Obama – and “his care”

A big change in America’s health care system is coming at the beginning of next year.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will go into full effect in 2014, giving millions of uninsured Americans access to health care.

However, there are still misconceptions about the law.

In today’s Just Explain It, we’ll tell you five things you might not know about Obamacare.

Number one… Contrary to what 42 percent of Americans think, Obamacare really is happening. In fact, people can start signing up for state-run health insurance on October 1st. That’s when states and the federal government will open marketplaces, called exchanges, to offer subsidized benefits to the nation’s 50 million uninsured.

Number two… Another survey found that a majority of Americans think the law cuts Medicare benefits and covers undocumented immigrants. It doesn’t.

Actually, the government expects the average Medicare recipient to save approximately $35,000 over the next ten years.

 Number three… Tax credits. Next year, health insurance for eligible individuals or families will be subsidized.

For example, someone making just under $23,000 a year wouldn’t have to spend more than 6.3 percent of their annual income on health insurance. Based on a $3,030 plan, their contribution would be $1,450. Under Obamacare, they’d receive a tax credit of $1,580 to put towards their coverage.

Number four The 80/20 rule. Insurers are now required to spend at least 80 percent of premium dollars on providing healthcare. The other 20 percent can be used on overhead expenses like excessive administrative costs and profits. In 2012, this provision saved Americans over two billion dollars.

If insurers don’t comply, they’re required to provide customers with a rebate. In 2011, over 13 million consumers received $1.1 billion in rebates – that’s around $150 per customer.

And finally… taxes. No matter what you’ve heard, your health benefits under Obamacare will not be taxed. The law does require that employers report the value of your annual coverage on your W-2, but the government says that’s just for workers’ information.

In the end, the Affordable Care Act is incredibly complex piece of legislation I AM SURE THAT THE PRESIDENT AND OTHER HIGH POWERED POLITICIANS WILL NOT HAVE OBAMACARE.

It enacts sweeping reforms that involve every state and millions of Americans. Do you think it will work for you? … Siggghhhh and Blaahhh


I Am Currenting Loving New York Legislation


If New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets his way, stores won’t be able to publicly display tobacco products and will have to keep cigarettes under the counter or behind curtains.

The legislation announced today is the latest public-health crackdown by the mayor, whose ban on super-sized sugary soft drinks was shot down by a judge last week.

no smoking

The proposed law would “prohibit display of tobacco products” in most retail shops,. “Such displays suggest smoking is a normal activity and invite young people to experiment with tobacco.” It would be the first of its kind in the nation.

A second law would impose new rules to make it harder to sell smuggled cigarettes.

These laws would protect New Yorkers, especially young and impressionable New Yorkers. The New York Association of Convenience Stores, which has 1,600 members, called the proposed ban on displays “absurd” but I totally agree with Mayor Michael Bloomberg seriously.

He said he hoped the City Council would reject the bill after it’s introduced later this week. If it passes, the National Association of Tobacco Outlets predicts it will be overturned by the courts.

Sara Palin mocked Mayor Bloomberg via banning certain sized soft drinks….but she just wants to stay relevant…


YES!!! There are a great deal of people who DISAGREE with the government being able to get involved like this…. A great deal of them are indeed talking about a basic right under the Constitution.  They also feel that if you do this with cigarettes and tobacco products, what else is going to have to be out of view? Wine and spirits? It’s a very slippery slope. Well I look at it like this, yes the government is saying or at least trying to wean people from smoking – drinking and a hosts of other things and I think that it is a good idea.

If I was an insurance company and I would raise the premiums on people that smoke etc….so then what? Are you going to KEEP your medical insurance or drop it because you do not agree? You want to smoke and if you get sick..get lung diseases / cancer now you want the insurance carrier to pay for TONS of testing and expensive treatments because of a PERSONAL BAD HABIT that you chose to do that is not good for your health!!!!

New York City officials, though, said the point of the display ban isn’t to prevent kids from buying cigarettes, which is already illegal; the idea is that lowering exposure to the products reduces the chances a young person will try smoking in the first place.

new york sign

Mayor Bloomberg has made public-health campaigns a hallmark of his administration and boasted that life expectancy in the city is up three years since 2001. He has also crusaded against salt in restaurant foods and junk food in vending machines and required calorie counts on fast-food menus.

A new policy sharply limiting the sale of 16-ounce sugary drinks was supposed to take effect last week, but a judge put a stop to it, ruling it was arbitrary and capricious.


I Mean Really?


I really do not know why there are sooooooo many people who are dare devils and seem to live high off the hog with drenilen….. I get wanting to do something OUT THERE and trying something just a tad bit crazy…… but GEESH!

So now I am really assuming that when some or even most of these people get hurt from THEIR OWN ACTIONS, that should be some degree of pity for them? I cannot see why……. Just call your insurance company and keep it moving!.

Nope…. please do not feel bad, just ask yourself if you would participate in any of these activities… and 9 out of 10 people more likely say NO……Some need to get life insurance as well as regular medical insurance with these crazy stunts!




Cemetery Visit

This may seem weird to some BUT – my family spent about 3 hours at the cemetery to visit my beloved Big Mom ( grandmother ), my Aunt Clara ( which we all forgot was buried next to my Big Mom ) and for my family to pick out out burial plots next to each other so that when”that day comes” all will be taken care of.


I have to admit that I was AN EMOTIONAL WRECK when I saw my Auntie Clara’s site..

I used to think that going to grave sites were a bit weird but it was REALLY therapy for me when I decided to go… Yes we initially all went to the grave site because we were choosing our markers, plots etc..etc..etc… but I WAS NOT going to leave without “stopping by” seeing my grandmother’s ( Big Ma’s ) burial plot. Yes… I was so happy that I did – it opened and closed a great deal of wounds that I had no idea was there…..

Nonetheless, we all had a nice time at the CEMETERY if that makes any sense or even SOUNDS RIGHT!  Well wait – my 10 year old HATED THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE……. He said it kept making him think of his father being dead….which he meant was my dad because he called my dad, Daddy as well. However, with the other family that was there just connecting with one another BLESSED ME…. and eventually – he SEMI got over it….. he ran up to the top of the cemetery because… he was INDEED over the whole death talk!

 Well thank goodness that MY MOMMY is still alive and doing well and I thank God DAILY….

My Mommy Doodle was very happy to be at the grave site as well. She smiled so hard when she saw her OWN MOTHER‘S grave marker– My mom is SOOOOO STRONG and to see her even be sad even for a second almost knocked me over…. She is indeed my SHE – RO! Hero in female form! LOL

We all cracked jokes on how we are happy that we were all able to obtain grave plots all in a row next to one another. I video taped our little happy meeting scenario and it was cute and sad all at the same time.

Regardless, being with my family is just plain old amazing! ( some of them at least ) My father taught me as early as in middle school the importance of getting our DEAD WORK together! I know it sounds a tad bit harsh but that is what my daddy called it and it surely makes sense to get things in order BEFORE you die! Okay enough death talk…..

Dear ( ME )

Therapy Blesses MOST Women

Yeah…..in the car as usual on my way somewhere….. I really know what an insurance agent feels like….. a speaker of the gospel feels like ( even though I am one )…..a salesman……and a bus driver! I mean in and out of the car ALL DAY LONG…….

Attending appointments…. going to family gatherings…..church events…… hospital visits….MY OWN PERSONAL STUFF and my then of course the “present KING” of my castle….my 10 year old son’s major and OVER THE TOP schedule! LOL

So after being up since 745 am on a Saturday ….cheating on my diet because I felt overstressed and over -worked I RAN and embraced my THERAPIST for about 2 hours and being there really shifted my day for the better…..


Umm yeah…. my THERAPIST is Dr. Mall and it has all the credentials that a woman could have! Not even about the titles.. Phd. or Jimmy Choo etc.. LOL  My therapist specializes in RETAIL!!!  Wow…..trust me – women do a lot, even on the weekends! UGGHH…

Everyone should have a THERAPIST!!! ( specializing in retail ) LOL


Raising Kids –

It is safe to say that even when you raise your kids in a Christian home, a loving home, a 2 parent home, a productive home, a supportive home IS NO GUARANTEES that your kids will turn out to be respectful and law abiding citizens. ( let alone God – fearing individuals )

We as parents MUST “get a grip mentally” and realize that we cannot control what our kids do and don’t do “in the end”…

Yes the bible teaches that we as Christians should train up a child the way they should go…and when he gets older he / she shall not depart. ……

I do BELIEVE that but from my own personal experience and true heart breaking DISCOVERY is that when kids are going through “their training” it is very imperative that it is not tainted….tampered with…distorted… in any kind of way!

Because if it is…. it can and will be a very dark and L———-ONG road ahead! Via my kids own process……MY GOD! It is soo unfortunate because their training period had VARIOUS HANDS in their process which I do feel that some of those SAME HANDS wish that they would have proceeded much differently now!

On a very – very personal note….my teenage kids are so out of control that I QUESTION MYSELF EVERYDAY… if it is ” I who birthed these individuals”….

Not saying that during the training process our kids can’t recover…. BUT it depends who..what..when…where and how the tampering occurs can depict if the kids will turn around….. There is a reason why we should train up a CHILD because you cant train up an ADULT and expect them to walk in line as they should!

Being involved EARLY and continually “as you are able” is vital so that you do not  have articles like these to read on an everyday basis!

The parenting has changed so much in America that it has literally “cost several family units” and it is just getting more tragic everyday.

It seems as if the kids that were born from the 1990’s until present are from a whole other world…..other planet and they have been unleashing their wrath on the households that they live in and something has to change a.s.a.p.

Kids do not want to listen…. Kids are not raised in properly. …

Kids are not seeing any examples…. Kids prefer rebellion over respect…

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