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There are many types of mentoring relationships, and it is essential to understand the differences and nuances prior to cultivating and entering into a mentoring agreement. What characteristics do you seek—formal or informal, mandatory or optional, short term or long term?

One of the most important distinctions is whether the mentoring relationship is considered formal or informal. Most mentoring relationships sit somewhere on a continuum between these two extremes. Formal mentoring relationships are often mandatory—leadership assigns mentors to new hires or promising candidates for promotion.

The meetings are scheduled, tracked, documented, and evaluated based on clearly articulated goals and milestones. Informal mentoring relationships are more spontaneous and based on loosely defined results. In fact, many mentoring relationships, while fulfilling the PD needs of the participants, are not acknowledged as such.

Often the mentee enters an informal mentoring relationship because of an intrinsically motivated need to do better. Whereas formal mentoring relationships tend to be more hierarchical, with seniority, status, and even age defining the mentor/protégé relationship, informal mentoring is more likely based on trust or admiration.

Another important thing to remember is that being a Mentor to someone is a blessing and a great opportunity to pour into someone a wealth of knowledge. Event though you are the Mentor, it is also just as important that you learn a variety of things from the people who are your mentees!


The Right Dosage


The Administration of a therapeutic agent in prescribed amounts. b. Determination of the amount to be so administered. c. The amount so administered. d. too much of it can cause an overdose


The term drug overdose (or simply overdose or OD) describes the ingestion or application of a drug or other substance in quantities greater than are recommended[1] or generally practiced.[2] An overdose may result in a toxic state or death.[2]


A big dosage of Peer Pressure can make kids..

steal…do drugs…join gangs…have sex….rob….kill and be disrespectful

A big dosage of low Self Esteem can prevent people from being….

productive….assertive…being mature

A big dosage of negativity can cause people to be….

depressed.. suicidal…. lazy…unstable..

A big dosage of religion can make people from…..

Hearing God
Stay judgemental
Leading people astray
Starting a cult
Not having the ability to change

Watch what you take in via your mind …body..soul and spirit.  Even a little bit of poision can do damage but if your not careful you may end up with a bigger dosage than you can handle.

Nothing good with surely come from it, so make sure that you watch your INTAKE LEVELS!!!