He’s BACK!!!

Okay my baby was gone away for 1 whole week and at first I was totally ELATED!!! However, towards the end of the week I was starting to finally miss the little one! As I waited for him to get downtown and off of the camp bus…I was LITERALLY jumping up and down! “Some” of the other parents of course was looking at me like…. Lady!!!! LOL

I didnt care how crazy or weird I looked! I was happy to have my baby boy back home to me in one big old happy 99 degree heat piece! LOL Whew it was funny because we were both so hot we didnt even care of feel the flames scolding our skin because we were just very happy to see one another…. He was tired and wanted to eat….drink and just hang out!! Im like REALLY?? You arent tired boy!


Memorial Day Beginning

Okay…. ready – set – go! it is Saturday and it is super hot outside… Nontheless – I just arrived at the destination where my son will be for 4 days and I am so ready to leave him behind “”with a smile”” on my face! LOL

I cannot understand why the GOOD LORD above would see fit to allow the temperature to reach 91 degrees today! Actually the whole weekend is supposed to reach the high 90’s all weekend!  My plan was to drop my son off and then RUN to the car screaming IM FREE!!…..IM FREE!! IM FREE!!! LOL

My son’s birthday is next weekend and although I was VERY excited to get rid of him for the whole weekend until Monday – I still found a way to stay with him when I dropped him off at his best friend’s house! LOL Funny right….. can’t wait to get AWAY from him but also hung out for an hour or two as well! However, this is supposed to be the beginning of his birthday celebration and maybe he deserves it and maybe he does not! LOL I think that I am doing this more so for me to get a break being totally honest!

LOL, I need a plan to get away! My son DOES want me to leave but his best friend, older sister and his mom wants me to stay!! YIKES.. NO!!!  ( I am serious though! ) LOL

So I ended up staying for 2 hours and I actually did have a blast hanging out BUT…… It is time to go and be alone and do me because my girl pals are waiting! LOL