Memories –

I was thinking of when I was being honored at a Banquet and when I realized that my son was getting an award as well –  You know I was mushy and teary eyed!! About 5 years ago – I started doing street ministry but to the Homeless population  called The Coleman Cares Winter Project and I went out from October until April giving out clothes, coats, socks, hot beverages and food.

This was done by MY OWN money as well as my son’s little piggy bank ( by his choice – which touched my heart as well ) Nonetheless, my son was also honored since he was in the trenches with me! This photo was taken when my NOW 11 year old son was about 6 years old.

The Lord’s work has its own kind of reward that does not always come / show up in the FORM of currency……God is good.


Refrigerator Photo 4 My Son


Sometimes WE ALL can forget on the many wonderful things that we have…… So I am sure before my son even tries to open his mind up to tell his MOUTH to say that there is not anything to eat in the house…he has no choice but to have to look / glance at this photo……

I tell him that a great deal of countries do not even have clean running water while you are BEYOND BLESSED to have a mother that buys you 6 cases of Vitamin Water every month to share with her!

You have fruit to CHOOSE from….. snacks that you or I do not even need…..etc..etc..etc.. He gets it now, because a picture is indeed worth A THOUSAND WORDS!

Dear ( ME )

Random – Prayer


Jesus, help me to continue to have the heart and motivation of the Samaritan when he saw the needy man along the way. Taking the time to stop and help wasn’t on his schedule and his medical expenses weren’t in the Samaritan’s budget.

He didn’t consider these factors to be an obstacle that would keep him from extending Your mercy to one in need. Jesus, help me to be Your hand extended reaching out to the needy, the sick, and the oppressed.

Lastly right now Lord, when it is not within my ability or power to directly reach that person in need, prompt me to bring him before the throne in earnest prayer.

When it is YOUR will, please help me…show me to be a CHOSEN vessel that You use to heal the broken-hearted as You bind up their wounds.

Father, I will do it in Jesus’ name and for Your honor. Amen.


Holiday “cheer” vs. Christmas “spirit”


It is weird that EVERY Christmas Holiday Season… the world has to be REMINDED of the reason for the season….. however if we maintain that “personal” relationship with Jesus than it would be like water rolling off of a window pane…..

Helping the less fortunate….feeding the homeless….donating clothing to shelters…giving toys to children who are in the middle of a transition at a domestic violence center……giving a single parent a ride to church, donating book bags to low income neighborhoods, dropping groceries off for at least ONE senior citizen who you know that may live alone and just OVERALL giving back to your community are things that SHOULD BE considered as Christmas Spirit….those are the things that the Spirit of Jesus Christ requires us to do.

Furthermore, doing things with NO STRINGS attached and not shouting to the roof tops..” Look what I did for people” is a gfit that will keep on giving regardless if it is Tis The Season or not!

God should INDEED be uplifted all year round and not just be given the grand celebration from December 1 – December 25th!…….

Holiday cheer lasts only for the CURRENT moment and usually ENDS at the work or school Christimas Parties!!!  However, The Christmas SPIRIT lasts a lifetime……..Reflecting on what is important will outlast any scheduled holiday season.


Love Journey

Since I was a little girl, I realized that I am a humanitarian at heart and care deeply for others because it is so easy for me to picture myself in their shoes…. I am very empathetic….sometimes to the point of feeling too much of their problems….I get caught up trying to help them too much!


Regardless if it is within family – church – work – friends – strangers etc…. I have ALWAYS over assisted when I obviously needed to pull back….. doing “too much” enables and hurts people as well as situations a lot of times.
I am learning to channel my gifts so to speak which will prevent me from feeling soooooooooooooooooo obligated as well as not to be taken advantage of via being kind and having the desire to help others……, but I am still a softy for the down trodden and for those that are not sure of who they are, those who are picked on, the homeless, the less fortunate, those who just need a hug, a smile, a prayer!


Never realized that it was a gift to feel other’s pains and to see their problems clearly until I ended up with someone who can’t ever and will never know what it’s like to see the whole picture….

 I love God ( FULLY ) and love People now with BALANCE!

My no’s have to mean no and my yes’s have to mean yes! God is a stable God and so will be my decision making!

Dear ( ME )

random# jared moment

I had the pleasure of bringing my amazing son with me to work today and he had a ball…… I am always trying to find several ways to show my son the importance of giving back as well as saving a dollar and it has been working! He is a child and sometimes FORGETS how blessed he really is until we stop by a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a transitional women’s housing facility, a domestic abuse center or just simply going up under a bridge!

He made statements like.. ” Mom, the women act like you are their mother”…. ” Mom, the women seem to be more excited than me for Christmas”…..

I had to explain to my son that they are in a different living situation than we are and things are very much different.  I expressed a few more things to him and it clicked that these women “were special”….. He didnt understand at first because compared to the other places I have taken him to, where we were today was different. I want him to know homelessness is REAL, poverty is REAL and it could have been us.

God had showed FAVOR on the program, the women and allowed me to be a blessing to them all INDIVIDUALLY so they were just grateful and he wasnt used to grown women acting like children for the holidays. However, I advised him that if we didnt have anywhere to live nor anywhere to go and we were able to TEMPORARILY live in a place for 2 years and it was very clean, had great supportive services and a staff that showed Godly compassion, I would be acting like a kid as well. Lesson well taught, learned and most importantly UNDERSTOOD!

I am raising an AMAZING child! Jared Caleb Christopher Coleman is indeed somebody special to ME, to Christ, to his family and to the world! He is a son, a friend, a brother, a grand – son, a prophet, a child of God, an athlete and many more to say the least! I am just PROUD to call hiim my son!

( Lord, I thank you for trusting ME to raise my son because I KNOW that he is only on loan from YOU )


Take A Break and Ask Yourself……How Many Times?

How many times have we walked by someone who was homeless and never thought about them again?How many times have we looked at the homeless and shook our heads?How many times have we stuck our nose up at the homeless while we were dressed up?

How many times have we stated negative things about the homeless in mere conversation?

How many times have we swore to never give a homeless person another dime?

How many times have we felt that the homeless were not even considered human beings?

How many times have we said that we would try to help the homeless but never did?

How many times have we had our children and dared the homeless to even look our way?

How many times have we had money to give the homeless but just ” flat – out ” didnt want to give?

The questions can go on like a BAD CREDIT REPORT, so just ask yourself how many times are you going to try to convince yourself and others that you are a good person but do nothing?

One last question:

How many times are you going to claim to be a Follower of Jesus Christ ( proudly calling yourself a Christian, or a New Beleiver ) and do not follow his scripture references on helping the needy?


Matthew 25:36 naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.

Matthew 25:38 ‘And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You?

Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we you an hungered, and fed you? or thirsty, and gave you drink?


Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee hungry, and fed thee? or athirst, and gave thee drink?

I am not saying that YOU CAN SAVE THE WORLD from Homelessness!

However, I ask and so does God, what did you or what are you doing to just simply HELP?