A Great Part of My Day

Was taking a break in the mall and sitting in a chair trying to get my MASTER PLAN together so I would be focused and not OVER SPEND as usual! Lo and behold, here walks in my niece whom I have not seen in ummmmm….. I shall not say how long it has been but ……..It’s wonderful when you KNOW you have a few folk who love you for “REAL”…No strings attached, no hidden agendas or motives…they love you for you, with all your faults, &  all your idiosyncrasies because they see the “essence” of who you are, and you can be “just plain ol’ you” with them, without all the “stuff”…Man, true LOVE from true FOLKS is an awesome thing…deeeep siiiiiigh… Seeing her REALLY made my whole weekend worth staying in my tri- state area! Grateful to see her and blessed to share and swap stories of LIFE and knowing that we have and had shared a great deal of similarities was just astonishing…..

We laughed..talked…..I cried….we hugged….we paused in silenced…we flirted..we cracked jokes…we mini complained and lifted up Jesus!

yeah – I am talking about my lovely niece  and she is an amazing 26 year old young woman who loves God….shopping….family…music…cats…ME and LIFE!

There are a few people who I KNOW loves me without a million questions that I  must ask first…. what am I doing these days… where have I been etc.. they are just glad to see me and that I am doing AMAZING!……

OKAY – the moral to this quick blog is to tell you to ……enjoy people who desire to enjoy you back!



Dear ( ME )

good morning!

Morning Coffe……….and Mid day Message


As you drink your morning or mid-day coffee, what are you grateful of? Grateful for why you woke up this morning? Grateful that your boyfriend didn’t break up with you? Grateful because you passed a
test in school? Grateful because you are able to get up and go to work or school? All of these things are indeed worthy enough to be grateful because scripture does tell us >>> in all things, give thanks <<<< 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Just don’t get distracted on the things that you are required to do vs. the things that you desire to do! One will last and one will not. One will bring you peace and one may bring you havoc. One will produce joy and one will overtake you in headache….

Just remember who your source is and know that with Christ, you don’t need A Plan B!