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Is Thuggish the NEW Gay ?


Like can ANYONE advise me on what is REALLY going on with all of the OUTBREAK of this type of behavior…. I know that there are gay men in EVERY CULTURE / ETHNIC GROUP but it has been an OPENLY TABOO for blacks…..let alone the black man – So to even see this has me throwing up EVEN AS I AM TYPING at this very moment……. Thug is the new black maybe?  Hope Not…


I mean REALLY………… you cannot tell me that you are not shocked seeing the thugged up…..tatted up…urban looking ….sagging and drooping pants wearing men being seen in ” this interesting light “……………

ARE there ANY single…… STRAIGHT…… Heterosexual….STRAIGHT….. men LEFT  These Days?  KEY WORD >>>>>>>>>>> STRAIGHT just like this line _________________________________________ !!!!!  uuggghhhh –


Interesting Thoughts and Theories

To me the SAGA with Chick fa la is not about chicken sales or who desires to be gay or lesbian…TO ME – it is about freedom of speech.  I know plenty of gay, lesbian, straight folk and I treat them all the same. There is a great deal of things that I dont agree with that straight people do but I respect them as people but just advise them NOT to push their antics on me if I CHOOSE to believe something different.
We are in America, and as my own personal right , (I am black and I am not a slave to sin nor man ) so if I don’t agree with something, let ME be…. There are several stores that STILL show racism in America, so I just do not go to patron those establishments that is all.
It’s funny how the gay and lesbian activists claim to be promoters of free speech and tolerance, yet they’ll silence Christians, especially preachers of the gospel, who stand against homosexuality because they think that they’re bigots.
I am sure that almost every Christian knows personally, has a family member etc who is apart of a lifestyle that they do not agree with. Whether it is a personal opinion or a Godly reason.. nonetheless, you STILL have the right to have your own opinion.
People who choose another lifestyle is not your concern or your fault – show people love and move on with it….. Lets look at the BIG PICTURE …. a man started a business and became very successful and he chose to close his business hours down on Sundays. Okay what is the difference between him and Mormons or any other religion?
It is the CEO’s right to decide what days that he wants the business franchise that he built to be open and whatever reason is his right. Okay next, he gave his OPINION on what he felt about a group of people okay..people give their opinions everyday!!
So what is the big deal? If you dont like what a person says okay…boycott! Blacks been boycotting for years!! However you continue to live your life and do what you are able in the mean time to have your voices heard!
Homosexuality, just like every other sin, is not like being African-American because homosexuality is a choice of lifestyle while being AfricanAmerican or any other race is not something that we choose to be.
I agree that we should be treated with respect, but we as Christians are not obligated to endorse wrong lifestyles to prove our love to them. However, it is just like a movie, if you do not like what the movie displays or what violence is displayed within a video game that your child just happens to like, DO NOT BUY IT and DO NOT GO to the movie to support it.
I think that saying that the president is apart of hate crimes or hate beliefs is just silly and a great MARKETING MOVE by the gay and lesbian movement ( if they are indeed behind saying that ) to get more hyped up publicity.

Church –

I don’t really tend to have “favorite” preachers anymore…… BUT what DOES move me, is hearing a preacher speak on UNPOPULAR messages …..

Speaking on topics that are clearly written in the bible but get ignored by the people of God… In the house of God… HOLINESS WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT… It is indeed a past – present and future requirement of God.

I have been on this road to change for about a good 2 years now and it feels great… At some moments, I tend to feel that I may be at a stand still ONLY when it comes to chuch.

A Healthy Church is an obedient church that is led by humble God fearing leaders.  Will there still be things that go wrong in a healthy church? YES!

Just like a regular body has health challenges and issues but that does NOT mean that the body is in a state of DEATH! However, if things are not properly dealt with – in the end Death can occur.

I have committed myself  in ministry since 1993 and I have SEEN and EXPERIENCED a variety of things that has made me smile, laugh, cringe, cry, pray, be still, stand, shake BUT NEVER QUIT! 

No matter how many bandages I have needed over the years! However, God has been my ointment so of course I have been healed through it all!! LOL

Not just in ministry, but in life you cant keep trying to cover things up and act as if they dont exist… eventually what is being covered will become exposed. 

... cross...

Wish that ministries / church LEADERS would obtain this simplistic revelation!!  If you see an issue – deal with it! If you noticed that there were issues in your PERSONAL bank account, you would address it right? Well ministry SHOULD be personal to you as well!

Think of why you do what you do and fix the problem (s) before they become issues then become tragedies!  Some things do not have to happen…. God gives us the GRACE to change things on our own so why not take the time and do that?

I would rather learn to humble myself than God having to do it because it surely will not be pretty and it will hurt like the Hell that is reserved for the enemy himself.

Why go down that road? If God said go left…dont go right then ask Him to keep you from hurt, harm and danger! 

It just simply no longer makes no type of sense! It is 2012 and a high percentile of people KNOW BETTER!