Co – Parenting

imageWhen children spend their time split between parents’ houses, there are several issues that may arise. It would be LOVELY if SIMPLE things like this would transpire – Co – Parenting can BE DONE – but you need willing parties!

One of the benefits that co-parenting provides is supplying children with a close and fair relationship with both parties. Even though the parents may have their disagreements and different views, for the sake of the children, it is imperative that they put all issues aside and set some uniform rules that must be followed within both households. 

Also Parents HAVE TO EVEN FIRST understand what THEIR ROLE as a parent is and then co – parenting would not be so hard for them! Yes, it can drive you crazy when the other parent is totally “off of their game” but for the sake of the child – you pray and push forward…. (ugghh)

1. One of the most important rules in co-parenting is to never talk badly about the other parent to the children. When children witness this behavior, they will think it is OK for them to do the same. Children should not view their parents as enemies, but rather as a team, even though they may not live together anymore. When children realize that their parents are a team, the child will no longer choose a favorite or take sides in disagreements between the parents.

2. There should be a uniform set of rules that is enforced in each household. If children notice that they are able to get away with more at one house versus the other, that will cause the children to develop a favorite household for the wrong reasons.

3. If a child misbehaves and is punished, the punishment should follow them to the other parent’s house as well. Children should not think they are off the hook once they go to visit the other parent. This will teach them that no matter what household they are in, they cannot get away with misbehaving.

Centrist Party – The Centrist Ideology

imageThe Centrist Party need not be a mush of compromises between extreme positions.  It should take the best of each party and ditch the nonsense.

Keep the Republican belief in personal responsibility; the respect for wealth creation and the power of markets; the healthy skepticism of what government can and cannot accomplish; and the recognition that taxes and regulation come with an economic toll.

Toss aside the oversimplified view that government is always bad and that lower taxes are always good; the sad and reckless denial of climate change; and the outmoded views on social policy, particularly gay marriage, that are antithetical to the whole notion of keeping government out of our private lives.

Keep the Democrats’ concern for working people; the commitment to a strong social safety net and social tolerance; and the recognition that government must play a crucial role in protecting us from the most egregious abuses of capitalism, including environmental damage.


But ditch the policies that are necessary solely to win a Democratic primary, not fix the country:  an overly cozy relationship with the largest unions, particularly the teachers unions; an unwillingness to address the looming costs of our entitlement programs; an unseemly populism that too often treats the forces of wealth creation as a problem rather than a solution.

The Centrists will be fiscally sensible, socially progressive, and committed to the kinds of compromises that will appeal to the tens of millions of voters, particularly younger voters, who are currently without a political home.


Distance Can Be Your Friend….

Distance for some loved ones is what is needed to maintain at least a satisfatory relationship……for some people it is good to stay in contact by way of technology… are not too close and not too far but there is a way that you can always stay in touch with one another..if need be

However, Loving a few people from a distance and give them the space and time that is needed so that they can get their minds right….their actions right…their motives right before you allow them back into your life… Again it is our individual choice / decision whom we let enter our lives….

Forget the slogan of reason…season and lifetime… sometimes there are people who do not even FIT at all and we still try to “find a space for them” or a nice cozy undeserving slot… why do it if we know FROM THE BEGINNING that they do not belong in your life….let alone NEAR US?

I am sure that we all have been there….. but the difference is that I STOPPED it.. now it is your turn!! Stop letting people enter who are not welcomed!

Thinking of my buddy Phil ( for single and married couples ) and all of his great wisdom right now….. much love my friend!


Do Your Civic Duty Today –

Shut up and just go VOTE ….. 1 woman made a complaint and started a movement and got legislation passed to get PRAYER taken out of schools…. You hear me???? The opinion of 1 woman!! I wonder why she wants God name on the money that she spends everyday….. UGGHH