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P – E – A – C – E


It is possible for us to ‘lose’ our peace, even after being saved, like if we get angry or afraid. When this happens, it is primarily our fault, if we are supposed to be accountable to ourselves, though other people can play a role in it. When Jesus said that He gives us His peace, He covered us in these regards. So that if we lose our peace, we may still have His peace, and also use His peace to help get our own back.

Peace is not tranquility, it is not serenity, and it is not being calm. It is actually the desire of joy having been accomplished, just as joy is the desire of love having been accomplished. Tranquility is temporal, and serenity actually involves what is around us more than what is inside of us. Tranquility is temporal, because it is like a drug that is injected into us, hence the meaning of the suffix ‘quil,’ just like a porchipine’s quils. Serenity has to do with a peaceful atmosphere. Not that tranquility or serenity are bad things, they just aren’t the fullness of what peace is.


My face looks like how some people’s mind may be thinking as they are reading this Babbling Blog!!!!!! But this isn’t really confusing, it’s just kind of technical!!…… LOL

In looking at the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, and peace are as love, faith, and hope. Showing a simlarity between peace and hope. The first three fruits of the Spirit are actually nouns, while the next three deal with what you get when the first three are accomplished. Together, love, joy, and peace can all be found in the spirit, while patience, kindness, and goodness may be found in the soul; leaving faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control to be found in the body.

{spirit: love, joy, peace soul: patience, kindness, goodness, body: faithfulness, gentleness, self-control}

The last three fruits of the Spirit have to do with how to come into possessing the first six, in preceding order. This is true just as what Paul was talking about in Romans 7 about knowing how to perform what is good is all about the body, just as he said that sin was in his flesh, and that it was no longer him who was sinning, but sin itself. And thus is it also true that the soul enters in, as we wholly walk in the Spirit, and not in the flesh, just as we may still sin, but through faith our insides aren’t sinning, our outsides are.

If the last three fruits of the Spirit deal with the body, and if peace also deals with the body (love, joy, peace; spirit, soul, body; love, faith, hope- showing how peace, the body, and hope are connected), then peace is also how to come into possessing love and joy.

Goodness then helps us keep our peace, as goodness can show us how to possess patience and kindness, just as goodness also deals with how to possess the preceding fruits of the Spirit, as goodness has to do with the body and hope.

Helping Self...

Random Ministry Message


Just recall that back to your memory as you take 1 step forward into your destiny and the enemy is there day after day, time after time trying to set traps up for you. When the road(s) get tough, because they WILL, just praise God. The more that you say Yes Lord!, the more strength God will give you to endure. The More You Bless God, The More God Blesses You!


No matter how big or how small the problem is, God can fix it. There is nothing that God cannot heal! Be encouraged on today and know that this is only for a season. Don’t complain about what YOU may allow to happen in your life. You are in control of your own destiny. It is up to you, to PUSH your way through the hard struggles.


What exactly are you made of? Get to the House of The Lord and you will soon find out.  Make sure that you have people in your corner who can genuinely be there for you in your time (s) of need and maintain a few good accountability partners.

You know how we do…. we go through and want to leave the church! We blame the church, the saints and of course God! Look in the mirror sometimes and you will get the answer that you have searched for…… I am not saying that walking with Christ is a bed of roses! However, Faith makes things POSSIBLE, not EASY!


You may say that you desire to have your life sitting easy and pretty, but the truth of the matter is, you don’t! We all like a “good fight.”

So for another year that The Lord has kept you and brought you through to see 2013, Make a Convenant to stop complaining!


Well, AMEN!


Never conform to another man’s opinion of you negative or otherwise, which is often formulated by them after you have exposed your vulnerable heart.  Knowing yourself strips the power of another’s ability to control and manipulate you.  Be a good steward over YOU!  That’s the one thing you can control!

People in ministry that you love and invest the most will hurt you the most; disregard all the sacrifices you made, money you spent, and walk away as if you never existed all in the name of Jesus!

They will disrespect you, and the anointing on your life that they needed for their breakthrough all in the name of Jesus and have the unmitigated gall to dance on it as if the Father is pleased!  Well, He’s not!  They can function without feeling because their conscience has been seared with a hot iron.  But sooner or later they will have to give an account!  Repent now!  Works will be saved, but souls will be lost!

Wow, I am soooooo Thanking Pastor V. Swinson

Helping Self...

10 Second Pep Talk

At what point do you say enough? Hopefully its not in a casket. I’m just saying…… Do YOU NOT THINK that it is / indeed maybe time to Wake up?
Stop giving people power over you that won’t be there to save you on Judgement day..Only words that will matter will be the words Well Done from Jesus, so give him the same authority and respect on earth as it will be in Heaven.
Okay – continue on with your God given morning and enjoy!

Monday’s Prayer –

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence & the violent take it by force! Violent Faith will tear the roof off of a house to get in the presence of Jesus! Violent faith will not be defeated, denied, or destroyed! Violent faith will endured, expand, & outlast fear, doubt, & unbelief until victory has been achieved! No retreat! No surrender!
Heavenly Father You are my source and strength, in Your Word do I trust. Have your way today in the lives of you children. Correct us, Bless us, Heal, and strengthen us Father as learn to be more like Your Son Jesus Christ. You are great and Your name is so Great. Their is none like You. So we Praise You for who you are and thank You for loving us.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Our Daily Prayer



Heavenly Father…Thank U 4 changing us…We are so HUMBLED that U call us friend…

We are HONORED 2 be connected with U & invite U 2 share Ur heart with us…We SURRENDER all that we are 2 U…We DECLARE 2day that nothing can hold us back…We DECLARE that we are FREE from sickness…poverty…lack & addiction…

We are grateful that you CHOOSE to use us as your vessels to magnify your name, strengthen us to go on in your name….

We call our family saved, delivered, healed, set free,  made whole and walking in the Godly authority that you birthed them into….

We ask for forgiveness and a clean eye to always see ourselves and not to judge others…..

We DECLARE that U have set us free & Thank You 4 freedom & discipline in our lives…Father God…Use us 2 be blessings 2 others…Give us Ur PEACE…STRENGTH & JOY as we keep our minds stayed on U…Thank U 4 speaking through us…

Thank U 4 encouraging our hearts as we find ways 2 encourage the people around us…

We love U & bless Ur Holy Name…In Jesus’ Name…Amen