Laugh Until You Cry!….

Whew, did I really need to see this!!! I have NEVER been a fan of the character Mr Brown via Tyler Perry Productions but seeing him in this atmosphere made me fall on the floor that I was ALREADY sitting on!! FUNNY RIGHT!! LOL

Love David and Tamela Mann though to pieces!

( please google or youtube his wife,, she will bless your life)


Remember The Good Times!

Remember when you woke up filled with enthusiasm, eager to begin your day, savoring each vibrant moment? How long has it been since you felt vital in that way? If a photo were taken of you at this moment, would you smile for the camera or look nervous and serious, uncomfortable that the picture is being taken?

We need to recapture the Kodak moments of our lives which express our innate capacity for fun and laughter. Our fears, problems, losses and disappointments have hurled obstacles in the way of personal happiness. We need to clear the path, prune the trees and wash the windows to let joy shine into our interior.

Along the way we were taught so many “protective” strategies: don’t talk to strangers, don’t go to unknown places, don’t express yourself fully or reveal personal, vital information… No wonder many of us have a hard time opening ourselves up to new friends, trying new things or saying what’s on our minds. All of these protective walls have limited our potential for joy and uninhibited fun.

This requires that we tap into our original identity – all that we once were before we became spouses, parents and professionals. We need to get reacquainted with ourselves on a first name basis. We need to soften the hard, outer shell we have placed over our hearts, the scar tissue, that prevents us from having compassion for ourselves and for others, fearful that we might be hurt.


Dear ( ME )


I met Facebook, hung out with Facebook, dated Facebook, fell in love with Facebook, got engaged to Facebook and happily married Facebook !! However, I then felt that it was in MY best interest to go and get divorced from Facebook. It was a little hard at first and we went through small spurts of seperation and then finally I knew that I had to end it!

After prayer and sleepness nights and not being able to focus on the normal things of Life….. I finally FORCED myself to “let go” of Facebook a l little over 2 years ago…..  I realized that my life was better WITHOUT it than with it!! ( insert tears here ) LOL

Like any other relationship, who could forget all the nights of staying up until the late hours into the morning! Getting in the car, catching the subway, walking down the public street, getting waited on in a restaurant holding up the line, almost getting hit by cars and buses because I was so focused reading what you had to say or wrote on my time line, what new photos were being put up, where did you go last night, what were you planning for the day etc!! Who would want to give all of that up!! ( LOL )

Nonetheless, I had to grow up and realize that it was indeed taking a vicious toll on my life that I didn’t like! LOL Blogging is better and more therapeutic for ME anyway….. Being on social networking sites can be great but being on a “social” site everyday like IT IS APART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE is “not normal”……..  If you do not believe me check YOUR OWN routine and see how many SOCIAL sites you actively participate on.


Love You BYE!!!

He went to camp for a week!! Oh how I love Jesus!! LOL Okay – I do not mean to sound so OVERLY excited that my kid is going away for a week BUT whew… I needed the break!

Back in April… I did a blog stating that I was sending my son to at least 5 different camps over the summer which 3 lasted a week each and then 1 camp was just for the weekend…..

Weekend or even just 1 day….. how my year has gone – I will take it!! Nonetheless, he is on his second trip for the summer and he goes AGAIN at the end of the month…

Whew again… Oh how I love Jesus!  LOL  I recall before that I would send him to camps because he is basically the only child and it is just me and him….. so of course to keep him from EVER being a momma’s boy…..being too dependent on me or anyone else…. staying a tough …rough and rugged boy…. maintaining his Christian values – I must allow him to be apart of several things so that he can not only have balance but also have FUN! He is certainly turning out to be an AMAMZING KID – thanks to God for showing me how!

School starts in 30 days and I am making the most of MY SUMMER for a change! #teammommy!  LOL


Some Truth 2 This!

It is FUNNY how from ages 10 to 50 our viewpoints CHANGE on how we view our parents, especially Mothers! These are the main focus ages that I feel may be turning points in women’s lives below….Not accurate for everyone but some may be able to connect.

Age 10 –  I love you mommy, you are the greatest

Age 14  – I swear that my mother gets on my everlasting nerves, she does not understand how I feel

Age 18 – I cannot wait to move out of my mother’s house

Age 25 –  I am sorry mom, you were so right about EVERYTHING

Age 30 –  I am so glad that I have you to share in every aspect of my life

Age 50  –  I wish that my mom was still alive

Age 70  – I HOPE AND PRAY that I am as good as a mother as mine was to me

I am SOOO grateful that my mommy is still alive and well……… and I pray that God grants me at least 20 more years with her! I have always realized how important my mother was AND still is in my life. She GAVE me life so how can I keep her out of mine!

Image Detail Image Detail


Weekend Still Interesting!

My son’s best friend really enjoyed church service this aftertoon and I have to tell you how funny the morning even started!!! I was playing a video tape of a black pentecostal preacher named T.D. Jakes ( google his name ) and YES!! Via the black church the way that he preaches is  a certain style to it! Well anyway, he was sitting at my dining room table eating breakfast and he turned to me and said.. WOW!! That mean just keeps really, really  screaming loud!! You just had to REALLY hear how he said it because he was NOT trying to be funny at all, it just concerned him that this preacher just would not stop screaming as he was talking.

The black church calls it preaching but other cultures who do not understand it is either scrared or just simply confused by this style of preaching. I expressed to him that the church that we were going to was a multi – cultural church and he will fit right at home! LOL He then said that it did not matter if it was a black church or a white church, he just do not want the screaming the whole servie!

Whew Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so  so hard that I just walked away after I gave him a hug! LOL

We had a good day and guess what happened when we were leaving church!!! I got a text from my son’s baseball coach and he stated that my son had a game TODAY!!! It would be a make up game! Yes I was soo ticked because as you see, I STILL CANNOT seem to get any ALONE ( free time )………….. Nontheless, I was very elated that my son’s best friend loved the church and experienced a different setting of ministry that he will consider visiting again! When I went to pick them up from their Sunday School, them boys surely did not want to leave! God is good!!!!

I feel like we are The Three Amigos!!