Learning To Bend –


Okay, for a LONG time……I mean a VERY LONG TIME – I have had issues with tattoos….I didnt like them, well I STILL DONT care for them at all especially if they are on MY KIDS…..However, The Lord has helped me GET OVER this little hump that I HAVE MADE a big hump in reference to my son – his arms used to haunt me!!! No seriously!!

Are you trying to figure out how long it took? Please don’t because YES it was very long…but here is the good thing about it – after all of these LONG YEARS – God gave me Revelation about them in regards to my 20-year-old son…. (my baby)

God told me to LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shared this EPIPHANY 2 weeks ago with my son while we was out to dinner…..I advised him that The Lord told me that I need to FOCUS on other REAL LIFE STUFF in regards to my son and He will handle the rest…… my son LAUGHED …smiled then gave me a high-five and said – “MOMMY, I AGREE WITH THE LORD”…….. I even had to giggle myself.. because honey – it works and I am glad that I have listened to The LORD.

I made some serious progress folks but listen – I was FURIOUS with God…because “at first” …………I was like HUH? Even look at how my mommy was looking at my son’s arms!! LOL

Nonetheless, I am glad that I am LEARNING to pick MY BATTLES and stop stressing myself  out with the silly things…… well NOT silly things – but the things that should not necessarily take precedence in this season!

Moral of the story – learn to get over the “small stuff”…………I finally did –


Road Trip –


Most people think of the phrase ROAD TRIP with their best buddies and they are going to have a ball…..which there is NOTHING wrong with that.. but when I think of road trip – I think of MY SON and driving to see him up at college… I had such a nice time with him this weekend and just being THERE with him –

I don’t know who gets happier me, his little brother or him! Nonetheless, I am elated that he knows that his mommy loves him and knows that I am here for him – This boy is my other baby he just happens to be 20 years old! Sitting around his apartment as well as running errands for me MAKES ME FEEL GOOD as his mother –

My oldest sister is just as AMAZING and my son was telling his girlfriend that he considers her as his second mother…she teared up on the sly of course…. FAMILY is just amazing ya know and I am surely grateful that God is moving His hand our way.


God heals and restores and that indeed is what God has done for my family – I am so grateful that I just think about the goodness of God and how far me and my babies have come and I just drop a few tears… I am just enjoying MY SON with all of his growth and maturity….him being away at college reminds me that he is really getting older and growing up!

As I was laying in the bed with MY 20 year old BABY over the weekend in his apartment up at college, I thought to myself that I didn’t want to move! Lol

Honey, I NEVER THOUGHT that I would be HAPPY to dive 3 and 1/2 hours monthly…LOL ( pray for us all please )


Weekend Part 1

A family’s “core” leisure activities (those that are typically everyday, low-cost, home-based activities such as playing board games, playing in the yard, gardening and watching television together) were related to the family’s cohesion (“the emotional bonding that family members have toward one another”).

You do not have to always think of spending time attaching a huge price tag! More quality time transpires when there is little to NO money involved!

Stopping to just get ice cream or ice smoothies, with the wind blowing, good conversation and togetherness beats SHOPPING at the mall any day for me!

The love that is ALWAYS displayed between my mother and son is pure – genuine and beautiful…… I think of my teenage son and think – whatever happened to those days! GEESH! Relationships are a choice and  I am glad that my mom and I CHOOSE to love one another, pray for one another, grow with one another, fuss with one another, crack jokes with one another etc..etc..etc..

A mother’s love can be felt even by  strangers and my son has even said – ” why do grandma hug everybody?”….. I said because she has a lot of LOVE that she needs to give away before Jesus comes! LOL His reply is, well make sure that you remind her to save some just for me!  TOO CUTE RIGHT!! LOL

Nonetheless, I am assuming that being a grandparent brings just as much joy and excitement as a mother or father. She tends to needs and he appreciates when she just ask him “how was your day”….. ” did anyone bother you today”  ” is there anything that you would like to talk to grandma about”…… They even talk everyday! “pure blessing”

He told me that makes him feel that she loves him!…. Love is such a nice thing to have in your life and so many times, we take the act of love itself for granted…..

It is no secret that me and my mother is very close….. it saddens me that as I was growing up in the house, that my siblings SAW that I was my mom’s favorite as well as my dad‘s! I have talked to 3 of my siblings and they have shared the same story but in different ways about how they all have noticed that….. Well I never did – I was a child and was the type to never sit and watch what my mom and did for me verses my siblings etc. I felt that I was treated fine… My father was STRICT but loved hard at the same time and I was fine with that..

I guess even as I am typing this, it is making me think of the relationship with my parents and the grandkids…. My father favored my sister’s kids ( in a nice way ) and my mom favors my kids.. Am I hung up on it? NO WAY – However, each child needs different things and as we get older, we also mature in different ways too. Some may need “the extra” while others do not…  Overall – we all have had the pleasure of spending time with one another doing NOTHING and it feels  pretty awesome!


Dear ( ME )

Remembering –

Remembering when life was sooooooooooooo simplistic

Remembering when I would sit on my friend’s porch until 2 am and my parents knew where I was and it was ok

Remembering when my father would cook out and all the neighborhood kids would come because my dad fed EVERYBODY

Remembering when my mom and dad would have competitions in the kitchen seeing who was the better cook

Remembering when my father used to sneak and give me coffee every Saturday and Sunday morning

Remembering when my father would wake me up to get something to eat and remind me of the ice cream truck coming

Remember when my mother would fall asleep at the table on top of her books from studying via Nursing School

Remembering when I would comb my Big Mom‘s ( grandmother ) hair and braid it

Remembering when I stole my brother’s bike when we were kids and I crashed into a pole because I didnt know the brakes were broke

Remembering when we prayed all the time and I did not understand the real significance of what it would do for my life

Remembering when I found out that my parents were really Santa Clause and Mrs Clause ( I cried for 3 months )

Remembering when I used to be mean to my oldest sister just because my middle brother told me to ( that was so mean )

Remembering when I used to like a boy for like 6 years and he wouldnt talk to me ( he was scared of my dad)

Remembering how close my family used to be from childhood til my father passed ( uggghhh! )

Remembering how I felt God at church and I wanted to get closer to Him

Remembering how God was reverenced in the house of God ( church is not like that today – unfortunately )

Remembering baby dolls looking like they were sad because I was coloring their face with markers and crayons ( LOL )

Remembering punisshments because I did things just to see if I would get in trouble since I was my Dad’s favorite ( made me stop )

Remembering how I never really wanted to grow up and age past 25 because going beyond those years meant real responsibility

Remembering how stingy my oldest brother always was, been and stayed throughout his life but wanted and needed so much love himself

Remembering how my father was a stickler on all of us as kids would master mathematics and be interested in all subjects in school

Remembering how my father taught me about politics and the stock market as early as middle school

Remembering how my mother made everything alright

Remembering how my baby sister was always so kind, loving and exceptionally smart

Remembering how my middle brother always seemed to desire attention or popularity

Remembering how I wish that I was the only girl in my family or had a bigger family at least

Remembering how my mom and dad would argue but I never knew how deep their arguments or problems may have been ( Im grateful )

I am just remembering my childhood til my days of my late 20’s because things were so much more peaceful – loving – I could see clear but even when things were a little weird….things ALWAYS got worked out! LOL Things are well now – I am more wiser and I am so grateful for the things that The Lord has allowed me to experience… even the things that I felt that were bad, actually were good and usually when we are in situations we cannot see but thank goodness for the Holy Spirit leading and guiding the way. I look forward to my progressive future but there were some GREAT THINGS that transpired in my past! Family is such a HUGE piece of it – starting with my daddy!


A Few Important Folks –

Things have UNFORTUNATELY changed over the years in my family but my God!! YES!  I still believe in Family and the power of PRAYER! God always has a way of bringing things together for “His Glory…..

Mothers ALWAYS seem to be the one to hold things together for the sake of FAMILY…. I am grateful that “most mothers” stretch theirselves for the sake of others…. My mother’s face is in the Webster’s Dictionary!! LOL

I REALLY wish that I did not have to “mini – battle” so much via my almost 19 year old son above and his current environment – GEESH! Nonetheless, we do a great deal of “choosing” ourselves, so……..

Talk about tug of war, my goodness. Nonetheless, I love him so dearly and my mother is standing there like she is a proud mommy! LOL She loves all of her grandkids – the ones that act “nice” and especially the ones that does not act “so nice”….

My daughter when she “was little” was such a joy and was innocent …respectful…ambitious…obedient and LOVED to learn about God… my father basically raised my oldest kids from birth til they were almost 13 years old. He taught them to read, write, math, tie their shoes, politics, history and a slew of other things……

My…my…my…my…How quickly things change! I am still trusting and believing that God will work things out for my whole family!  Nonetheless for my now teenage daughter – Boy! Am I really EXPECTING a mighty miracle!  With God EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is truly possible and anything can happen!

Welp… my angelic sister and son are two peas in a pod! She is the BEST sister that anyone could ever ask for. Talk about heart for God that shines through everything that she does and say! YIKES – sometimes her prescence makes me repent! LOL She is a great lady though and I am honored to call her my friend!

My amazing – very compassionate – funny – sweet but still “good” crazy cousin who has been a major blessing to us all. He is one very special person and I think that it is crazy how he looks like my late father too!

I enjoy being this little boy’s mother so much that it TICKLES ME! I blog about me and him enough but family is such an important part of “my make up” …… I have been the mediator for YEARS via my immediate family as well as my cousins..aunties..uncles…etc. It has worn me out to be honest…but I still love and respect the “art of family”..


lying + teenager = South America

Okay I may seem mean to some people for NOT FEELING BAD for the 14 year old girl in the situation but……………. kids today via this current generation are just a tad bit out of control.. I was really amazed and shocked that this went on for this long but maybe the Lord was trying to teach her a lesson as well…. Who knows! However, the little girl certainly have experienced a whole 365 days of thinking what she will NOT do again! American jail is one thing but Foreign prisons have held on to their horrid reputation since I was in high school and I knew that if I was EVER in trouble that being in prison in foreign territory would be absolute hell on earth.

There are soo soo many grandmothers raising kids that with some instances, things are bound to happen because some of these older foster parents and grandparents are just too old and too tired “to keep up” with some of the very crazy antics of the teenagers of today’s society! It is sad that the kids dont even appreciate their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents taking them in due to the fact that they obviosuly arent staying with their biological parents…. Yeah, some kids dont understand that it is a blessing to be kept and not just thrown into the court systems but we were all born with compassion ….so these kids can see what they want to see….

The link below gives the full story….

Now whatever was going on in the home, I am sure that she had other opportunities to report any wrong doing before she reached over a thousand miles away right? Then being so quick on her feet to give an Alias means that she was indeed “too street smart” and NEVER thought that she would end up in another country. I am not in any way, shape or form saying….” that is what she gets”….. BUT I am wondering if she ran away before. Texas is way too close to the boarder for her to think that anything wont happen to you! Plus where did she even get the Alias name that she used?  I certainly bet that she thinks twice about running away and using someone else’s identification! Sad thing is that the very SAME person that she was trying to get away from is the EXACT same person who took the time to search for her and discover the TRAVESTY that she placed her ownself in! I am sure that this incident in 2010 will maybe have her go to college for International Relations! Not funny at all, more so sad and shocking that you can get from  Texas to COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA!

Choices will certainly direct the traffic in your life!! Red lights, Yellow lights and Green lights must be adhered to! Children who are in the streets definately need to read this article it will make them think twice or make them a smarter thief which is not a good thing either! Shaking my head at these teenagers and young tweens today …STARTING WITH MY OWN!!! The story states it was an accident but after a year being in Colombia and the teenager giving false information… this was not an accident but it was more so a lesson to be learned for a lifetime!