Random Appreciation-


I dedicate my whole week to the most remarkable, loving, caring, compassionate, prayer warrior, friend, confident, soldier who will celebrate another day upon this earth and see yet another day that she nor I have not seen.
I do not have to wait until her birthday to CELEBRATE her living above ground. Her birthday was back in November 2012 but I still honor MY MOTHER !!
She is the air beneath all her children, Grand children, Great grandchildren.      ” Mommy Cakes” my nickname I gave her, has been through many trials and tragedies in life, but she taught me to preservere and be what God will have ME to be!
So, I thought that as her daughter I am supposed to act spoiled and rotten….but indeed it is she who acts spoiled with me and even pouts if she does not talk to me at least 5 times a day!!! GEESH….Yes, but I would NOT have it any other way! Nice to have a genuine – sweet – pure – and Godly Mother / Daughter relationship…
It is good to dedicate your time to the person who brought you into this world AFTER you dedicate time and your Life to the one who made it ALL POSSIBLE…  >>>> GOD!
So indeed I do bless God he has allowed her to see another day and I LOVE MY MOMMY!

Monday’s Prayer –

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence & the violent take it by force! Violent Faith will tear the roof off of a house to get in the presence of Jesus! Violent faith will not be defeated, denied, or destroyed! Violent faith will endured, expand, & outlast fear, doubt, & unbelief until victory has been achieved! No retreat! No surrender!
Heavenly Father You are my source and strength, in Your Word do I trust. Have your way today in the lives of you children. Correct us, Bless us, Heal, and strengthen us Father as learn to be more like Your Son Jesus Christ. You are great and Your name is so Great. Their is none like You. So we Praise You for who you are and thank You for loving us.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Faith and assurance must be in our living God by way of His working in us and this gives us the character we can hold on too!

· God gives us His character if we are willing to receive it!
  • Character comes from our response to faith is by godly living, and exercising out our faith with trust and obedience, whatever we face! It is not looking at our situation; rather, it is looking to God. God desires and deserves our whole-hearted loyalty, allegiance, trust, obedience, and devotion; so, what is stopping you?

· From birth on, our Lord was a man on the path of distress, who experienced the greatest suffering on our behalf. He was, and is, the ultimate model for character!

· Great character is developed in the Crucible (Rom 5:1f). In God’s plan, He has a reason for our “dry lands”–the times of our waiting and confusion, and for our loss and pain in life for the Crucible (what Christ did on the cross on our behalf). We gain persistence and proven character from this!

· We need to see hardships as a challenge to overcome and prove character!

· Solitude is important as with stillness and quiet, which is so often neglected today, especially in our youth.

· Solitude will not produce character because we need the demands of life. We learn by people pushing us, and learning how to respond through the Word. Yet, solitude will hone character by mediation, prayer, and reflection on how we could have done better.

· Character is born though struggle that takes time, just as developing a musical instrument takes practice. Being alone will not produce it. However, it will refine it!

· Character is found in people, not in animals, things, or technology, but in those who possess the image of God. (Gen 1:26-27)

· Character will not stay with us. It is easier kept than recovered, yet, flees from so many who had it. Just look at the life of Saul.

· We do not wake up one day with it. When we do have it, others will see it, may even point to it, or be discipled from it.

· Even though financial disasters and false accusations wage against us, our character can grow stronger. On the other hand, it can produce despair, confusion, and loneliness. If all that we see is failure and self-pity, it will only produce cynicism rather than the person of character.

Praying and Planning

If it was a secret before, it isnt now! The country of the good ole’ United States need Prayer and Planning Sessions, Rallies, Vigils and anything ELSE that can be done for the betterment of the country.

More than half the word has heard that things will get worse before they become better I am sure… However what about a NEW saying, that the country may become destroyed before things get better? The times have been compared to the Great Depression of the 1920’s but I think that in a great deal of states across the globe, individuals would disagree with that and say that we have surpassed or BEAT the Great Depression era. I would have never thought people looking for employment would be this horrid! Families out of work for over a year and even fast food chains like Wendy’s and Taco Bell have hiring freezes! Who would of thought that a teenager would be “competing” getting a job at Walmart or McDonald’s with a 20, 30, 40, 50 and sadly to say even a 60 year old! WheW…. Jesus, please help your people! Praying and Planning for the families who feel that there isnt any hope…. God is the Great and only Redeemer and He PRODUCES Hope for the Hopeless!!

The Educational System is almost like cuss words these days……. When you think of school, the first things a parent like me may take note to is what district is the school in? What are the test scores ALL across the board? What programs are offered? Does a PTO exist? How involved is the principal? How many principals have there been in the last 5 years? Is there a bullying policy in place AND is it enforced? Where is the parent handbook with UPDATED and ACCURATE information? To me…… that is just the basics of what I look for and inquire about.

Welp!!…. Now you see why I will continue “Praying While I PLAN and Planning While I am PRAYING“….