Marriage Talk


I have a great deal of friends who are happily AND unhappily married!!! However, we indeed have LASTING CONVERSATIONS and just talk for hours at a time – NO – I am not married but I used to be…….and knowing God, hearing God, knowing what you want and how things should be is a good START for any conversational piece…..

We have to stop asking of marriage what God never designed it to give — perfect happiness, conflict-free living, and idolatrous obsession.

Instead, we should be able to appreciate what God designed marriage to provide: partnership, spiritual intimacy and the ability to pursue God — together. So, what do you think is the most common misconception Christians have about marriage?

“Finding a ‘soul mate’ — someone who will complete us,” he says. “The problem with looking to another human to complete us is that, spiritually speaking, it’s idolatry. We are to find our fulfillment and purpose in God . . . and if we expect our spouse to be ‘God’ to us, he or she will fail every day. No person can live up to such expectations.”

Everyone has bad days, yells at his or her spouse, or is downright selfish. Despite these imperfections, God created the husband and wife to steer each other in His direction.

When your wife or husband forgives you . . . and accepts you, you SHOULD learn to receive God’s forgiveness and acceptance as well. In that moment, THEY ARE MODELING God , revealing God’s mercy and helping YOU to see with your own eyes a very real spiritual reality. That AGAPE love that Christ himself wants us to exhibit!

While it’s easy to see why God designed an other-centered union for a me-centered world, living that way is a challenge. So when bills pile up, communication breaks down and you’re just plain irritated with your husband or wife,  These reminders to help ease the tension:

  • God created marriage as a loyal partnership between one man and one woman.
  • Marriage is the firmest foundation for building a family.
  • God designed sexual expression to help married couples build intimacy.
  • Marriage mirrors God’s covenant relationship with His people.
Dear ( ME )

Movie Overdose – LOL

The Best Man Holiday movie

I have already seen this many WAY too many times that I would like to actually admit ….. ESPECIALLY since it only came out last week on Thursday….but to me it was indeed just that good…… Okay here is my theory with this movie..

Movie was INSANELY good – they need to have at least 2 more at the least then CLOSE THE STORY. Ride the wave while it is high…make Part 3 RIGHT NOW while the momentum is high and we are all watering at the mouth! (summer 2014)  Then make the 4th one with everyone READY for the story to end but do it with a big bang! ( 2016 )


This “YOUNG” – Woman is A Disgrace To Herself

Okay, you see I wrote that she was YOUNG but you can be young and still know manners, honor and respect! The way that she acted and talked to her husband’s family even BEFORE their nuptials was shocking!! I commend the husbands FATHER for taking a stand against BOTH of them.

It seemed like his father didn’t approve of the young lady but STILL wanted to support his son. However,  when the wife THOUGHT she could get away with disrespecting the dad too! He wasn’t having it and I’m sure he was hurt, disgusted and embarrassed that his son didn’t speak up in his behalf sooner. His son did say somethung finally, BUT. ……..

Helping Self...



Expect your child to mess up — all children do. And don’t get so upset when they mess up, when they don’t do what they’re “supposed” to do … because they’re supposed to mess up.

Expect your partner to be less than perfect.

Expect your friend to not show up sometimes or be irritating late.

Expect things to go not according to plan because most things do not.

Expect people to be rude sometimes because a great deal of them are.

Expect coworkers not to come through sometimes more than usual.

Expect teenagers  not to wash their dishes or pick up their clothes, sometimes because most teenagers do not.

Expect the glass to break.

And accept it.


You won’t change these inevitable facts — they will happen, eventually. And if you expect it to happen — even see it as already happening, before it happens — you won’t get so upset.

You won’t overreact. You’ll respond appropriately, but not overreact. You can talk to the person about their behavior, and ask them kindly to consider your feelings when they do this … but you won’t get overly emotional and blow things out of proportion.


Birds of A Feather, MAYBE?

My son and I attended a drug and social media seminar and I took this photo of him as he was listening to the speakers and the Powerpoint presentation.

It was NOT until I looked at this photo this morning I pinched myself…. I realized how much that I am rubbing off on my son  – I guess you would have to know me as well as be around me PERSONALLY to understand what I am talking about.

I was groomed MOSTLY by men from my father…. to his brothers….to his sister’s husband…to males at work and church…to my older male friends…. so yeah.. I AM A BIT INTENSE sometimes…..

I joke with people all the time and tell them that some days I have on PANTS up under my SKIRT because being a single parent and raising a BOY is a whole different ball game. It almost forces you to be in “prep mode” all the time!

Do I look like a person who would BITE your head off? LOL Well, hmmm… I will just say that ” I NO LONGER ” try to bite! LOL I have learned self control…… However, I am CONSTANTLY always asking God to show me balance and show me when to be strict / hard v.s. soft and lenient.

The goal for women should be to be tough when needed…. but NEVER HARD – we are women – gentle flowers…creatures and no one want to be with or be around a HARD WOMAN!  I am grateful that I have “found the balance” that I need.

Dear ( ME )

Wishful Thinking….

For me to STOP THINKING sooooooo much!! LOL The brain needs rest and so do I….. Any suggestions?

Being a mother

Being a big brother ( yes! although I am a female ) SILLY AND SCARY isn’t it

Being a big sister  ( although I am next to the baby in age )

Being a husband to my mother ( yes! that sounds crazy to but since my dad passed away almost 5 SHORT years ago – im it! ) don’t think dirty people

AND THE LIST I NOTICED……. as I was writing today literally just kept going on and on and ON!!! My hand did hurt and so did my head! ( too much )

Being any and everything TO EVERYONE is just plumb old exhausting and I gave up at least 10 of my 20 hats TODAY!!

I am soo proud of myself and God knows that the people who always wanted me to WEAR hats that I should have taken OFF a long time ago are in for a huge shock. Nontheless, they all will be ok and this too shall pass….

Whew…. Now I can breathe again……..