Dave and Busters


I swear this restaurant is such a family atmosphere BUT I’m not too keen on the overall experience there…….

Besides “the game playing area”…..    it feels like an overly fast paced restaurant that wants to get as many people IN ….just as much as they want to get the people OUT.

Every time I’m at this place I feel like I’m a part of a herd of CATTLE…. Eat…talk then hirry and get to the play area because we need this table!!!
imageAt LEAST that “the company” was amazing so it made it all worth it!!! …Uggghhh…. not MY favorite restaurant  ….

Women's Stuff

15 Seconds of Truth


Being a FEMALE is a matter of birth…..

Being a WOMAN is a matter of age…..

Being a LADY is matter of choice!

P.S. Women are strong and should have enough wisdom to NOT pray merely because we need something from God…. but more so to just simply thank HIM for all of the things that He has indeed already done in our undeserving lives!


Recognize It….

Regardless if it is men on men …..female on female …..male on female or female on male –

October is The National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Just stop it….#that’sall 


I ……..


I am a Woman of Value I am here for a reason. 

 I listen to God so that I know my purpose. 

 I am a Woman that can be trusted.

I have silent power, I have the power of influence.

I have the power of God, I am Still here.

No matter what the storm, I overcome it. I expect things to get better, Things are changing for me, because I am changing me.  

 I am a Woman of vision and virtue I am a Woman of passion and purpose I am a Woman of commitment and character I am a Woman of anointing and authority

 I am a Woman of submission and stability I am a Woman of mission and the ministry.  

 I mean something to myself and my God, whether anyone else sees and recognizes it or not.  When you let me down, God holds my hand. 

 I am soft yet firm as a Rock.  I open my hands to show mercy and close it for war.  I teach my hands for war and my fingers for the battle. 

As Women you can freely decree:  I am mother, sister, confidant, friend, girlfriend, business partner, prayer partner, wife widow, auntie and/or big mama.

 I am woman, watch me pray, watch me stand, watch me overcome, watch me win.  

God has empowered me and equipped me with tools to fight my adversary the devil, I will bruise his head even if he does bruise my heal, I am a winner, I am a warrior princess, I am my Daddy’s girl, I am a Woman.

So EVEN WHEN the things of Life try to weigh me down, I feel Life is STILL Incrediblle!!!!


Dear Women –


PLEASE do not wait for the PERFECT MAN because there is not any!!!! The only perfect person is Jesus and you shall see Him “soon enough” okay!! Accept the fact and really embrace that the man God has for you WILL NOT BE PERFECT but God can help mold him into the person who fits securely into the peg of your life. The man is to add to you NOT COMPLETE you! SOME women have a “prison sentence mentality” with this waiting game that they have….

I AM NOT SAYING to lower your standards at all and those who do NOT even have standards, please get some and keep them in tact! However, I am just requesting that women be REALISTIC when it comes to relationships! Know what you want and know what you dont want and GO FROM THERE!! Truth be told when women do not know what they want and who they are as a person they are prime examples to be on the recieving end of broken relationship after relationship.

Just do not desire a Godly man – desire the man that God has for you and pray and BE STILL so that when ANY MAN comes along regardless how wonderful he may seem to be – you will have enough wisdom to see that he is NOT the one and also ENOUGH COURAGE to say no as well! Do not be desperate because that type of behavior gives off an odor that only attracts dogs. Let the men in your life such as uncles, fathers, brothers, cousins, and male friends that you resepct give you some good old fashioned advice when it comes to “their species”…LOL

Also talk to a few God fearing women who have PROVEN to be successful in relationships / marriages who can sit and discuss the things of the heart as well for guidance! If you trust them- then attempt to obtain some wise counsel because other than that – why are your spending time with these people? Seriously!

I do not want women – especially good women who have their heads on straight, educated, kind, saved – followers of Christ, compassionate, prayerful, loyal, family oriented etc..etc..etc.. have ALLLLLLLL of these great qualities but sit – wait – and then DIE like the woman in the photo above!