A Prayer Life


Every Day of my life I am learning the importance of a personal prayer life and seeing the results of a consistent commitment to prayer. ( whew md hester )
Our future walk in the Lord becoming successful can only be determined by our personal prayer lives. Some things will create greater problems if we continue to do them without prayer:1. Bible Study Without Prayer: Produces Knowledge with No Power.

2. Worship…s Team Without Prayer: Produces Singing with no anointing.

3. Marriage/Relationships Without Prayer: Produces False Unions.

4. Preachers/Preaching Without Prayer: Produces Charisma & No Character

5. Prophetic Ministry Without Prayer: Produces Witchcraft & Rebellion

6. Planting Churches Without Prayer: Produces False Hope To Communities

7. Ordaining Leaders Without Prayer: Produces False Church Government

8. Fasting Without Prayer: Produces Starvation & Carnality

9. Making Decisions Without Prayer: Produces Regrets & Shame

10. Starting A Relationship Without Prayer: Produces Ungodly Soulties

Having a Personal Prayer life is very significant to the believers walk with God. Being overconfident in yourself, is a quick lane to failure and disappointment including a lack of urgency for proper priorities in life.



Parental Morning Tips

My Dearest Son,


The secret to sustained success is honor. Honor those who have gone before you.

……when you do ANYTHING you should always ask yourself  if it will it glorify Christ?..if it will not…then you MUST ask yourself why are you doing it!

Have a great day and carry the Love of God with you always!!!!!

In Case You Ever Forget….


Satan hates you because you have a chance to Go and dwell forever
Where he once was But can never return … So he’s deceiving you now
So that you won’t of course. Make it in! Then resulting in you having to share his HORRID fate forever!

Do not allow the negative things of this world make a divine destination to nowhere for your final resting place. It may be tempting to enjoy the negative things of the world and the things that God hates but is the temptation worth Eternal Life?

Fight to live Holy, make the choices, surround yourself with accountability partners, read your word, pray and even cry when you have to but just do not give up nor give in to the evil tricks and devices that the enemy has set in place for you.

Anyone who was EVER with Christ but then CHOSE to leave Him is surely not YOUR friend!


One of My Favorites!

Although the song is more so focused towards a relationship and we all have had some type of relationship in our lives that had went terribly super duper sour……. However with this song as well as the lyrics – my mind started to float a totally different way! LOL

I have thought of this song in regards to fixing my FAMILY’S ISSUES –  Via my brothers and sisters…from the oldest to the youngest, GEESH!! I swear that everyone is SO DIFFERENT that I wonder if all will be HEAVEN sent again!! Yes, and I even ask God to FIX ME as well…

This song is really heart felt and simply beautiful and one of my favorites. ( I love Coldplay )

HOWEVER, no one can ” FIX YOU ” but Christ…. and even God does not force us to be a certain way – HE allows us to choose to be!! Just as the simply put lyrics stated…. ” Lights will guide you home ” and Jesus is indeed The Ultimate Light…  So don’t lose your way!

#Godrocks  #GodISLove


Random Relationship Babble

Love is everything it is cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it… It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

Being Happy in Love is about how happy and satisfied two people that are in a relationship feel. It is about experiencing a positive, connected relationship. It is about being loved, respected and appreciated.

Being happy in love is about loving yourself, loving your life and choosing to be in a relationship that is right for you or transforming yourself and your current relationship so that you are truly happy. It is about being with a man who treats you with the love and respect you deserve. The main focus is on you and what you want in your life, not on trying to be what you think a man will want. When you love yourself you can be yourself, become magnetically attractive, easily attract the right man and effortlessly maintain a positive, loving relationship.

Being Happy in Love is about the “fit” between two people. The “fit” between two people has to do with having chemistry, compatibility and an emotional connection. Chemistry is the attractive force that brings people together. The emotional connection is the glue that holds a relationship together and compatibility is the key to lasting relationship happiness. To be Happy in Love, you need these three ingredients.

Embrace who you are and enjoy a relationship with a person who is truly right for you! Have the positive, loving relationship that you deserve. Feel good about yourself and be with a partner who loves you and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Don’t spend all your time trying to “make a relationship work”. Learn how to easily and effortlessly maintain a positive relationship.



Celebrate Where You Are –

I’m a firm believer in living life to its fullest. Yes, I get caught up in work sometimes, but can enjoy life with friends and family. I work on not stressing about money, savings, and bills. Take each day and embrace it, love it, love others, have fun and smile! Don’t hold back!

My advice is don’t think or speak negative.  For a few weeks now, I have been encouraging women I come in contact and dramatic changes have come to pass in their lives as a result.

I want to encourage you not to confess your negatives. Confess AND celebrate the accomplishment of that which appears to be impossible.  Confess that you are a success. Confess AND celebrate that you like people and people like you. Confess AND celebrate that you are flowing in God’s love, and that other people are being blessed through your life.

Get all excited! Today, speak positive faith confessions to yourself, your family and your friends.  Expect the impossible to flow like never before. Your life will never be the same again. Remember, nothing negative!… matter how much you THINK it will help!


Liking Life v.s. Loving Life

What a day today! Love being busy BUT a productive kind of busy!………  I realized that there is a difference between loving life and liking life……

Someone may say that sounds silly but the people who LOVE life… usually have had brushes with death personally, lost loved ones, are financially fit or just learned to “just be content” on what they have and who they are in this present world……

Those who I would say only “like life ” are people……hmmmm…they are how I used to be… always complaining, getting upset easy over silly things, doing too many projects, having a million dreams attached to a million goals BUT only completing 10 out of a million! Over zealous…. never had enough time to do things, never had my priorities 100% together, was always busy…etc..etc..etc..  I am ALWAYS finding a way to connect what goes on in the natural to what goes on or what is GOING ON in the spiritual because indeed TO ME – it is truly all relative! In the bible, no I am not going deep but im deep enough so that anyone reading my blog would understand THE MORAL OF THE STORY! LOL

Well back to what I was saying, in the bible there were these 2 women named Mary and Martha…. both sisters and of course had totally different personalities and ways of thinking ….let alone doing things!

Jesus had made a visit to their home and Mary was all about enjoying the moment and appreciating where she was in life and having a burning desire to learn….. learn from the best teacher..which is Jesus!q Now Martha… whew ( the old me ) she was ALL about being overly busy….. like most of us – we focus on how many things that we can do….. but there is a motive attached to it.. Mary is just happy if she can do one thing and is humble enough to sit at the feet of Jesus to obtain what she needs…. while Martha would rather run around the house trying to put on a presentation toward a man who needs nothing and has everything!  READ LUKE 10:38-42 and you will see that Mary loved life v.s. her sister Marth just “like life”…..

Living  is a blessing but enjoying it is something else! Who wants to just live and walk around being ROBOTIC? I want to have more than just AIR IN MY LUNGS!