Would YOUR Pick Be Accurate?

Okay, like AMERICA…. let’s act as if we are at a carnival or playing a GAME on Facebook…. Which photo would you say is an aggressive person?

Martin Luther King Jr.

... Luther King, Jr. in Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie Goes Viral | Alternative

New York  State Representatives

trayvon – hoodies Answers From Men

This Grey Hoodie

A Professional Basketball Team

A Radio Talk Host

Law Students

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon's new hoodie. Oh.

Women's Stuff

Blahhh –


I am STILL trying to figure out what is so attractive about tattoos and thugs!!

Women BLASTS rap music with the latest beat that is CLEARLY talking about women being hoes, bi*&%$#, sex, 3 somes, cussing, stealing, killing, drugs and ANY and EVERYTHING else that is deemed negative, disrespectful and demonic and beautiful women pull up to stop lights bobbing their heads to these LYRICS and thinks that it is okay and will tell you in a minute ….. that it does NOT OFFEND THEM because it is just a song!!!

sad facesad facesad face

The more that I see women go crazy over rappers wearing Fort Knox around their necks, carrying bottles of alcohol, driving 500k cars reminds me of how material things are people’s best friends and everything else is non in -void.

I cannot stand the phrase that every woman wants a bad boy in her life…..Well honey, MY VERSION of bad boy would be jumping inf front of the line in the movie theatre, tasting a few pieces of candy on the shelf at a grocery store, buying too many NFL Jerseys when I told him not to, sneaking and eating extra potato salad at dinner when he is working on his much-needed diet, forgetting to pick up what I needed from the dry cleaners because he stopped to go play basketball with his friends and forgot or forgetting to put the toilet seat down when he left the bathroom…NOT THIS MESS here!!

Arrow Pointer Down: Symbol, Image, Graphics for Way Finding Signage ...

Lil Scrappy 3


Music and Symbols

Being a Christian….you have to be aware of a variety of things. However, watching this 36 minute video did not shock me ……but the little things that did forced me to pay attention to EVERY little detail now.

The symbols used even in cartoons but the one I even used to watch years ago called The Simpsoms, I just “did not catch” the satanic signs and symbols. The other cartoon called the Boondocks, I never watched it or would have a desire to, you can tell that it is a very repulsive cartoon.


Nobody’s Friend –

Hello, My name is GOSSIP and I am indeed nobody’s friend…Now or ever!

I maim without killing, I break hearts and ruin lives beceause I enjoy seeing people miserable

I am cunning and malicious and for my benefit, I seem to gather strength with lingering topics

The more I am quoted, the more I am beleived! I love the strength that people give me!

My victims are so helpless that they cannot protect themselves against me because I have no name, face, age, color, sex, religion, creed, height, weight or social class!

To track me down is impossible “most times” because I can ALWAYS seem to find someone to CARRY ME!! The harder you try, the more elusive, sly and sneaky I become!

Trust me…. I am indeed nobody’s friend! Why dont people beleive that because I will never ever change who I am… Why should I change when I get fed everyday from the negative thoughts people have against one another.

It is like playing trick or treat everyday, so who needs to wait until Halloween for negativity when I have people in the workplace, at school, at home, in the street and my FAVORITE PLACE seems to be the CHURCH! I am so welcomed there!!

Once I tarnish a reputatuin, it is most likely never to be the same, thanks to people carrying me around from one place to another! I am so excited that my name is GOSSIP because I am one of a kind! I topple governments and I have a ball in wrecking marriages and friendships! I also like to ruin careers and casuse sleepless nights, major heartache, pain which can sometimes lead to ulcers and mess up my fellow GOSSIP partners indigestion! I dont feel bad because carrying ME “comes with the territory” ya know!

Let’s not forget, I prey on make INNOCENT people cry into their pillows at night and make them so miserable that they cant even pray to GOD “about me”…..

Wow, I am so powerful!! I have all of the people in the world to thank for my strength because every moment of the day in ANY GIVEN TIME ZONE… I am being carried!! Yeah me!! Mr and Mrs GOSSIP! I feel honored that soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people would be that interested in carrying ME to people that I do not even know!

I make headlines and breaking news so much that most times, I do not have to even work at being me because so so many other people have desired to do my job for me! One of the BEST PARTS of being ” me ” is that I am even able to set an EXAMPLE for kids! How nice!!

Yes!!! >>> My name is GOSSIP and I approve this message!



Black – White – Right v.s Wrong

When Justin Bieber does it, to fans it seems to be cool and accepted!!??


When rappers like Whiz Khalifa does it, it seems to be cool as well!!??? I do not get it at all, ” please help” okay?

Image Detail

Via “mainstream society Bieber will be the one to “get the pass” and say things like …”Oh he is being a kid”……

Rappers who do not get a pass in main stream society get things said about them like they are thugs adn ghetto.

Well I have a news flash for ANYONE who feels that “this look” is acceptable regardless if they are Black – White – Latino or Asian…… and should NOT be accepted by “certain races” in mainstream society. The Latinos are most commonly known for starting this IN JAIL and it meant something towards their sexuality, tuffness or it could have just been a style that was established because the prison guards had to take their belts so the inmates dont kill each other / committ suicide. Nonetheless, saggy pants over the last few years CERTAINLY sends “signals” via  a code of conduct for having sex with men.

The Latino community have been wearing their khaki pants like this for years and it made statements within their gang communities that they so proudly served and “semi” protected.

Then the black community reminds me of the state of TEXAS at time because Texans go over the top and do things big style!  Welp theblack  males ” TOOK IT UP A NOTCH” and not only have they sagegd their pants – they wear them OFF of their behinds with a belt, hoping they can stay up!  Ask Lil Wayne!

Image Detail

It is indeed sadly repulsive and lowers the male view in society.  Whether you sing – rap – opera – play an instrument – an actor – a dancer etc…. It shows lack of respect for yourself and proves VERY LOUDLY that you are a FOLLOWER and not a Leader!

It would be so nice if all of the states banned together with the state of Atlanta and Michigan made legislation to fine men and women with dressing out of context via soceity acceptability! Down there, the police officers can pull you over for wearing sagging pants….revealing tops and too short of a skirt and dress!

Now that is JUSTICE! ( don’t get mad!! Just put some clothes on! )

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