Boy HaveTimes Changed!

Who would have EVER THOUGHT that you would hardly NEVER be able to tell what “a child’s age is”…….. Scary and Sad all at the same time!

Photo: True shit :. lol



Eat – Chew and Swallow This!


Online Foolishness


I was with a girl pal of mine and we both was online and she set up a profile page for me… Now I told you guys a few weeks ago why online dating “is not my thing” There was this guy who reached out to me… and I was like he probably dont even dress like that because the profile photo was in a business suit and all of his others were “hood / street” clothing.. which is a HUGE NO – NO for me! I dont care if it is online….off the grocery store…at the mall…at church – REGARDLESS!

Well she started replying to him “for me” and he turned out to be a HORRID liar and she was soo appalled and upset because he said in an email that he was a producer and sent links to his work and 2 of them were documentaries and she is like see…. he seems to be ok. I told her that ANYONE who is about anything would NOT give out so much information about themselves up front so quickly…

But moving right along with the SILLY but so REAL story…..I said he is trying to be too cocky or maybe presenting his information so that he can be seen as a legit person maybe.. BUT I still dont trust he is all put together like he is trying to present… So he sent one more link stating this was another project that he did….

( of course I already deleted my picture and account info and made her promise she would NEVER do nothing like this again….)

At that moment I told my friend that he is NOT LEGIT and she was like you are soo against meeting people online…I said no – it is all about PRESENTATION!! I was trying to explain to her if the guy was STEPHEN SPIELBERG, TYLER PERRY or RON HOWARD they would not be sending links of their work at all because they would want to see if the woman is interested in them rather than their money – fame and success…. She still thought that I was being too judgemental…..


Lo and behold..we opened the last link that the fake producer sent and it was a very CHEAP – LOW BUDGET – SEMI PORN GANGSTER FLICK!!!

I laughed so hard while she fussed and almost cussed at the computer! ……

So now do you see why the photo in this picture is VALID IN MY BOOK!!!! LOL

I told her to  stop-sign trying to HURRY me along to be with someone – Wisdom tells me when to say YES or NO!


Amber Cole

When I was 14, I was excited to be in school and could not wait to sign up for any and everything in high school. I was on the cheerleading team, soccer, cross country, track and volleyball. I was exhausted but I was happy and loved being social with my new friends and life as a 9th grader in high school. I still played with dolls, collected toys and of course still watched all of the good old cartoons like the Smurfs, Spiderman, Superman and Charlie Brown! Life was a little simple and had no real complaints at all which was a blessing. Sometimes I think to myself, if I could turn back time!

I was still a little girl and had an innocence still with me as well and hmmm now its time for the honest real question! Boys? Well, yes, I thought that they were cute and I had a few crushes but I was scared of boys. I never wanted to be known as the girl with a reputation because there were a few girls in my neighborhoood who boys talked badly about and my parents always gave me pep talks about keeping a clean name.

Nonetheless, my first real kiss ( if that is what you would call it ) LOL, came in the 11th grade and I thought that was a huge deal and  I was scared! Each generation is differnent and to compare my time frame in high school compared to the kids in this 2011 era is totally different. Sadly to say, MOST of the kids that are “roaming the streets” today are either: disrespectful, rude, lazy, untrustworthy, unloyal, rebellious and I dont desire to go on  What if Amber Cole was you?

What if Amber Cole was your daughter?

What if Amber Cole was your neice?

What if Amber Cole was your sister?

What if Amber Cole was your cousin?

What if Amber Cole was your best friend?

What if Amber Cole was your girlfriend?

What if Amber Cole was your wife?

Did you know that AMBER COLE is a child of God who apparently has issues that are just being displayed in negative mannerisms? There mere fact that there is a video on the internet that went viral 2 days ago of a black 14 year old little girl who was voluntarily giving oral sex to a male student ON SCHOOL PREMISES shows how bad of shape the kids are today.

The fact that the little girl did it is SAD…..

The fact that the little girl did it in public is SAD…

The fact that the little girl did it knowing she was being taped is SAD….

The fact that the litte girl did it to make the boy like her is SAD…..

The fact that the little girl is looking for love in all the wrong places is SAD…

The fact that the little girl will have to deal with this for the rest of her life is SAD….

The fact that the little girl will have her parents being told what she did is SAD….

The fact that the little girl’s parents will surely want to see the video for their own eyes because they are saying to themselves >> not my daughter << is SAD…

The fact that the little girl is known for this act rather than her accomplishments is SAD……..

The fact that the little girl may be thinking of suicide is SAD….

The fact that the little girl OBVIOUSLY felt self worth is SAD…..

I am praying that ” by now ” the authorities have taken down every link that displays this horrid act between 2 children on the internet. It is indeed considered child pornography and the children who video taped it and then uploaded the horrid scenes should also be dealt with. Althought the little girl voluntatrily performed the act, legally, I would still charge her for public ludeness as well as the young boy who she performed the act on.

Also include indicint exposure and of course the boys that uploaded the video for posting underage porn with adding that it was posted without the consent of the girl. She is a child so there is no way that consent could even have been legally given. These things should be done to teach all of them a lesson and make them think.

The little must be devastated by now regardless if she knew that she was getting videotaped. I am sure that she didnt think that the tape would be viral the way that it is! The parents and the rest of the family must be out of their minds as well. The whole situation is just sad and I am desperately praying that any and everyone who has seen the video ( I have ) and have heard about the incident will indeed PRAY for her as well as the boys involved.

The lack of self respect has been a spirit that truly has been unleashed amongst the children of today and it has taken root in the little girls. However, the little boys who are not taught will grow into little womanizers because they are being told that their behavior is cute or manly which indeed is a lie.

When children display actions with such great negativity, it is not always a reflection of the parents. There are several Christian homes that spew out children hoping that they will fly high and soar as the parents taught them. Nonetheless, I can speak from experience that is not always the case. Sometimes it can make you feel as if you are / were a bad parent but the only thing that you can do is PLANT THE POSITIVE SEEDS. 

Even in prayer….. I am praying that what I have planted over the years will eventually grow and then of course will grow into something beautiful! ( Beauty for Ashes ) Foundation is soil… and we can only hope and pray that it is good ground.

In the Holy Scripture, ( 1 Corinthians 3: 6-7 ) it expresses on how 1 plants, 1 waters and it is indeed GOD himself who gives the increase. So I realize NOW that it was for me to only plant the seed and remember that I raised my children on the word of God and trust that they will NOT depart from it. The person who plants or waters is not as significant as the one who will give the increase, which is CHRIST!  My 18 year old kids amaze me because they will quote scripture then will act out in hellish ways and ooze out with the utermost disrespect like it is nothing. This is where FAITH must kick in!

Nonetheless, God is in control and does ALL things well. It took me a long time to get this mind set because they are MY SEED and to watch them self destruct themselves when they indeed know better and have been taught has been a hard and horrid thing to watch… >>> LIVE and in “living” color….. trust me I have been living it! However, my faith has been totally strenghtened and it has prevailed and is keeping me sane.

The social networking sites are working on overdrive to keep negativity going and SIN SELLS. I decree and declare that children turn from their wicked ways and God would shift their lives so much that they would seek out God and inquire what must THEY DO TO BECOME SAVED!

God please have your way and let the chips fall where they may…..