Who Is In Office?


Ummmm… last time that I checked…. A United States President “represented” power and he or she ( Hillary 2016 ) was able to make MAJOR EXECUTIVE DECISIONS without the “okay” from congress…….. ( folk that represent the 50 states within the United States )…….

For a mega power county leader to NOT make a decision because he wanted “others” to be apart of the process is MIND BOGGLING to me…. I mean if you want CONGRESS “to help you” to decide…. WHY ARE YOU IN OFFICE? For all that , I should have AT LEAST ran for office…..

I mean the WORLD is watching and I am sure that although this is President Barack Obama’s last term in office he is thinking of his legacy. Well, Mr. President, there are tons of other things that has already transpired during your two terms so your legacy will NOT look like Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton.

I mean – is this really AMERICA in this crisis right now? Families of military troops are all excited that the United States has been slowly but surely being pulled from the Middle East……. but if we know our great country of AMERICA – those same troops that were promised a date to “go home” with their families will be DETOURED TO SYRIA!

Ugghh… I wish that the country that I lived in operated with more BACKBONE – and why did no one care about SUDAN when ( and still ) going through all of the killings….. MASS MURDERING / RAPES etc???


Still Bothered….

Wondering why you NEVER hear about BLACK MALE Professional Athletes being gunned down and killed?

Being black, male and unpopular makes you a THREAT in America it seems unless you are popular into main stream society I guess…

Black Men in America ONLY seem to be “cool / okay ” if they play for the NFL….. NBA…NHL… MLB..

Tiger Woods lives in Florida and has been seen wearing hoods but has never been stopped….

Football players wear shorts and hoodies all the time etc…. but THE PAPARAZZI makes sure that America knows who they are so they do not “appear” to be a threat to people who may be scared of black men.

Dear President Obama,

Yes, you went to Harvard and you are “fair skinned” BUT you are STILL a black man as well as a world leader and you happen to be the person who runs the country that this incident happened in!!!!  Can YOU speak up…. America, WE the People – cannot hear you – (AS USUAL!!!) However, if it was something dealing with Iran/ The Middle East etc.. we would hear you LOUD AND CLEAR apologizing on behaf of the Islamic Religion!

Yes…. I am ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As A BLACK MOTHER with 2 BLACK SONS…I should NOT feel like this in 2012