This Made My Evening –


Like SERIOUSLY…. This was soo awesome –  It made me think of STEREOTYPES and looking at him …..most people would have thought that he indeed would have been RAPPING! I pray that even if he does not win the show that God opens many doors for him!


Same old ….Same old In – JUSTICE


Ugghh…. of course by NOW everywhere in America is either screaming, crying, protesting, yelling, screaming or talking about the unlawful and racial profiling killing Trayvon Martin case right….. How about I was NOT EVEN SHOCKED that the verdict went the way that it did….. Honey, look at the CASEY ANTHONY CASE……….enough said huh??

Well, I will just not only pray but I will ALSO find other ways to be of an help to make a difference….. Sign petitions… show up for rallies…show up & PARTICIPATE in town hall conversations etc.. ( THIS COULD HAVE EASILY BEEN MY KID )

It is MORE than just praying – you also have to do something as well…..before the black males in this country becomes an endangered species! ! #truth

Helping Self...

Morning Thought


GOD’S JUDGMENT MAY BE SLOW: BUT HE WILL HARSHLY JUDGE EVIL DOERS. God is seeing all that is happening. RENEW YOUR MIND AND DO GOOD and in case you may have fogotten>> Repentance is the best.

EVIL IS EVIL: SO PLEASE KEEP A GOOD HEART. The way we act, what we do and say is important ALSO in how God deals with our enemies. Do not do evil for evil and expect God to show up and show out when you are NOT keeping his commandments.