A Few Things About Boys –


For generations, mothers have gotten the same old message when it comes to raising sons: beware of keeping him “too close.” A mom who nurtures a deep emotional bond with her boy will prevent him from growing up to be a strong, independent man. By refusing to cut those apron strings, she is on track to create a wimpy, dependent, adjusted “mama’s boy.” There’s just one problem with this theory: it’s not true.

In fact, pushing boys to separate prematurely from their mothers and encouraging them to “man up” can be damaging to boys. What’s more, there are enormous benefits to a close mother-son bond, starting from the earliest days and continuing into a man’s adult years.
Baby boys who do not have secure attachments with their mothers go on to have behavioral problems later in life. Statistics reveal that boys who do not bond securely with their mothers in the infant years act much more hostile, destructive and aggressive later in life. A close bond with their moms when boys were young helped prevent delinquency when they were older.

Boys who are close to their mothers perform better in school. Mothers often nurture emotional intelligence in their sons, teaching them to recognize and express their own feelings and to be more attuned to the feelings of others. These boys not only become more articulate–which helps them with reading and writing skills, but also have better self-control in the classroom.

Few women still admire “the strong silent type,” let alone a man who expresses his anger by punching a wall. Men who can both listen and articulate their emotions are far more attractive. And of course, sons who grow up respecting and loving their mothers tend to respect and love other women. These same skills will also help them in the work place. In today’s economy, brute physical strength and a dominating style is no longer a ticket for success. Rather, men need the ability to work in teams and to have the very communication skills and social intelligence that their mothers have taught them all along.


Relationship Random Moment –

Marriage is purposeful in its design.

First marriage provides the companionship as we noticed earlier. Two lives are joined to form a union that can face most anything.

If they are united in their love for God they can face anything. Second, marriage was designed to propagate the human race. In a day when the home is being attacked, and marriage itself is being attacked, this purpose of marriage must be noticed.

The home is the foundation of our society and children brought into the union of man and woman, are the future of the world. Again God must be the focal point of both the couple and the family’s life.

A third purpose seen in marriage is to prevent immorality.

God’s word teaches us, “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.

The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency” (1 Cor. 7:2 – 5).

Helping Self...


Process are steps that we need to take to get to the goal….

After the prophetic word is spoken about your life…. your fall out…you cry…you run around the church maybe 3 times and almost fall asleep on the altar because your body is so tired but your spirit is overjoyed that you loose energy.

Nonetheless, after all of the spiritual carnival activities – you have to GET UP and keep living! Truth is that there will always be situations adn fire storms that seem to pop up from nowhere but prayer will keep you ready and give you the strength that YOU WILL NEED to endure it!

Now what are you going to do? Just because you have obtained victory does NOT mean that you have an opportunity to STOP or even take a break. You cannot because while YOU are on your break your enemy is utilizing the time that you are resting on to add more damage to your life.

Gather yourself mentally ……maintain a stance of preparation and surround yourself with Godly counsel because no matter how strong you think that you are….. no one can do this walk of Christ alone!

Helping Self...

From Me To THEM –

God does not give me what I can handle…… He helps me handle the things that I am given…. It has taken me about 7 years to get to this point – BUT unfortunately – I am here….. Realizing when individuals choose to walk out of your life…regardless if they are friends, husands….wives…sisters..brothers..sons…daughters etc… You HAVE TO LET THEM GO, no  matter hard it may be to do.

There is honestly no need to CONTINUE wasting time on situations that seem to have died and the players involved have indeed left the game with you standing on the field all ALONE! When people choose to leave, why hold onto to something or someone who continues to put on display that they do not desire to be bothered?

After a while.., you must realize that your future may eventually NO LONGER be tied to them… stop trying to make knots out of rope that is meant to  be cut! OUCH!!! I know right! Will you miss these people who ONCE PLAYED A HUGE part in your life? Of course… will you get over it? of course… will it take time? of course… can you do it? of course…. will you eventually get through it? OF COURSE!

If God got me this far…..then He will get me through and take me from where I was to where I am suppose to be!


Dear Women –


PLEASE do not wait for the PERFECT MAN because there is not any!!!! The only perfect person is Jesus and you shall see Him “soon enough” okay!! Accept the fact and really embrace that the man God has for you WILL NOT BE PERFECT but God can help mold him into the person who fits securely into the peg of your life. The man is to add to you NOT COMPLETE you! SOME women have a “prison sentence mentality” with this waiting game that they have….

I AM NOT SAYING to lower your standards at all and those who do NOT even have standards, please get some and keep them in tact! However, I am just requesting that women be REALISTIC when it comes to relationships! Know what you want and know what you dont want and GO FROM THERE!! Truth be told when women do not know what they want and who they are as a person they are prime examples to be on the recieving end of broken relationship after relationship.

Just do not desire a Godly man – desire the man that God has for you and pray and BE STILL so that when ANY MAN comes along regardless how wonderful he may seem to be – you will have enough wisdom to see that he is NOT the one and also ENOUGH COURAGE to say no as well! Do not be desperate because that type of behavior gives off an odor that only attracts dogs. Let the men in your life such as uncles, fathers, brothers, cousins, and male friends that you resepct give you some good old fashioned advice when it comes to “their species”…LOL

Also talk to a few God fearing women who have PROVEN to be successful in relationships / marriages who can sit and discuss the things of the heart as well for guidance! If you trust them- then attempt to obtain some wise counsel because other than that – why are your spending time with these people? Seriously!

I do not want women – especially good women who have their heads on straight, educated, kind, saved – followers of Christ, compassionate, prayerful, loyal, family oriented etc..etc..etc.. have ALLLLLLLL of these great qualities but sit – wait – and then DIE like the woman in the photo above!


What is A Wife?

In church groups…with girl pals.. with family….with strangers on the bus…in the grocery store is in places like these… you WILL and CAN always seem to find women discussing what is or makes a good HUSBAND!!!

Well I often wonder why these same women only talk for a quick 10 minutes about makes a good wife!!! As a woman myself.. I have honestly noticed that we tend to try to fix other people more so than we fix ourselves…..

I think that it is much easier to try and discuss EVERY detail about what what make a good husband because as women…we are talking about what WE WOULD WANT…..what we like.. what we expect etc. but it is hard to discuss what would make a good wife becuase it will FORCE you ( if you are REALLY being honest ) your list should be a little longer when you are exposing yourself / flaws etc. 

A Wife is any woman who chooses to be obedient to God‘s word, studies her role as a woman – does not lose herself as a wife because she understands that she is the helpmeet.

She cannot be a help if she loses herself in the assignment – which is her husband / family. A woman who chooses to be submissive in all things “under God”…..

Does what she can to build her house even  though I am sure there will be times that she may want to tear it down with the husband still inside! LOL 

Every woman’s house hold is different – should be different…however the “foundation and building blocks” should surely be the same!

Wives should keep a close knit circle of accountability partners that will / shall be considered wise counsel.

Although she has a Godly fellowship she STILL knows what to keep sacred in her relationship about her husband. Reading self – help books are GREAT…

But praying….leaning on God….seeking that alone time….obtaining counsel also strengthens our FAITH.

Being a wife – you will surely NEED A BUNCH OF THAT!



There are SEVERAL things that can make you a great wife or a horrid wife… Choices will determine that!