Friday Thoughts –

imageNo one said it was going to be easy, the day you were born. Your mother never said that life would be a breeze and it will be clear sailing without any struggles, risks, or obstacles to overcome. Instead, you realized that things might not always go your way. Even as an infant, you got hungry, thirsty, bored, tired, sick, cold, hot, constipated, upset, startled, scared, confused, and frustrated by a myriad of circumstances you couldn’t possibly comprehend.

As you grew up, you began to understand how you could control certain elements of your environment, yet still suffered from all the troubles I just listed. Even as an adult, we are subjected to these same issues that invade our lives. It appears that life is, and shall stay, a struggle until the day we die. It’s how we cope and view these incidents that find our character and the quality of our existence.

It’s all about our attitude. With constant news reports about catastrophes striking every country in the world, how can we feel good about ourselves? There are starving people, natural disasters, political strife, warring nations, terrorism, pollution, health concerns, and over-crowding, both local and nationally. The news apparently is never good.

Add to that, daily confrontations with employers, store clerks, other drivers, and family members, you get the picture. You face a never-ending sea of bills, relationship challenges, and on-the-job dilemmas. Where will it end? Only at death, I’m afraid and some depressed individuals have already decided to end their lives sooner than later. But, for the rest of us that face these facts of daily life, what are our options?

We have to accept why we are on this planet in the first place. Assuming we have only one crack at a lifetime, we get to make the most out of it as possible. Through our own free will and perhaps some divine intervention, we control our fate. We can choose to allow the constant bombardment of negativity ruin our psyche, or ignore the obvious taunts and move forward with a good attitude. It’s takes a commitment and constant effort to overcome the flow of obstacles, but it can be done. It begins with the simple things.


What Do You See? (via yourself)


If our self-image is based on comparing ourselves to others or by what others say or think about us, it can affect us in three ways: lack of confidence, making bad decisions or choices, and low self-esteem. A bad self-image can lead to lack of confidence, so we make bad decisions or choices, which lowers our self-esteem. Our low self-esteem further deteriorates our confidence, which leads to more bad decisions or choices, which leave us feeling worse. This feeling can be paralyzing, which fosters helplessness and hopelessness. We see no way out. We feel trapped. We are victims.

Perhaps you can relate: your relationship, job or business failed, and your self-image and self-confidence takes a nose dive. Don’t beat yourself up about it, and don’t think that you can’t do anything about it. No matter what you have done or what choices you made, it doesn’t mean your life is over.

There is no sense beating ourselves up over mistakes of the past. There are no such things as mistakes, only lessons.