Dear ( ME )

MINISTRY – Note 2 Self….


“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

My LIFE is so bigger than “me”……. the things that I do…don’t do…the things that I say or even dont say etc…etc….

One reason why some of the ones that you have given to, poured into, helped and ministered to are not the same ones who are there for you now, is because  the were not your friends, but your assignment.

You can not build a relationship or set up a friendship in the “natural” off an assignment that is “spiritual.”


Trusting –

Trust the Lord and believe He can do anything that He says He can do by His Word. He is the only one we can turn to, the only one we can TRUST & and the only one who answers prayers. Your FAITH in Him is the KEY to your breakthrough. He says you can do all things through Him, but this can only happen when you have an INTIMATE relationship with Him, which begins by FAITH.
Hear more of His WORD and …FAITH will come. Faith is the SHIELD that extinguishes all the flaming arrows of the evil one_Eph 6:16. More and more of God‘s WORD means a thicker shield which makes more difficult for the enemy to attack you. Your MIND is the battle ground that the enemy channels his attacks. We live in FEAR because all we hear is what men are saying about us.
 Make a ‘U’ turn today and hear what GOD is saying concerning you, your family, your business, your ministry & the generation after you. This will build your FAITH, making you stronger and stronger and stronger……..


Men -Woman -Relationships

To keep a marriage healthy, the first thing is to honor the relationship itself. Come to it as something led by spirit. The next step is to acknowledge each other’s soul, acknowledge each other not just as human beings, but as spirits who have chosen a body to come into. Then, through ritual, bring these two souls together.

A man was designed by GOD to be a husbandman to a rose. As such, he must care for, nurture, protect, “appreciate” and help her achieve maximum potential. A man was created by GOD from water and dirt. Since a rose needs water and dirt to thrive a woman should be able to receive the nourishment she needs through her husband. The husband must lead his wife to trust him, allow him to clip away her stem and lay gently in his hands.

A woman is like a rose. She has petals that are beautiful, delicate, soft and sweet. But a rose also has a thick stem with thorns. The stem represents the toughness she must have in order to stand against the challenges the world forces her to face. The thorns serve to protect her from men who try to pick her up quickly that do not know how to handle her properly.

A man who wants to be wealthy needs a good woman. A good woman has a heart to do the will of GOD and contains within her heart the qualities of strength, power, and moral excellence. A good wife, brothers, can help a man achieve his purpose as well as provide provision, protection, and peace. That is, she can help him materialize his vision for their marriage, help create wealth for their family, cover his back from the attacks of evil men and wanton women, and provide a quiet comfortable home.

It is amazing to read, share and talk to other people who have the same views  on relationships of all kinds and SOAK up more wisdom!



Got Love? Get Love. Give Love!

If you do not have LOVE in your life

If you do not have LOVE in your heart

If you do not have LOVE in your mind

If you do not have LOVE in your mouth

If you do not have LOVE in your home

If you do not have LOVE in your plans

If you do not have LOVE in your spirit

You lack Destiny  – You lack Purpose – You lack Relationship  – You lack Intimacy  – You lack Goals  – You lack Direction

You lack understanding – You lack Favor  –  You lack Peace  – You lack Joy –  You lack Integrity  – You lack Leadership – You lack Servanthood

You lack Confidence  – You lack Self Esteem  – You lack Character  – You lack vision 

You lack God and You lack YOU!