Would YOUR Pick Be Accurate?

Okay, like AMERICA…. let’s act as if we are at a carnival or playing a GAME on Facebook…. Which photo would you say is an aggressive person?

Martin Luther King Jr.

... Luther King, Jr. in Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie Goes Viral | Alternative

New York  State Representatives

trayvon – hoodies Answers From Men

This Grey Hoodie

A Professional Basketball Team

A Radio Talk Host

Law Students

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon's new hoodie. Oh.


My Sister – Friend……


I have to say I have one of the best sisters in the world. We are best buddies, we have built a friendship that has been intended to last forever. Have we always got along? Absolutely not!!!! We fought, slapped, griped, connived, deceived and a bunch of other unmentionables. Why are we best friends? Distance, Pain and Love – that’s why! I was a spoiled BRAT as a child – shame on ME.

But there is no reason why sisters should not be close…..I mean well, why not? Although, GOD KNOWS that we are very different from one another, but yet share the same blood, that is one good reason to love each other. Even though I feel that I was a “mean girl” to her when I was 12 years old and wanted to cause her pain….. love soon resolved the matter and we tearfully made it right and moved on. A moment of forgiveness is more powerful than years of resentment, refrain, abandonment, discord, degrading and avoiding.


There is a certain amount of love and commitment when you are of kindred blood, but if that isn’t enough then we have to selflessly invest into the relationship and be a die-hard mediator that pursues unity. Oh, I almost forgot to say that I love her and feels that she indeed is pretty awesome! LOL


Blowing Steam

The United States is 14.6 trillion dollars in debt. How can a person NOT be capable of balancing a budget who actually was blessed and smart enough to attend AND graduate college but from an IVY LEAGUE school named Harvard University!  Let us not forget that he also was blessed AND smart enough to attend and graduate law school, worked for a top law firm and was elected into the Senate?

Someone PLEASE tell me how to add these things all up? No one knows how to allocate money just because it has more zero’s in the budget?

Okay even with all of those great stats via a resume, he could still be HORRID when it comes to numbers, I mean hey!!! It is possible. However, you have a staff as well as volunteers who look up to you and just want to even be asked to run and get coffee for THE PRESIDENT, hoping that when you return that you can personally give it to him yourself and hopes that he says hello! ( which im sure not only does he say hello, he also says thank you for the coffee )

The CURRENT president is a cool, smart and lovable guy. However, if the country needed and wanted that, people should have hand written actors Wil Smith or Denzel Washington’s name on the ballot box for male potential presidential hopefuls! Then for the women, how about Angela Bassett! No thank you, I need them and everyone else to stay in their lane!

A country cannot stand on likability to survive! >>>>> Former ( and thank goodness for the word #former ) President George W. Bush wasnt strong enough to understand that and to be honest, if he was able to run for a 3rd term, he would have had a break down. He word every single emotion on his face and his sleeves and he wanted to be liked soo bad and too bad.

Since money talks, lets get back to America’s financial circus act!  No money and no budget is where we stand and have actually stood for a while. A country cannot owe a trillion dollars and claim to be in good standing! Heck, why didnt the banks speak up as well when they messed up to inform and remind everyone that they fell into a jam because the loose leash that America gave them!

The country has a team for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else, so lets balance and maintain the budget for longer than 6 months. Newflash and reminder, why do we owe China when we are against communisim but their money is good enough? America, it is your requirement and a legal binding contract that you want us to pay our student loans but as educated (some) elected officials from the house to the senate to the great Oval Office cant and wont pay their bills? Yes, the country’s bill and their own personal bills.

By the way, does ANYONE ELSE think like me via our country’s ability to function? I mean really, have you ever wondered what is the government’s credit score is or actually was? Talk about embarrassment to the world that we almost went under financially! We sadly set a trend now because other countries have fallen victim to financial hardships as well. Let’s just be honest,the country has had and maintained a very poor FICA  score, I am sure!

President Obama is acting like what statistics say about African Americans “in general”…. we dont know how to handle money too well.  So does this mean because the commander in chief is about to file bankruptcy as a country? Good God from Zion. I am totally for connecting and informing the people of the great United States of America, however, please stop doing so many press conferences and STILL leaving the reporters and people like me scratching my head.

I am tired of throwing shoes at my television and then making my son help me pick up all 20 mix match shoes because I was just grabbing anything. He asked me why are most black people like Donkeys and I like elephants and I am black too. Before people flip out “due to them not being too bright” the Donkey is the trademark / mascot for the Democratic Party and the Elephant is the trademark / mascot for the Republican Party.

Now after I explained the differences between all of the major and CURRENT political parties and advised him it is not merely about the party itself” but more so about what the person who is running for office stands for. After explaining all of this to “my 9 year old son”… he said mom I think that  I would be mixed with Democrat and Republican!~  I said wow son, to make that statement, you surely understood what I explained to you and guess what, so is mommy!

I am for what is right but since we LIVE and seem to be totally consumed with sides…parties…titles etc. I’d consider myself 73% Republican and 25% Democrat with a 1% of Liberal and 1% Conservative in me. There are little things that I am able to connect and grab from the 4 sides that represent my morals, values, stances, beliefs and ethics for daily living.

All I am saying is that just like minorities cant “abuse the race card” the president cant as well. Okay let us all break down the math for a second. 1 term in Presidential office is 4 long years and it feels as if he was re – elected and is coming up on ending his 8th year. Yes, it has been like watching paint dry, just waiting for this hope and change stuff. Well wait, he gave CHANGE just as he promised, he just failed to ” change the things needed” to be done and what he promised.

However his HOPE Campaign has me excited, because I indeed HOPE that he does not get re – elected if he does not shift / move / revamp / stop / start a great deal of things for the better asap. I understand that ALL politicians hope for things, say that they are going to change things and lie most of the time… however dont promise me a mansion when you can only afford to get me a townhouse. Now, the American people cant live in their apartment but are fussing over corners to sleep on the streets all behind broken promises? NO! Standing up with just a little bit of backbone >>> YES!!!

If Hillary Clinton was able to beat the run to the White House and was not able to balance the budget or any budget, she would indeed be getting slammed, ridiculed and everything else!!! GEESH…..

My mom always told me that the professors in college had the POWER OF THE PEN…via them making decisions. Welp, maybe each American needs to INVEST in buying President Obama a pen so that he can start signing some bills and amending new legislation. I figure maybe that is what the issue has been during his WHOLE 4 YEAR TERM in office…. all his pens just simply ran out of ink!

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