Refrigerator Photo 4 My Son


Sometimes WE ALL can forget on the many wonderful things that we have…… So I am sure before my son even tries to open his mind up to tell his MOUTH to say that there is not anything to eat in the house…he has no choice but to have to look / glance at this photo……

I tell him that a great deal of countries do not even have clean running water while you are BEYOND BLESSED to have a mother that buys you 6 cases of Vitamin Water every month to share with her!

You have fruit to CHOOSE from….. snacks that you or I do not even need…..etc..etc..etc.. He gets it now, because a picture is indeed worth A THOUSAND WORDS!


Reality Check!!

What was I thinking??? I almost flipped out terribly….lost my cool and a whole slew of other things a few days ago….

I am glad that I am “over my shock” via President Obama‘s clean up speech via Vice President Biden.

I had to come to the realization that President Obama made “a political decision” and not a “spiritual or religious decision”…..

In his current position – that indeed is what he had to do. The country¬†elected him to run the country via the economy, equal rights, civil rights, safety for the citizens that reside in this country and making sure via the military foreign and domestic the enemy (ies) are “kept at bay” …….

People seem to like to elect neutral politicians and businessmen/ women to run a country and not spiritual leaders and this is one of the biggest reasons why. They want someone who can choose between “church and state”… when it comes to certain pieces of legislation. ( TRUST ME I GET IT! )

They want to keep it on the money and respect the fact that our forefathers “built the country’s foundation” on Christian values but it is a new time…a new day and a new era is what the American Government has been “silently whispering” since the early 1990’s if you really have followed the country’s policies and leaders in Washington.

So with that being said and me CALMING DOWN and looking at this whole scenario ” for what it is”….. I am fine! This is why it is very important to NEVER make decisions in the midst of heavy emotions.

It is election time and the gay and lesbian community have a great deal of networking power to have their voice heard and let us NOT FORGET about how much money is involved here!

After he PUBLICLY announced his change of heart speech on the same sex marriage issue – his online contributions obtained 1 MILLION DOLLARS within an hour!! The dinner that Actor George Clooney “cleverly hosted” for President Obama raked in $15 MILLION dollars for his campaign!

With all this NEW FLOW of money coming in has really boosted his chances as well as his confidence of going “toe to toe” against Mitt Romney who unfortunately seems to have money to burn.

Like that is what it is all about when it comes to politics…. That is the hard, cold BUT HONEST TRUTH. I am a political junkie if you cannot tell by now so I have to respect the ” art and the game of it all” regardless if I do not agree with different forms of legislation, speeches, amendments, polls etc. It is what it is in this country….. “for now at least”…

Whew……Gotta love America! ( I guess )….. LOL