Saying Goodbye to Good Teachers

I am happy to have such a great rapport with all of my son’s teachers…. I mean from the time he entered into Pre -K, I was apart of EVERY little event that they had for him. However, with him being basically almost in middle school ( yikes ) It is weird because “IN THE BEGINNING” my son could not stand to look at her which I found it rather odd….. She was very strick and stern as a TEACHER as I am as a PARENT so he should not have been shocked by the way that she ran her classroom!

Nonetheless, now he surely adores her! I did not have the heart to tell him that her last day will be sooner than later and he does not even know! It is great when your kids run into teachers that show that they care…..then of course when the teachers or the kids move on – it is a little sad. Shout out to all of the teachers across America who puts genuine time and effort into their students!


Helpless in Sunday School – LOL

Ugghhhh!! My son was SOOOOOO BORED today in his Sunday School classroom! I didnt have the heart to video tape it! LOL

He was sitting there biting his nails and just starring at the sub teacher like he wanted to just get up and leave the classroom! LOL It is hard to really explain but I just know when my son is bored to the core and it was so sad…. There was about only another 15 minutes left and I went and excused him EARLY and when he saw me he started smiling……

However, when he totally removed himself from the classroom setting… he immediately said, Mom – oh my goodness! I was so bored in that class and I think that I need to be bumped up with the older kids! I asked him why and he started going into the topic for the day in Sunday School…..he was saying that the other kids were getting the story wrong about Samson and Delilah and the teacher did not correct them and that made him upset! LOL – I just love my kid to pieces! LOL

Even in regular school, God has gifted my son to be at least 2 steps ahead of the regular class so I am not shocked that the flow of his class is BORING him! I was like that as well growing up and being totally honest, it is still like that at times. Nonetheless, sometimes God wants us to adapt where we are until we can get to where we are going because everything is about timing! Of course HIS timing and surely not our own!

I asked him if he spoke up! LOL He said well mom, the teacher would have thought that I was trying to be disrespectful and a Mr. Know It All! I advised him that he was more than likely correct – especially if he would have addressed him in front of the rest of the classroom…. HOWEVER – I reminded him that he can always address anyone about anything…… but it is ALL ABOUT PRESENTATION and how it is being addresssed.

He smiled and said that he still wanted to change his classroom and I reminded him that sometimes God will leave us in situations because he sees something further down the line or sees that we have not mastered where we are. That may not be the case in all situations but if it is meant for him to be moved or other transitions need to occur that he is to pray about what he feels and things that he needs and wants out of a Sunday School lesson and we shall go from there…

He laughed….I laughed….. we hugged and ran in the rain to the car! I love 10 year old my kid!


Inspiration –

One of the greatest life’s lessons worth learning is the ability to maneuver between seasons. Being able to identify and predict what season is coming next. There are many seasons and times for everything you must be able to not only identify them but predict which season is near approaching so that you can act accordingly.
Your success or failure is predicated on your ability to know the difference. If you can learn this lesson, being watchful and be able to act then life will get easier.
You must always love yourself enough to demand respect from others.

You must always love yourself enough to recognize when someone does not love you

You must always love yourself enough to rise from any set back, disappointment, painful event or mistake. Love yourself no matter what…. With God, know that you You are greater than you imagine.


Babbling With My Son –

It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines who you are…..   Your outlook upon life, your estimate of yourself, your estimate of your value  are largely colored by your environment. Your whole career will be modified,  shaped, molded by your surroundings, by the character of the people with whom  you come in contact every day…

Honestly, I think everyone should experience defeat at least once during their career. You  learn a lot from it!!!   He always tells me what he wants to do in life via his career and I advise him that he needs to find a career to which he his adapted by nature, and then to work hard at  it, is about as near to a formula for success and happiness as the world  provides. One of the fortunate aspects of this formula is that, granted the  right career has been found, the hard work takes care of itself. Then hard work  is not hard work at all.

Future MLB Player

Future  School Principal

Future Stockbroker


5 Things

Character – Strength – Intelligence – Spirituality – Education

These are the main core things that I was raised on and they still seem to “seep out of me” very strongly. They are all needed to be productive in life and whatever “main stream society” that you reside in.

I am still “working on” these 5 things because honestly, they have molded me into the woman that I am “presently” and still growing into.

My character has “stayed in tact” regardless of  the negative darts that the enemy has tried to throw my way.

My strength has allowed me not to fall into “divers temptations”…and remind myself that prayer STILL works even when “I see”  NO change.

My spirituality has kept me from losing my mind via my trials & major tribulations with the wisdom seeds from God.

My education has introduced me to employment opportunities.

My intelligence has kept me  in front of the line in almost everything that I have been interested in.

YES!…..There are indeed multiple other things that are needed and can be used to help develop a productive woman and man… Remember, everyone was / is being raised differently.

However, just sitting here thinking – I realized that these have been the 5 MAIN focal attributes “in MY life” from childhood to present. I will always need improvement but now – I am not “too shabby”.. LOL