Who would have EVER thought that a Hood Thug and  House Wife would have ANYTHING in common?

Nonetheless, who would have thought that the CHANCES would have been GREATER for the House Wife to do a crime, get convicted AND do time in jail BEFORE a Hood Thug? The outer appearance surely can fool anyone huh!!!  LOL

In this case , thank goodness “Politics” did not play a key role!

#SnoopDog and #MarthaStewart = FRIENDS!!



Just Wondering…..

I love POLITICS but………….. politics via Florida’s Legislation  has indeed KILLED this boy! Almost every law that we are still going by was made many – many years ago…. Some of these laws NEED to be re – addressed – AMENDDED as soon as possible before any more people ( black men especially ) are killed. GEESH

America is so backwards in a great deal of things that we do, believe in and act out and call it LEGAL! This country “literally” lets you get away with Murder but if you check the statistical data on other countries like Mexico, China and Czech Republic…those people seem to think TWICE before committing hard-core crimes.

More than 900,000 people have signed a petition on Change.org demanding the arrest of shooter George Zimmerman. See the extent of protests across the country and tell us if you plan to participate. http://on.cnn.com/GLwXXQ