Friday’s Inspirational Tip



Ever hear people say things like…….. Life Sucks or that they hate their life?

Well, for people who feel like this, should really learn to absorb the life that they have now……NO matter how bad they think that it is!

I am not talking about hating your life if you are experiencing sex trades, human trafficking, molestation etc..etc..etc..

I put that disclaimer in here because there are a great deal of times people will NOT write on my blog to comment but trust me…… My email bin stays FULL EVERYDAY! !! LOL

#Anyway back to Life!!!


Why not appreciate the gift of life that you are allowed to partake in everytime that you wake up each day?

There is a large amount of people who are #DEAD# that would LOVE to switch places with the LIFE that you are complaining about daily!

Helping Self...

Laugh – Love – Live


I am known to ALWAYS be so so overly serious but my love muffin son has forced me to LOCATE my funnybone! 

With his various activities, most days coming home SUPER late – we are stopping by a drive throough pick up window or sitting down for the last 30 minutes of a restaraunt before they close…..  crazy I know!


I have been celebrating my birthday since February even though most of you knew that it was last month but I am still getting well wishes…


Nonetheless, Im still super happy and making sure that I stay on tract!!! I vowed to start celebrating my birthday for the whole 28 days since last year for my “late father’s sake”…. Now, all I want to do is laugh and seriously enjoy MY LIFE…

Well we are well into heading into the second week of March and I am STILL GOING STRONG! My mom, sister, nephew and son have been cheering me on since January and im very grateful that I am making a very concise decision to move on “with them in mind”….. No stopping ME now!

(Proud of myself)


Late Night Hanging –

Okay after picking up the little bambino via his return from being away at camp for a whole week… He was on a serious mission not to go STRAIGHT home! I surely did not understand how he had the energy to desire to hang and do anything additional besides take a shower, get something to eat, lay on the couch, play a game, read a book, talk to ME then go to sleep!! LOL

I watched the movie but I was so cold from the theatre and just tired in general, that I was ready to go HOME!!

Nope, he wanted to make a stop and see his Aunt but she was not home so called her and she chose to meet up with us…. My son and I went to the movies and saw Spider Man and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! This was the best one yet.. seriously and I was freezing in the movie theatre but I had so much fun seeing him so happy  that I forgot how cold I actually was!

Just seeing my baby happy made me appreciate being a mother and realizing how important that QUALITY and QUANTITY are both just as important to little kids! I ended up seeing other friends of ours at the movie theatre and chatted and talked about LIFE! Having fun…living a fun and healthy life…still participating in ministry but most importantly…..HAVING BALANCE!




Conversation To My 10 Yr Old Son

This is why you shouldnt complain that there is nothing in the refrigerator when in it fact – it stays FULL

This is why you shouldnt pout when I take you to Olive Garden instead of T.G.I. Friday’s

This is why you shouldnt be mad when you want Rita’s ice but I say no when we have a blender & slushy mix at home

This is why you shouldnt ask why we cant go to subway when I can just stop at the store and buy our own lunch meat

AT LEAST ……. >>.YOU<< have options because a lot of others do not!


Weekend Interrupted –

YES!!!!!!  Sigh…. My weekend was interrupted via some things that could not have been prevented on Friday and most of Saturday. I ended up getting the kids back tonight and it is only Saturday evening! Make it so funny is that they were up like its 2 pm in the afternoon and they would not go to sleep…they wanted to go to TARGET or Giant Eagle! I just wanted to take the time to write a short – quick – but honest letter to The Lord…..and here we go

DEAR GOD, did you know that I am NOT experiencing a break from my son this weekend? How did I drop him off and have him back a day later? Can you please advise me when I can send him back! LOL Welp, the kids are back with me so we shall get up early…..get dressed and go to church….Sunday School! At least they will be getting some Jesus in them! LOL

Thank you Lord, ( I guess – LOL ) but to be honest – him and his best friend get along so well that they had a ball and I even ended up playing with them all night!

Dear ( ME )

Excitement – 101

Umm…. Maybe I should NOT be so excited that my son is going to be GONE after his band recital tonight? Well that is all apart of Excitement 101’s FIRST STEP! We must EMBRACE IT so that we can effectively enjoy it! LOL

It is Memorial Day weekend and I seem to FORGET about it every year… silly I know but my son’s bday is the following weekend and we always go away and do something lazy, fun and exciting so that is what connects my mind with the month of May.

I will be FREE IN JESUS – LOL Having a good ole’ time……………….  my personal little party will end on Sunday afternoon because he has of course.. ANOTHER baseball game! Lord knows…the Heavens know… even the little flies that irritate me as I am driving knows that  I love my baby DEARLY….  to the point it can be indeed sickening sometimes…

But!!! and thank God for the but… he has been driving me BONKERS over the past month and a half! So yeah.. see ya bye! He will be at cook outs… swimming parties… birthday parties.. movies…amusement parks.. and I will be NO WHERE to be found!

EXCITEMENT 101- embrace what has made you excited and enjoy it to the fullest!!

Drum Roll PLEASE!!   >>>>>>>FOR A CHANGE………….

I can JUST be a woman and not a mommy or SUPER  WOMAN for a few days! WHOO – HOO!!