Truth Be Told –


It does NOT matter who does what first….second…third…or even LAST… Just as long as things get done and people are able to glean from the knowledge from one another –

Good leaders are always WILLING to share information – to be honest – we are ALL taking bits and pieces from one another – known and unknown – that is the CYCLE of confirmation when we can be all on one accord – wanting – needing – desiring the SAME thing for the betterment of others.

Everyone wants to be first and NO ONE seems to EVER desire to be last…… How about just being grateful to even be able to ” PARTICIPATE ” in something great that can edify and produce something amazing for man – kind??!! …


Good Song 4 My Son –

This song just put my son to sleep!! It is AMAZING how good God is….. Worship is a beautiful thing! Look at my baby sleeping sooo peacefully! Parenting can be tough when it comes to trying to keep your kids from getting hurt….


I am so so happy – that he was able to let the song minister to his heart!!! Welp, so on that note… Good night folks!


Random Relationship Thought – “s”


Relationships are often stressful and require a lot of effort to make them  successful. Friendships can sometimes become toxic and unhealthy to one or both  people involved. Letting go of unpleasant or unhealthy friendships can be very  difficult but is a vital step to improving overall quality of life, reduce  stress and possibly improve self-esteem. Once a friendship becomes more effort than  what it’s worth, letting that friend go is better done sooner than  later.

Focus on yourself, improve yourself and work towards a better version of who you are at the moment. The only person that you should change is you. If you live with someone who is difficult, or even if you just spend some time with them, take each time you interact with them as a new experience.

One of the most powerful things you can do is simply change how you view that difficult person. Maybe after you put yourself in their shoes, or learn that you are also a bit like them, you might find that they are not that difficult after all. Don’t let your first impressions be the only ones you have. And don’t waste your time trying to change anyone, instead, use that time and energy to improve who you are.

In the end we all just WANT PEACE right?? I personally have wasted too much time over the years of maintaining relationships that were DEAD for a long time….. Thank goodness for God’s revelation right!

I pray that you be still long enough to realize that SPRING CLEANING does not have to happen in the SPRING!! For me, it is a weekly thing and I feel lighter and lighter and it is an overwhelming POSITIVE EXPERIENCE in my life…. try it for yourself and see!

However, these things will ONLY work if you want to restore the relationships………. ALSO understand that in all honesty, all relationships are NOT meant to be restored…… In the end, it is about self love – and what YOU KNOW what is best for you…..

# until next time…..

Helping Self...

Just Listen To The Words…………

This song would have been PERFECT to be used in the Christian movie called One Night With The King… and I am sure if this song was made a few years ago that they would have indeed used this song.

The anointing through SONG –


Well, AMEN!


Never conform to another man’s opinion of you negative or otherwise, which is often formulated by them after you have exposed your vulnerable heart.  Knowing yourself strips the power of another’s ability to control and manipulate you.  Be a good steward over YOU!  That’s the one thing you can control!

People in ministry that you love and invest the most will hurt you the most; disregard all the sacrifices you made, money you spent, and walk away as if you never existed all in the name of Jesus!

They will disrespect you, and the anointing on your life that they needed for their breakthrough all in the name of Jesus and have the unmitigated gall to dance on it as if the Father is pleased!  Well, He’s not!  They can function without feeling because their conscience has been seared with a hot iron.  But sooner or later they will have to give an account!  Repent now!  Works will be saved, but souls will be lost!

Wow, I am soooooo Thanking Pastor V. Swinson

Dear ( ME )

half full

WE ALL have heard the slogan…..being asked.. is it half empty..or half full..

welp.. have empty is more honest than having someone thinking that it is half full… half full represents that there was something ACTUALLY there but no longer… that is how a great deal of people are in life…relationships…on the job.. with themselves etc.

I guess people do not understand that  it takes real strength to make sure that they ARE NOT FILLED WITH “HOT AIR”………….