Helping Self...



Expect your child to mess up — all children do. And don’t get so upset when they mess up, when they don’t do what they’re “supposed” to do … because they’re supposed to mess up.

Expect your partner to be less than perfect.

Expect your friend to not show up sometimes or be irritating late.

Expect things to go not according to plan because most things do not.

Expect people to be rude sometimes because a great deal of them are.

Expect coworkers not to come through sometimes more than usual.

Expect teenagers  not to wash their dishes or pick up their clothes, sometimes because most teenagers do not.

Expect the glass to break.

And accept it.


You won’t change these inevitable facts — they will happen, eventually. And if you expect it to happen — even see it as already happening, before it happens — you won’t get so upset.

You won’t overreact. You’ll respond appropriately, but not overreact. You can talk to the person about their behavior, and ask them kindly to consider your feelings when they do this … but you won’t get overly emotional and blow things out of proportion.


Don’t Stop Trusting …..


People will always hurt you in life….

People will always disappoint you in life….

People will always scar you in life…..

People will always misjudge you in life…..

People will always find some way to take advantage of you in life…..

All of this will happen AND SO MUCH MORE! However, are you going to allow this to keep you from living a life….your life that was given to you from God as a gift. Be strong in the Lord and know that he can empower you to withstand anything…. put an effort in your FAITH today.

People are imperfect beings that God created for HIS purpose…. So with that being said, remember that “you too” are a being / a vessel that was created to do good and with so many IMPERFECT people walking around…. disappointment is bound to happen!

Ask God for wisdom….pray for strategy….patiently design tactics so that YOU are able to make the accurate choices in this present life…..

  Remember, that an imperfect person can only TRY to be perfect….so the same GRACE that God granted you…. you must return the favor and grant others the same….