My Son’s PERSONAL Observation –


Okay – my son knows about politics and the things that occur in the world via CNN, the regular news stations and the things that I discuss with him – It is going on 9 pm and I am fussing at him in regards to getting himself together for school and he is ironing his clothes while chatting with me all at the same time……

Then from out of no where – he says mom remember every time there is a new POPE for the Catholic Church it is all over the news for days and it takes over the programs on television. I said yes, he said isn’t the POPE in another country and again, I answered yes.

Yall ready for this 11 year old’s child DISCOVERY!!  >>>> His next statement / question to me was this…..

Well mom, I don’t get that President Nelson Mandela died and he did so much for blacks and whites, was in jail and forgave the people for being mean to him then ran for president right? AGAIN … I said yes baby – He states, why didnt the media cover Nelson Mandela’s funeral on most of all the news channels like they do when they vote for a new POPE or when PEOPLE FROM ENGLAND GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!

Okay y’all, that was enough for me right there!! Whew – my son is indeed amazing! I taught him good and God surely is molding his little mind for such a time as this!

God Bless and Good Night!!


Hanging With MY Young 2 Boyfriend (s)


I LOVE spending time with MY young two boyfriends…. They make me laugh…. make me cry… make me OVER SPEND….they are always hungry…..always want something…..think they need everything…..like to touch me and hug me until I can’t breath….. and you know what???? 

I SIMPLY LOVE IT – I am NOT a cougar ……..I do not like or have ” a thing ” for younger men but the 2 that are in MY LIFE has basically CHANGED MY LIFE….. You cannot help who you love right??? Well I LOVE THEM to pieces! LOL


My two YOUNG BOYFRIENDS are my two sons!! LOL The oldest is 20 and the baby is 11 and they are BOTH can be a spoiled, irritating mess! They are my loves and would NOT trade them for anything in the world…. even when they drive me CRAZY.

The relationship between mothers and sons is unique in many ways……Sons indeed are special.

Constantly nurtured in love, frequently this relationship defines young sons that will become and serves as a reservoir from which he later may draw memories and affection that will guide him as a husband and father. Okay did that make sense or too overboard?? Sigmund Freud type stuff? LOL

From the warmth and security a boy experiences with his mother, he gains confidence and learns about loving and accepting others, listening and expressing his own ideas and feelings, and exploring the world in which he lives.

The things he learns from his mother will highly influence the kind of relationships he will have someday with his own wife and children. Indeed, this rich relationship will define him in many ways throughout his life.

I said all of that to say…… Spending time with your kids….. is very important…… I love on MY YOUNG BOYFRIENDS so that they know that I will always be there for them and God shall continue to form our bonds in the loving – caring – God centered  way.

Dear ( ME )

Excitement – 101

Umm…. Maybe I should NOT be so excited that my son is going to be GONE after his band recital tonight? Well that is all apart of Excitement 101’s FIRST STEP! We must EMBRACE IT so that we can effectively enjoy it! LOL

It is Memorial Day weekend and I seem to FORGET about it every year… silly I know but my son’s bday is the following weekend and we always go away and do something lazy, fun and exciting so that is what connects my mind with the month of May.

I will be FREE IN JESUS – LOL Having a good ole’ time……………….  my personal little party will end on Sunday afternoon because he has of course.. ANOTHER baseball game! Lord knows…the Heavens know… even the little flies that irritate me as I am driving knows that  I love my baby DEARLY….  to the point it can be indeed sickening sometimes…

But!!! and thank God for the but… he has been driving me BONKERS over the past month and a half! So yeah.. see ya bye! He will be at cook outs… swimming parties… birthday parties.. movies…amusement parks.. and I will be NO WHERE to be found!

EXCITEMENT 101- embrace what has made you excited and enjoy it to the fullest!!

Drum Roll PLEASE!!   >>>>>>>FOR A CHANGE………….

I can JUST be a woman and not a mommy or SUPER  WOMAN for a few days! WHOO – HOO!!


Dining and Speaking

Had a great evening last night and I almost did not want to leave! It is amazing how much time women put into getting ourselves together for an event!  From hair…make up…to jewelry and also my pin and flower!

I was asked to be 1 of 3 speakers for a “well to do” neighborhood organization and I was indeed honored to have been asked…..  The ONLY pet peeve that I would say that I had is that AGAIN my name was spelled wrong!

 The common way to spell it I am assuming in societ is VALERIE but mine is spelled VALARIE. To some people it may seem a bit silly but let your name be spelled WRONG on your Masters Degree then tell me how you feel about it! LOL

Welp…. I was elated to enjoy the evening and thankful that I am seated next to a few wonderful people as well as seated at a wonderfully interesting table!…..


I am indeed OBSESSIVELY – oopps .. LOL I meant to say “carefully” watching my weight since I have gained 5 pounds in a matter of 2 weeks! SO HORRIBLE! STARCH CAN BE A KILLER!

Nonetheless…the food was tastely and you could even taste the $150.00 a plate ingredients! LOL……

Well that it is almost my time to speak – I guess that I need to start paying more attention to the flow of the program and stop mingling and taking photos!


The wonderful social lite president of this upscale neighborhood organization took a few photos of me because she felt that my speech was very inspiring to her as well as the room. Talk about a nice compliment!


Okay, now that it is over I am …I am able to get back to my table and do MORE NETWORKING! I am so grateful that my father made me literally EAT POLITICS as a child because I had even Congressman Altmire taking a photo with so indeed I was flattered and terribly shocked but happy!


God is amazing and being obedient to HIM will allow us to be in the midst of great people, obtain major opportunities and establish favor among men! I had a very enjoyable evening and I have no one but God to thank for that! Oh wait, also my little son Jared because he saw that I was a little nervous because he knew the room was full of politicians and the social lites from a “well off” neighborhood! So guess what he did as I was getting dressed!!?? He gave me a stroy to read and then advised me to read a chapter in Psalm in the bible!

I was TOOO floored… so when that happened – I knew that not only the rest of my afternoon would be great but my whole week! Encouragement goes a MIGHTY long way regardless how it comes and when it comes! God will use anything and anybody to give us what we need! MY SON ROCKS!!!

Now it is time to end the evening with exchanging contact information, hugs, handshakes and of course if you know ME!! >>> MORE PHOTOS!



Pep Talk To My Boy

Dear Jared..

Dont ever allow small minds to tell you that YOUR dreams are too big!!!

People like this are obviously unhappy with their lives due to the unability to discover who they are and move forward via their own destiny.

Whether it is with the New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies or the Pittsburgh Pirates….YOU WILL be playing in the major leagues!

Your dedication and the hard work that you put in blesses me and I am proud to be your mom!