My Sister – Friend……


I have to say I have one of the best sisters in the world. We are best buddies, we have built a friendship that has been intended to last forever. Have we always got along? Absolutely not!!!! We fought, slapped, griped, connived, deceived and a bunch of other unmentionables. Why are we best friends? Distance, Pain and Love – that’s why! I was a spoiled BRAT as a child – shame on ME.

But there is no reason why sisters should not be close…..I mean well, why not? Although, GOD KNOWS that we are very different from one another, but yet share the same blood, that is one good reason to love each other. Even though I feel that I was a “mean girl” to her when I was 12 years old and wanted to cause her pain….. love soon resolved the matter and we tearfully made it right and moved on. A moment of forgiveness is more powerful than years of resentment, refrain, abandonment, discord, degrading and avoiding.


There is a certain amount of love and commitment when you are of kindred blood, but if that isn’t enough then we have to selflessly invest into the relationship and be a die-hard mediator that pursues unity. Oh, I almost forgot to say that I love her and feels that she indeed is pretty awesome! LOL


PT Conference, Here I Come!

On my way to pick up my baby to head to his little 5th grade Parent / Teacher Conference…. Please let EVERYTHING be of a good report! He has been blessed to have been on Honor Roll since he has been in Pre – K.

Well, Math is something he is very good in and I would have to give that gene credit to his father….. He aces math like its nobody’s business! I think math is ” alright ” I guess…. However, I think that my son’s father may have been just a little gifted in math which has made my homework time with my son EASY………Thank goodness.

Wish me well and if all goes welll, this conference should be a fly by night meeting that last no longer than 30 minutes AT TOPS!

Drum roll PLEASE……….

Social Studies







Music Theory


One on One Tenor Saxophone






Seems A Tad Bit Rude –

What are you trying to say? That people who are voting for President Obama do not work? Hmm…….

Mitt, you are acting and talking like Vice President Joe Biden now…… Saying ANYTHING and it is coming from out of your neck!!! UGGHH I am not a huge President Obama Supporter – HOWEVER – this is a very SLY comment Mitt! It is so nice for you to show your REAL COLORS!

Cannot wait until this 2012 Presidential Election is OVER….. Praying God will allow the right person in office – whomever that may be.



When I think of the status of my family as a WHOLE… it makes me want to constantly VOMIT…. and YES! I feel sick inside because we ALL should be doing better as a Family!

b I get so so tired of hearing that there are families / situations that are way worse than mine – YIKES…… Okay already! However, even if that is true….. I still want my family immediate / inner circle / outer cirlce and beyond to all be connected YET UNIFIED like we used to be… Sad thing about it is that it seems very apparent that besides my mother, one of my sisters and myself are the only ones who seem to even CARE!

What is that about God? I mean really……. I have gone through my mood swings that one month I try to get everyone back on track then I take 2 months to REGROUP and RE – COUP from all of the drama and adittudes from other individuals that have stressed me out during that time period… From siblings….to kids….to nephews…to aunts….to cousins…. to uncles.. I am so over it all.

I’m ….M-O-V-I-N-G …. O – N ….. but still staying “open” to what God may allow to transpire but I have my own life to endure!