Road Trip –


Most people think of the phrase ROAD TRIP with their best buddies and they are going to have a ball…..which there is NOTHING wrong with that.. but when I think of road trip – I think of MY SON and driving to see him up at college… I had such a nice time with him this weekend and just being THERE with him –

I don’t know who gets happier me, his little brother or him! Nonetheless, I am elated that he knows that his mommy loves him and knows that I am here for him – This boy is my other baby he just happens to be 20 years old! Sitting around his apartment as well as running errands for me MAKES ME FEEL GOOD as his mother –

My oldest sister is just as AMAZING and my son was telling his girlfriend that he considers her as his second mother…she teared up on the sly of course…. FAMILY is just amazing ya know and I am surely grateful that God is moving His hand our way.


God heals and restores and that indeed is what God has done for my family – I am so grateful that I just think about the goodness of God and how far me and my babies have come and I just drop a few tears… I am just enjoying MY SON with all of his growth and maturity….him being away at college reminds me that he is really getting older and growing up!

As I was laying in the bed with MY 20 year old BABY over the weekend in his apartment up at college, I thought to myself that I didn’t want to move! Lol

Honey, I NEVER THOUGHT that I would be HAPPY to dive 3 and 1/2 hours monthly…LOL ( pray for us all please )


A Few Important Folks –

Things have UNFORTUNATELY changed over the years in my family but my God!! YES!  I still believe in Family and the power of PRAYER! God always has a way of bringing things together for “His Glory…..

Mothers ALWAYS seem to be the one to hold things together for the sake of FAMILY…. I am grateful that “most mothers” stretch theirselves for the sake of others…. My mother’s face is in the Webster’s Dictionary!! LOL

I REALLY wish that I did not have to “mini – battle” so much via my almost 19 year old son above and his current environment – GEESH! Nonetheless, we do a great deal of “choosing” ourselves, so……..

Talk about tug of war, my goodness. Nonetheless, I love him so dearly and my mother is standing there like she is a proud mommy! LOL She loves all of her grandkids – the ones that act “nice” and especially the ones that does not act “so nice”….

My daughter when she “was little” was such a joy and was innocent …respectful…ambitious…obedient and LOVED to learn about God… my father basically raised my oldest kids from birth til they were almost 13 years old. He taught them to read, write, math, tie their shoes, politics, history and a slew of other things……

My…my…my…my…How quickly things change! I am still trusting and believing that God will work things out for my whole family!  Nonetheless for my now teenage daughter – Boy! Am I really EXPECTING a mighty miracle!  With God EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is truly possible and anything can happen!

Welp… my angelic sister and son are two peas in a pod! She is the BEST sister that anyone could ever ask for. Talk about heart for God that shines through everything that she does and say! YIKES – sometimes her prescence makes me repent! LOL She is a great lady though and I am honored to call her my friend!

My amazing – very compassionate – funny – sweet but still “good” crazy cousin who has been a major blessing to us all. He is one very special person and I think that it is crazy how he looks like my late father too!

I enjoy being this little boy’s mother so much that it TICKLES ME! I blog about me and him enough but family is such an important part of “my make up” …… I have been the mediator for YEARS via my immediate family as well as my cousins..aunties..uncles…etc. It has worn me out to be honest…but I still love and respect the “art of family”..