Speaking Up –

Former President, William Jefferson Clinton on his views about SYRIA

I would feel A GREAT DEAL more confident if this man was in The White House right now -It is “indeed” NO SECRET, that President Bill Clinton does something to me mentally when he speaks or when I am reading something in reference to what he stated…. A mature, educated POLITICAL orator just  tickles MY FANCY! However, on a serious note – Clinton knows what to do –

 Is he perfect? NO… Is he more EXPERIENCED? Yes……

“If you believe that maintaining power and control and absolute freedom of movement and sovereignty is important to your country’s future, there’s nothing inconsistent in that [the US continuing to behaving unilaterally]. [The US is] the biggest, most powerful country in the world now. . . .

But if you believe that we should be trying to create a world with rules and partnerships and habits of behavior that we would like to live in when we’re no longer the military political economic superpower in the world, then you wouldn’t do that. It just depends on what you believe” — President Bill Clinton

Personally, I just do not “care for” the way President Obama went to CONGRESS on a decision that had the AUTHORITY to make – (Mr Commander in Chief)

Hey trust me, ” I get it“… Obama is thinking that “if this war goes wrong” and does a great deal of damage to the American people / United States military families losing thousands more of their sons, daughters, uncles, fathers, sisters, mothers, etc…. THE BALL  JUST WONT FALL ON ME….. It will be “Congress’ fault as well”……

One Word >>>>>> BOLOGONA


Random Political Thoughts –


Wonder if people will take notice ….. pray… get involved in regards to what is going on in the world today- The political processes have just run a “muck” and SOME of the American People, have been so hypnotized by President Obama either having a great deal of “swag” ( which I cannot stand that term in reference to a world leader ) or they are STILL happy because a black man is in the White House –

With so many people out of work……homelessness, drugs, murder, inflation, military scandals etc… it is even a wonder that America still has a leg to stand on and REMAIN RESPECTED from other world leaders within NATO – (seriously) Italy, United Kingdom to name a few are to say the least……”loosley” have our country’s back as the votes have shown this week. I wonder WHY President Obama has been the ONLY U.S. President who have NOT shown any loyalty to Israel? He has proven to be Muslim when “it is convenient” and has proven to be Christian when “it is convenient” for the last few years.

Trust me, with a black man being in the White House in 2008 until present is INDEED huge news. Nonetheless, it is as huge as what he does during his two terms in office…. Just like a quarterback is only as good as his “line protects” him – nose tackle etc.

When things do not go the way the president wants, he blames CONGRESS and when things do not go the way congress wants, they blame THE PRESIDENT. I mean, when is America going to realize that every department is needed to effectively run a country even if the president is CHECKERBOARD!  ( F.Y.I. but being black is not enough to run a country! )

Praying that when AMERICA “eventually goes to war with Syria”…….our homeland soil can remain to be protected — After September 11th and with it also fast approaching – I am a bit worried – but Thank goodness = PRAYER still works.



Yes, I love Hilary Clinton…. I think that she is such an intelligent woman and has a great sense of humor….. (?1#$@!)

Nonetheless, President Barack Obama has had WAY TOO MANY leaders in his cabinet do things that were simply……


Hide the Microphone….

Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Keene State College , Tuesday, May 22, 2012 in Keene, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

I know that Vice President Biden is tired of being in the shadow of President Obama but what ELSE did you think that your job description would be as Vice President? He really needs something to do before he disrupts the presidency anymore! Yes, I do get it and so does a great deal of other AMERICAN people via his odd and very untimely behavior in regards to what is done in the Oval Office.  LOL

 Of course the president does not have the guts….nor heart….nor public relations plan to REMOVE Biden and obtain a totally different running mate but for goodness sake- “train him”…..

He has had so many mishaps since he has been in his position that it embarrasses the country and I am sure that it MORDIFIES The White House! Do you ever notice how quiet that his wife is? She is  a professor at a nearby university and just maybe is enjoying the  PERKS of being the wife of the vice president!

He does not seem to have the ability to connect with the people of America…….and to some that may seem like its no big deal because he is only the vice president right? Well… this vice president actually wants and loves to be seen and heard – so this could pose yet another problem or another gunt wrenching opportunity for this vice president to SPEAK TO SOON or say too much about key topics!


Rant Cool – Down

I must admit that earlier via the presidential announcement – my flesh and my spirit was bothered at the same time! They were EQUALLY upset! LOL Nonetheless, right about now I am sure that Vice President Biden is so excited because he is the one who started the interesting fiasco in the headlines. However, I am fine now! No more anger, frustration etc… I can think better now –

Philippians 2:14-16

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life—in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing.

Proverbs 26:21

As charcoal to embers and as wood to fire, so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife.

I will not focus on fussing at President Obama having ” a change of heart”  ( as he stated ) I will just pray so that I can adequately obtain strategies and tactics from The Lord so that I can be PREPARED. The Bible is Right and somebody’s wrong!

P.S. Jesus is certainly on His way back……….OH – Lord, help  me to be AND remain ready!


– Live from Afghanistan!



I want to get excited because the leader of the country that I live in is on television to give the nation a speech about new things that he has done – currently in the process of doing and will be doing in the future.

President Barack Obama (ABC)

Yawwwwwwning and Yawwwwwing some more! LOL – Welp folks, SORRY – I am so NOT excited to watch him on television. My muslim / Christian  president is a very interesting man. Consistency and Transparency would be wonderful things for him to display…… I understand that the 8 years BEFORE he was elected into the White House was very hard to deal with. However, in 4 years – and another election coming up – I DO NOT have any reason to pull the lever by his name for 2012!

Dear President Bill Clinton,

Can you try to push to amend legislation about how many terms that a president is able to serve because I miss you! Now granted, a great deal of people still have you as a tainted president due to your marital transgressions against your wife and I am NOT condoning what you like other politicians have done. HOWEVER – This country’s statistics do not lie and you obtained financial freedom and pushed a great deal of legislation to get passed for the betterment of ALL people especially minorities – so thank you. ( The African American Community still have you pinned as the 1st Black President and you know why ) Anyway, I am positive that you have also thought about wishing that the bi -laws were different  via presidency as well because watching your wife Hillary Clinton in her present position is as close as you will get to running The White House Affairs.

Dear Congressman J.C. Watts,

Your record is simply amazing! Although you retired and hung up your hat / your seat due to your desire to spend more time with your family was an honorable thing to do – please know that American Citizens outside of OKLAHOMA supported you!

You changed the conservative look in The Republican Party and who would of thought that a speech that where you were just “simply being yourself” and showing that you were just as educated and ambitious as anyone else who took the time to study and believe in themselves could sweep you through tons of State House Committee Boards to change various pieces of legislation. When you gave The Republican Response back in 1997 after President Bill Clinton spoke – MY HAIRS stood up behind my neck! Whew… and people think that this current President, Barack Obama is a great Orator, they obviously have never heard you speak. Well wait… alot of people may not even have heard of you because you are black and a republican – but that does not matter because I have experienced that as well. Why do all African Americans HAVE TO BE REGISTERED DEMOCRATS? Just a question to ponder!

Now granted, you did stir up the initial process to IMPEACH President Clinton and I cannot hold any ill feelings about you for that. Nonetheless, you indeed have proven over the many terms that you were in office that you not only start processes but also complete them. Thank you for sticking with YOUR OWN VIEWS when you chose not to join The Black Caucas.

Dear Governor Chris Christie,

I know that you LOVE running the state of New Jersey but you know that you would have knocked Mitt Romney out of the running. You know legislation like the back of your hand, you are fair and speak up without fear of retaliation from either political party and I love it! By the way, the slack that you took via lowering the flags when singer Whitney Houston died did not sway you from your decision. Although, I did agree with the majority of the people on their initial reasoning of why they did NOT want you to grant the lovely Miss Houston with that honor but I admired the fact that you “heard the people and their opinions” but still stuck with yours to lower the flags. Hey, it is ultimately your decision because it was indeed the people who elected you to run the state of New Jersey.

Dear Mayor Rudy Guiliani,

God knows that America – mainly the city of New York City adores you on and before the strength and leadership that you showed on 911 but why would you run two other terms and keep dropping out? Your wife wants you home with her and the kids and I respect that but I want you to know that you would not have to campaign too hard to win a presidential nominee from the Republican Party. Not so much that the part affiliation matters because I have discovered as well as you, that Tea Party, Democrats, Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals love you! However, I know that you are bored and have millions of money to blow but please stop being seen with Mitt Romney. You have not suppported him the whole campaign season so what are you doing? Let the people know okay?

Respectfully Submitted,

A Supporter for 4 Different Great Presidential Potentials!