently about people of color.
Much of the technology and conveniences we have still today were developed by African Americans and it needs to be acknowledged just like anyone else on this planet that has made strides for the human RACE in general, Which sheds tears into or eyes. Black history month also tells of the injustices that were done during slavery and the many that stood together to overcome that.
 I think Martin Luther King Jr. was a good role in Black History Month because he was the one who said “Fight hate with love.”
 As a people we need to know that we are STRONG…… we have the ability to make something out of NOTHING!!! So let’s keep moving toward greatness….