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Nothing Like God’s Favor –


Truth Be Told –


It does NOT matter who does what first….second…third…or even LAST… Just as long as things get done and people are able to glean from the knowledge from one another –

Good leaders are always WILLING to share information – to be honest – we are ALL taking bits and pieces from one another – known and unknown – that is the CYCLE of confirmation when we can be all on one accord – wanting – needing – desiring the SAME thing for the betterment of others.

Everyone wants to be first and NO ONE seems to EVER desire to be last…… How about just being grateful to even be able to ” PARTICIPATE ” in something great that can edify and produce something amazing for man – kind??!! …

Being Kind v.s Being Right


Being right is a matter of perspective as well.  I may see right differently than you do…so we get back to the greatest law, which is the law of love.  God is love and if we show his attributes, we will truly be in the right in the end, even if we do not see things the way others see them.

Showing love and understanding towards other people’s frailties and weaknesses is what God prefers. We could be right but let it be tempered with kindness towards the other person. God commands us to love one another, that includes being kind.

 Something God slowly whittles away at over time until your life is no longer about you if you give your life to Him. Life  becomes about serving God and serving others above all else. When we can come to a point in our life where what we want is of little significance, we no longer have to be right, our personal value in this world means nothing!

As the bible says, we are stronger when we are at our weakest moments, when all we can do is turn it all over to God, He then fills us, build us, holds us up.

So True That It’s Sad –



Quote Of The Day:

“If people have to ask if you are a Christian, you probably aren’t ”

(Matthew 5:16, KJV)……………..

Kitchen Table

I know that I keep EMPHASIZING on how awesome that I think my 10 1/2 year old kid is ….but he is! ( well at least 85% of the time ) Look at the little love note that he wrote my mother above…. I was VERY TOUCHED and he laughed at me when tears came to my eyes! I told him when he gets older and he has kids ( according to him, he wants 4 kids / 3 boys and 1 girl LOL ) and his kids show massive compassion to me – he will indeed appreciate all of the amazing gestures as well…

I feel that ” The Kitchen Table” is the place where a great deal of  information can be exchanged and it is funny how when people break bread they become very relaxed! My son talked about November being “a good month” and of course I asked him why and his answer was the same as mine! November represents giving thanks and his aunt, grandma and great grandma‘s birthday is all in one month so that could only mean good things!

Then he stated that he liked Christmas and Valentines Day… Christmas was of course a no brainer – but he did say that he was glad that Jesus shared his birthday with the world! ( my eyes filled with water ) LOL

So of course, immediately – im like yeah..yeah..Jesus loves us all okay now what do you know about Valentines Day! LOL ……. he quickly stated with a BIG MASSIVE grin – Mom its about love! What???????????????????? I fell off of my chair (in my mind at least) I do not get panic attacks but I felt as if one was coming on! He said Valentines Day is for love mom and I love you and my family. I didnt buy it ( although I should have – SHAME ON ME ) I asked him if he liked a girl and he got disgusted immediately and said yuck mom.


So that made me happy and I advised him that he could play his video games for A WHILE now….. After that 10 minute LONG conversation – I needed some air!