The Other Baby….


My 19 1/2 year old big baby….. my son sent me this photo a little bit ago and he looks so mature….. but his ” MOMMY VOICE ” does not match his mega tattoos and tough boy act! LOL Sometimes, he sounds more baby -ish than his  10 1/2 year old brother – he does not want ANYONE to know of course….

He is my other big baby and I just CONSTANTLY pray for some of the various decisions that he makes that may not be “so great”…. The Bible instructs parents to train up a child….. some days I have CRIED TO GOD and asked him did He revise his word because my son acts as if he has lost his way at times……GEESH!! LOL

I am STILL LEARNING how to just pray instead of just screaming and fussing at him….HOWEVER – Lord please help him! As a parent, you can tell when things are not so great EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SMILING…..

I hear things in his voice when I talk to him – but no matter what age a person is in life – we must do what is required of us, respect those who have rule over us, understand that there are rules and regulations wherever you are…..Lord thank you for opening his eyes and ears!



The bond that a child develops with his mother can never be severed. You grew as an organism inside her for nine months. She carried you and sustained you, sharing her sustenance with you through your umbilical cord. When you are born the cord is severed. It is never severed in her heart. That bond lasts forever.
As we grow up we become our own people and may come to forget that woman who nurtured and loved us. But remember this, your mother will surely never forget you and never stop loving you.
Yes, I am grateful for MY MOTHER!

Injustice Facts –

Mexico‘s richest man Carlos Slim, makes in 2 minutes, what the average Mexican makes in a year.

The transportation of Mexico City’s millionaires requires 3 cars and 7 guards, enough to buy more than 750,000 subway tickets.

In the 1970s Nestle killed more than 400,000 children in developing countries by promoting infant formula over breast milk.

In South Africa more than 98% of Caucasians live in formal houses, while more than 50% of Africans live in basic shacks.

 There are currently 3500 people on death row in the United States, the highest number in U.S. history.

U.N. estimate of yearly expenditure on war: $1.3 trillion, enough to eradicate world poverty for 7 years.

The U.S. Military spends $18 billion a year on advertisements (propaganda).

5.4 million deaths are caused by tobacco each year, yet Philip Morris continues to pay Hollywood to show actors and actresses smoking.

The U.S. Navy has spent $4 billion training ‘Suicide Dolphins’ to carry missiles into ships, even though the U.S. has no enemies with ships.


He’s BACK!!!

Okay my baby was gone away for 1 whole week and at first I was totally ELATED!!! However, towards the end of the week I was starting to finally miss the little one! As I waited for him to get downtown and off of the camp bus…I was LITERALLY jumping up and down! “Some” of the other parents of course was looking at me like…. Lady!!!! LOL

I didnt care how crazy or weird I looked! I was happy to have my baby boy back home to me in one big old happy 99 degree heat piece! LOL Whew it was funny because we were both so hot we didnt even care of feel the flames scolding our skin because we were just very happy to see one another…. He was tired and wanted to eat….drink and just hang out!! Im like REALLY?? You arent tired boy!



I love my babies and raising sons and daughters can be a bit different and challenging but it also depends on the parenting styles as well. Indeed these two boys in the photo are related by blood and love one another but my goodness does the trail of traits differ in over a hundred ways!

I have been in an uphill battle for a few years with my NOW 18 year old son….. love him to NO END but when BOTH parents do not share the same morals, values, ethics, stances and beliefs you are in for some very disheartening things ahead… My 18 year old is growing up and there are some roots that I would just LOVE to dig up and pluck out… the way that some of his branches in life has grown has turned into weeds…. and we know that weeds have the potential and HIGH CAPABILITY to kill the rest of what has been planted….it can disrupt the whole garden and appearace wise…..can make it look SOOOO UGLY when indeed it really is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL but the weeds have just taken over….

So prayer, faith and patience is what I have been “banking on….. depending on”….. to remind my baby that he is a beautiful garden… peer pressure are weeds…. both parents not co parenting are weeds… not having a true and solid ( not surface ) relationship with Christ in your life is weeds……

So the Holy Spirit is indeed MY PERSONAL WEED WACKER…… so I will wait patiently for the gardne to “bloom again”…

My 18 year old has soo many qualities of me but do not ACT OUT those positive qualities these days….. talk about seeing your OWN SEED living out and showing displays of charactherisitics that is NOT of him and God…… Really praying that my handsome, smart, loving son will one day see the BIG PICTURE and not settle for the few colors of paint that represent the picture!

He is a Kingdom son, young man and future Kingdom man…… just wish that he could see what I see… and know what I know…..

I dont want to make my son’s life easy….but I would like to make my son’s life pleasing to the Lord… inspirational, productive and a host of other things that will, can and should benefit him for the LONG HAUL.

My 18 year old was like my 9 1/2 year old were the exact same way when at that time in his life. I just believe God to do all that He has promised me pertaining to my 9 year old as well as my 18 year old twins. It is a cold cold world out here and it is my desire to protect them…. However, you cant force anything on anybody… Peer pressure is an UGLY THING and has damaged so many kids lives and when they turn into adults….the seeds and behaviors have already taken root >>> unfortunately.

However, the baby out of the bunch…the 9 1/2 year old…. I have almost blogged, taken a photo and documented about his every move it seems! LOL…. Having twins then just having 1 child at a time was different but just as fun as well…. Honestly, I felt that it was soo easy that I could not ever understand when I heard people complain about how hard it was only having 1 child. I am not talking about the financial part of raising the child, I mean more so just spending time with the child, being emotionally available with the child, teaching the child, loving the child and being soley RESPONSIBLE to the child…

MY CHILD.. I have shown and documented how AMAZING my 9 year old is….. he indeed is not a perfect child… but as a parent, we all would want something at least close to perfect right? Well here he is…. front and center!

Of course I am NOT silly enough to think that in the future that I wont have any trials and tribulations with my 9 year old.. BUT.. I will enjoy what I can while I can and will certainly CONTINUE raising him IN CHRIST………..

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