Road Trip –


Most people think of the phrase ROAD TRIP with their best buddies and they are going to have a ball…..which there is NOTHING wrong with that.. but when I think of road trip – I think of MY SON and driving to see him up at college… I had such a nice time with him this weekend and just being THERE with him –

I don’t know who gets happier me, his little brother or him! Nonetheless, I am elated that he knows that his mommy loves him and knows that I am here for him – This boy is my other baby he just happens to be 20 years old! Sitting around his apartment as well as running errands for me MAKES ME FEEL GOOD as his mother –

My oldest sister is just as AMAZING and my son was telling his girlfriend that he considers her as his second mother…she teared up on the sly of course…. FAMILY is just amazing ya know and I am surely grateful that God is moving His hand our way.


God heals and restores and that indeed is what God has done for my family – I am so grateful that I just think about the goodness of God and how far me and my babies have come and I just drop a few tears… I am just enjoying MY SON with all of his growth and maturity….him being away at college reminds me that he is really getting older and growing up!

As I was laying in the bed with MY 20 year old BABY over the weekend in his apartment up at college, I thought to myself that I didn’t want to move! Lol

Honey, I NEVER THOUGHT that I would be HAPPY to dive 3 and 1/2 hours monthly…LOL ( pray for us all please )


You and My Son…..

  Darrell Turner

                                                                            Jaylen C. Coleman

Darrell, you and my son Jaylen were like brothers and I wish that I could come home and see you asleep on my couch again!!!!! Although you are no longer here to share your smile with us….. just know that my son and your brother / friend misses you dearly. June 23, 2011 changed the lives of soooo many people because that is the night that you were taken away so suddenly….

We cannot imagine how your parents and family are feeling about your life being taken a year ago but we know that you are with the Lord. Thank you Darrell for allowing me to get to know you and choosing to also becoming apart of The Coleman FAMILY. I love you dearly….

I pray that the person who murdered you will receive what is deserved and justice on your behalf will indeed be served.

Helping Self...

Missing Mr. Darrell

Your friends…..your brothers above miss you just as much as I do I am sure of that….. you cant be replaced!

Darrell your birthday isnt until April 29th but I really miss you! Me and Jared was sitting here looking at some of your photos and reading alot of the articles on line from that horrid night that killer GOMEZ took you from your family and friends….. Jaylen WONT admit it, I have no idea why but he is ” silently ” having a hard time over your death ( murder )…..  with his text messages to me saying ” mommy, im sad…i miss Darrell”…..

This past weekend he walked into my house and said mom, I feel like going crazy it feels like the summer all over again…

We felt very weird even re – hashing the situation..but we talk about you all the time…..  I started to grab a photo album and he sat on the couch where you always slept then felt horrible for sitting there….. You should have seen the look that he gave me! He looked as if he saw a ghost… not literally of course but he just felt weird about sitting there. Of course, I told him that it was okay and he needs to take the time to mourn you…… he played it off but slowly scooted down further on the coach as if he didnt want to sit in your old spot…. he just placed the laptop there and changed the subject…..

You will NEVER be forgotten Mr. Darrell! I Love you and miss you!  Monroeville, Pa will never be the same, Gateway High School will never be the same, Gateway Gators will never be the same, PA SWAG Team will never be the same, your friends will never be the same, your FAMILY will never be the same! Praying for your mom Rose…your Dad Darrell Sr and your sweet sister!

G – O – N – E     2    S- O – O -N!




Family is soo important and I have had to reallllllllllllll -y fight for it over the last 5 years. I am just literally exhausted behind it but I love my kids and I would not trade them for the world… Regardless how #$%#@!@ my 18 year old twins can be MOST of the time! GEESH….

Nonetheless, God has been helping me to remain patient and faithful to them as HE was for me as I was going through my changes and trying to find my way…. then I still scratch my head and say that my 9 1/2 year old does NOT act ANYTHING like my 18 1/2 year old twins…..

Then I scream >> GOD!! I didnt act the way these kids are acting! Then he reminded me again, it is with that same way of thinking is why a lot of people JUDGE.

It is man who places stipulations on what types of sins are just or unjust but God says that we are ALL indeed a mess!

So with that being said….. my kids REALLY teach me the importance of forgiveness because without Christ in my life – I would have dropped them and cut them completely out of my life about 5 years ago. Family is a must and a need for me… so I will continue to ask God how to show me how to effectively parent my children….


Saturday Part #3

My kids were so happy to see their God Mother that I felt bad telling them that we could not hang that long! I already know that I am going to have to pull my kids away after a minute if we are to stay on schedule!! I was trying to share my time in 4 different areas and evidently I packed too  much of it into one day!!  I still loved seeing everyone and all of the ripping and running……. LOL

They talked and hugged and laughed until it made my heart smile! Nikki has been an amazing impact in my 18 1/2 year old twins lives ever since they were about 5 years old and she has been consistent… so naming her God Mother over my 9 year old was easy as well. She has such a great spirit and a huge heart and the kids soo genuinely love her…. you can see it everytime they see one another…. Jaylen LOVES her to pieces… and now that she has a son of her own, Jared feels that he is the big brother and tries to help her… funny!

 I am blessed to just be able to document the NEW MOMENTS in my life… May God continue to bless the Porter, Smith, Jones and Coleman families! Mom Smith, Nikki, Ray, Little Ray, Cornell, Toy and Little CJ have ALL been there for me as well… GEESH… they know a little chunck of my story!!! I am grateful for the part  ( s ) that God allowed them to play and they chose to play in my life…..


darrell turner

Gateway Senior High School Football Team, Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Looking at this picture made me cry almost instantly…… the young boy  who is standing looking down at his fellow Gateway Gators football team was shot and killed June 24, 2011. ( on my brother’s birthday at that ) I can still hear the nervousness in my son’s voice when he called me in the midst of it going on…

They were going to a football camp and was passing through Durham, North Carolina and God Darrell home…..

it makes me soo sad because it felt of course that he was taken in such a horrid way….and then way too soon… for him to get killed behind racism just makes me CRINGE…………..

i miss my own 18 1/2 year old son….. seeing some of his friends reminds me of how it is soo hard trying to raise kids when BOTH parents dont even share some of the same morals, values, ethics, stances, and beliefs..

because of my strong uncompromsing stand that i take in my Christian faith…. it has deemed to be too much for my son and it is hurtful….. i am not strict but i do have structure which promotes a different type of lifestyle that he chose not to have with me….

his friend darell turner jr. was such a blessing to not just myself but to my 9 year old as well…  darrell treated my son jared like a brother that he never had even though his blood brother was staying with us temporarily…

im remembering when i took my son jaylen, darrell and little jared to walmart and jaylen jumped into a handicapped cart and started riding around the store and he saw my face and said mom val, he has to get used to living with you and your rules that is all and then he asked me if i raised him in the church! LOL… i said yes little darrell i did, and he said well you should really have nothing to worry about….

whew that sticks to me til this day and it gives me HOPE that things will indeed get better…

we make our own choices in life and sometimes things are in God’s timing… so i will pray for continued peace within my own family as well as the mourning hearts that are missing Darrell Mook Turner Jr. he was such a loving boy who has touched the hearts of many.