Yes, HE deserves ALL of my Praise –

Lord, you DESERVE all of my praise……. Over and Over and Over and Over and Over…….




Whenever a church / organization / company has to VOTE FOR A LEADER in it is because of their lack of “DISCIPLESHIP” in that church/ministry. Whenever you have a church/ministry with constant break ups, splits during times of disagreement; it is because of the lack of “DISCIPLESHIP.” 


Whatever you are trying to get people to believe / think / do is a plan for discipleship – trainers – ceo’s etc. In church it is in the name of God……… In an organization it is in the name and In a company it is in the name of the mighty dollar. However, focusing on DISCIPLESHIP is my goal at the moment.Discipleship is not the management of people or personal development, but it is a system that provides the safe arena of love and commitment in order that God’s people might reach their highest potential.

Discipleship is sharing the life of God in the context of real, loving friendships that are developed into KINGDOM RELATIONSHIPS. Jesus Christ adopted this pattern. Though he used the tool of corporate verbal preaching when dealing with large crowds – He functioned extremely different with the Twelve up close.

Most churches are struggling to succeed and will not carry out their ordained purpose of God if there are no Successors being discipled to carry out the original assignment of that church/ministry without bondage. This is some serious business and it is imperative that WE THE PEOPLE “get it right and get ourselves together”……. Thanks Hester!


Afternoon Random –


Today, take a moment to recharge your self-confidence. If you don’t believe in you, then who will? it’s not arrogance, its godliness….GOD never doubts himself!

Have you ever talked to people and they just complained almost about ANYTHING / EVERYTHING? Ugghhh..

Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to Me. Get away with Me and you will recover your LIFE. I’ll show you how to take a REAL REST. Walk with Me and work with Me — WATCH how I do it. LEARN the UNFORCED RHYTHMS of GRACE. I will not lay anything HEAVY or ILL-FITTING on you. Keep COMPANY with Me and you will LEARN to LIVE FREELY and LIGHTLY” (Matthew 11: 28-30 Msg Bbl)…

One of the MAIN REASONS why MANY Christians are ALWAYS IN NEED of God to “BRING THEM OUT” of something, or “GET THEM THROUGH” something, is because they haven’t yet LEARNED to SPEND TIME with Jesus and LEARN of Him and His WAYS.

Jesus lived STRESS-FREE because He was ALWAYS walking according to Kingdom PRINCIPLES and YIELDING to the RULE of His Father. Doing so kept Him in PERFECT PEACE, even when ADVERSITY, PERSECUTION, and the THREAT of DEATH were upon Him.

Now, as Born-Again BELIEVERS, He says to US that WE can EXPERIENCE the same PERFECT PEACE and VICTORY in LIFE as He did – by LEARNING of Him, YIELDING to Him, and TRUSTING COMPLETELY in Him that He views our BEST INTERESTS and WELL-BEING as His PRIORITY.

In the Kingdom of God, there’s NO ROOM for DEFEAT, STRESS, WORRY, or FEAR. For if we have CAST these things on Jesus, they NO LONGER BELONG to US!!!

Stop stressing……………

Helping Self...

Random -ness

When people around you hate you, back stab you, talk about you like some are doing right now, just give them more of a reason to do it again and again, you must be doing something they wish they could do or they are just can’t be you!

Time in prayer will UNLOCK areas that has been blocked up ~ He that Dwelleth in the Secret place ~   I was was born to worship… I often hear people say that, BUT some thing is really happening to me ~ The worshipper is breaking FREE!!!   I don’t care what people say or think ~ I am what God designed me 2 B… I am Worship ~ Worship is me! One of life’s greatest gifts is the fact that life is difficult . When you are able to deal with difficulties in life ,you build priceless skills .

Our Father Who art in heaven…Hallowed be Thy Name…Thy Kingdom come…Thy will be done…On earth as it is in heaven…Give us this day our daily bread…And forgive us our debts…as we also have forgiven our debtors…And do not lead us into temptation…But deliver us from evil…For thine is the KINGDOM…And the POWER…and the GLORY…FOREVER…Amen




Got Freedom?


Friday Freedom…..There is no Problem in Crying….But MAKE SURE you CRY to the RIGHT PERSON!…

NOT EVERYONE who say “I am praying for you” actually do! Some don’t even have time to pray for themselves, lest I say you!…BUT GOD HAS TIME FOR YOU!….

Psalm 120:1 “In my distress I CRIED unto Jehovah, And he ANSWERED me”….GOD WILL ANSWER YOUR PHONE CALL THIS WEEKEND..(Jer 33:3) IF need be!


YOU ARE DESTINED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! (For The Remnant) You have ALWAYS thought & conducted yourself differently than most. You have never quite “fit in” in many circles.

The enemy used those closest to you to make you feel ashamed or guilty about being different. However, Great Man/Great Woman of GOD, despite all of the enemy’s attacks against you & all the hell you’ve been through, you have ALWAYS stood out because YOU / I …..ARE DESTINED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

So, don’t you dare allow ANYONE to “lock you in” to the conventional or traditional way of doing things–the Kingdom (and the world) is waiting for you! So, “Step Up Your Faith & Obedience Game”, and birth that Dream, Vision or Idea!