Dear ( ME )

I Am 2 Excited!


Nobody’s Friend –

Hello, My name is GOSSIP and I am indeed nobody’s friend…Now or ever!

I maim without killing, I break hearts and ruin lives beceause I enjoy seeing people miserable

I am cunning and malicious and for my benefit, I seem to gather strength with lingering topics

The more I am quoted, the more I am beleived! I love the strength that people give me!

My victims are so helpless that they cannot protect themselves against me because I have no name, face, age, color, sex, religion, creed, height, weight or social class!

To track me down is impossible “most times” because I can ALWAYS seem to find someone to CARRY ME!! The harder you try, the more elusive, sly and sneaky I become!

Trust me…. I am indeed nobody’s friend! Why dont people beleive that because I will never ever change who I am… Why should I change when I get fed everyday from the negative thoughts people have against one another.

It is like playing trick or treat everyday, so who needs to wait until Halloween for negativity when I have people in the workplace, at school, at home, in the street and my FAVORITE PLACE seems to be the CHURCH! I am so welcomed there!!

Once I tarnish a reputatuin, it is most likely never to be the same, thanks to people carrying me around from one place to another! I am so excited that my name is GOSSIP because I am one of a kind! I topple governments and I have a ball in wrecking marriages and friendships! I also like to ruin careers and casuse sleepless nights, major heartache, pain which can sometimes lead to ulcers and mess up my fellow GOSSIP partners indigestion! I dont feel bad because carrying ME “comes with the territory” ya know!

Let’s not forget, I prey on make INNOCENT people cry into their pillows at night and make them so miserable that they cant even pray to GOD “about me”…..

Wow, I am so powerful!! I have all of the people in the world to thank for my strength because every moment of the day in ANY GIVEN TIME ZONE… I am being carried!! Yeah me!! Mr and Mrs GOSSIP! I feel honored that soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people would be that interested in carrying ME to people that I do not even know!

I make headlines and breaking news so much that most times, I do not have to even work at being me because so so many other people have desired to do my job for me! One of the BEST PARTS of being ” me ” is that I am even able to set an EXAMPLE for kids! How nice!!

Yes!!! >>> My name is GOSSIP and I approve this message!



Can We Move On Now?

Get me my smelling salts, I’m feeling faint. News broke last night that Kristen Stewart, dark chestnut queen of teen cinema, has been spotted making out with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Well, OK, that’s pretty bad, a young girl making out with her much older, married director. But, it’s not that big of a deal. But wait! Shrieeeek! Kristen Stewart is supposed to be dating, for a long time now, her beloved immortal Twilight costar Robert Pattinson! Oh sweet sorrows in heaven, this can’t be happening! Not Kristen and Rob!

Not Kiki and R-Patz! Not our beautiful storybook couple who have thrilled us with all their shy frowning over these past couple of years. Obviously neither actor’s people are saying a word about this right now, but you can feel the terrible tension in the air, can’t you? Can’t you almost hear Rob hurling a commemorative Twilight ashtray to the ground, yelling “Didn’t this mean anything??…………………… He is of course shocked!! He is totally embarrassed but what can he do but make the RIGHT CHOICES for him!

The point is, something big’s been broken. Something once pure and good and true, as rich and thick as any vampire’s blood, is now ruined. Utterly destroyed. WOW – What will this do to the ratings of the LAST SEQUAL of Twilight debuting this November 2012!!

Ok folks…. I am being VERY SILLY RIGHT NOW….. anything or anyone that gets attention of God like figures eventually dismantles… young kids…. teenagers…young adults… WORSHIPPED the cast from Twilight Saga Movies…..

I thought that I was the only one in my age bracket 40 and up who were starting to give all this twilight hype a chance… I found it to be very interesting.. not obsessive but interesting… then lo and behold my age bracket and even senior citizens have gotten the Twilight Saga bug!

Welp…. these kids made Kristen Stewart a god and she FELL so now they are back to reality….. it is ok to like an actor or actress but the way that the WORLD has been reacting to the indiscrections of her and a married man shows how deep of a hold these actors and actresses had on our young kids today!

God is a jealous God…. and He allowed the indescesretions to be exposed…get over it people and continue living…. She was not loyal and neither was the married man she was cheating with…. okay now what? Do we continue to forget about REAL ISSUES that are “really going on” in this world…….

Can we move on now? I mean the horrid shooting ONLY transpired less than a WEEK ago and this cheating situation has taken over the media coverage! #SAD


See ya BYE!

My son went away to camp this evening and  I AM SOOOO HAPPY! We need balance in everything and I am just now FINALLY seeking to find and obtain balance… I spend most of my time and energy picking up and dropping off my son at 4 of his WEEKLY ACTIVITIES! I cant live my days running and jumping in and out a car all day and mostly none of it is “FOR ME”….


He will be turning 10 years old at the end of the month and for at least 8 1/2 of his life was just SPLENDID! However lately – I have indeed found myself wanting to tie him up!!  Whew talk about a kid being moody…..this boy has had the most “mini – punishment” cases in the state I am sure! LOL

I am so grateful for my son being able to attend a church that has an AMAZING Children’s Ministry! They are indeed second to none and we are both pleased! They have mentorship….fellowship and most importantly >>>> GOD-ship! They are taught Christian unwavering morals, ethics, stances as well as beliefs and as a temporary single mother, it is a major blessing.


I am so grateful for the first break for me that is MANY TO COME…… For the next two months I will enjoy having him attending 3 more camps because I finally see that I need and want my space and it is important that I make time for myself…… I should miss him this weekend but I dont! I made sure that I prayed over him as well as the trip and everyone involved and ZOOOOMED off of the church premises!  Like I always tell my son and other mothers… Happy parents = happy kids!  GRATEFUL for time ALONE…………………