Finally A Calm Day

Welp as usual… the story of my life is running to and fro from meetings via work and church – trying to keep it all balanced so by the time I pick up my son he is NOT affected by any of the drama from either situation that I may have been dealing with – It gets rough sometimes because I do alot and he understands only to a certain degree of course…

Nonetheless, I am going to cross my fingers and HOPE for the best – I have to keep the work cell phone and he wants to go OUT to dinner (as usual being a spoiled little man ) then he wants to grab a movie AFTER homework. So let’s see how this evening goes…

However, before I meet up with the baby – my day FOR A CHANGE was actually great! A few pastor friends of mine and I had a GREAT conversation on married life as well as single life via ministry and boy was it a BITTER / SWEET conversation!!

The mind sets of the people in ministry HAVE INDEED changed – let me tell you! Welp – toodles…. and remember to bless someone ELSE today!


Helping Others….

If you don’t ask the right questions…you can never discover the answers which will move your life in the direction of possibility and purpose. What’s the ONE (?) question that you are holding yourself accountable to answer with your life choices today?
A great deal of people think that age ALWAYS plays a huge part in how individuals react to negative circumstances but that is not the case. It is imperative that we all, NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE have “accountability partners” to help direct us and keep our actions / motives / choices in tact.
“Are you the cause or the effect? Are you the engine or the caboose? Are you making history or watching history be made? Are you the one everyone is talking about or one of those doing the talking? Are you the thermostat or the thermometer? I love to teach these types of strategies to others who may fell that they are  in a tight spot and they need to know that hope is right around the corner. I can say this due to MY OWN crazy and heart wrenching experiences over the years….
Your life has an special purpose that only you can fulfill. It’s not a game….it’s your life. Take a leap of faith and move forward as if you could not fail. State your daily goals, and create forward momentum in your life.
Every day affirm to yourself that there is no emotion that you cannot handle, no difficulty that you cannot surmount, and no challenge that you cannot tackle. Face the future confidently – knowing that you were born for such a time as this!
Are you making things happen or waiting to see what happens? It is your life…play big but safe!”

Just YOU

Of course I am not saying that being single is the way to go…. but enjoy WHATEVER state that you are in – I AM trying to and so far so good! LOL

So many people are depressed, sad, and lonely because they don’t have somebody. You have to remember or UNDERSTAND that there is a HUGE difference between being ALONE v.s. being SINGLE.

They think that once they finally find someone, they will be happy — and they will have no troubles. Well I’m writing this for all of you people today.

It may be true that having someone can help add to your happiness and fulfillment. I believe that can occur and does occur when you find the right person that suits you.

But I can also recall a lot of people that are in relationships and they are miserable. They’re not happy at all. In fact, it’s like they are in prison. Many of them are trapped and they’d give anything to be single. They’d give anything to be in your shoes today.

 You can have fun and spend time with your friends. A lot of married people don’t have a lot of time to spend with their friends anymore.

– You can really focus on your career, education, fitness, and goals.

– You have time to improve yourself and become a better person.

– You are free. You don’t have anything holding you down or back.

– You can really build your relationship with Christ.

So the next time you start to get down because you’re not dating someone, remember to enjoy the time that you are single. Before long you’ll be married and settled down. Enjoy it while you can.

Another thing, once you do find someone to settle down with, know that if you don’t bring happiness into the relationship, you will never be happy in that relationship in the long run. Don’t depend on someone else for your happiness — that is no way to live and it is exhausting!! 



Silence# can kill..steal & destroy…..

Why do people act as if being / staying quiet is okay? Especially when they know that their silence is doing more harm than just simply an embarrassment….Silence has a powerful capability of being a huge silent killer to be frank.

It can kill the chances of someone getting FREE from bondage…. ( not sharing your testimony etc. ) It can steal someone’s ability for reconciliation….It can destroy someone’s ability to live what society calls a normal life predicated on the depth of hurt that the SILENCE caused… ( rape, molestation etc.. )

It took a national sex pedophile scheme in the state of Pennsylvania to have people realize that there are moments that Silence indeeds kills and / or hurts the innocent!

Having the mind set of not wanting to get involved does not display the mere act of compassion…..My parenrs always raised me to think of the person in need as if it was my own mother, father, grandparents, sister, brother etc..

be brave,take the FIRST step and please indeed speak up….you never will know how many lives…souls you may be saving……

Just know your voice is worth it and needed…..it sincerely only takes 1 to start the change and get things moving forward for a revolution…… Dont believe me? Remember Rosa Parks? okay….. one day YOU TOO, will be tired and will choose that day and moment to start your own revolution…..

You have to….. because your worth it…. your generation…. your family…. the people that came BEFORE you… the people that will come AFTER you will have their part in HISTORY..  but will you?