Gotta Love Scripture!

This Is The Type Of Ministry God Called Me To....If You With Me As A Soldier On The Front Line To Win Souls For Christ Holla! Much Love To All, But This Is Where It Begins..Roll Your Sleeves Up, Get Dirty Sometimes and STOP The Deepness...People Are Dying Right In Front Of You Daily...Leaders Your Congregations Are Screaming Inside Waiting For You To Just Hear Them....Take The Time To Hear Them...Take The Time To Watch Them Grow Outside Of Preparation For ANOTHER Consecration.....NO HATERADE HERE, But They Are Calling For Prayer....Be Wise As To How You Network....It Just Might Be The Death Of Your Ministry...Reach Out To A Real Lost And Dying World...The SAINTS no better!!!  ++ABS


Conversation To My 10 Yr Old Son

This is why you shouldnt complain that there is nothing in the refrigerator when in it fact – it stays FULL

This is why you shouldnt pout when I take you to Olive Garden instead of T.G.I. Friday’s

This is why you shouldnt be mad when you want Rita’s ice but I say no when we have a blender & slushy mix at home

This is why you shouldnt ask why we cant go to subway when I can just stop at the store and buy our own lunch meat

AT LEAST ……. >>.YOU<< have options because a lot of others do not!


PT Conference!

Wow, I did an awesome blog on parent teacher conferences and it disappeared! As much as I love to write, I am indeed not writing everything over so I will just post photos! Seriously, I will come back and blog for this, im just mad the computer DID NOT save all the good stuff that I wrote about my sons day!