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A truck leaves a Chicago Police crime lab on its way to the medical examiner's office. (File/UPI Photo/Brian Kersey)


Memorial Day weekend has brought violence to Chicago, with six killed and at least 22 wounded so far, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

On Friday evening a 17-year-old girl was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene, and an 18-year-old man was shot in the chest in the same incident. Later that night another man was shot and killed.

On Saturday, Gregory Dixon, 29, was shot to death about half a mile from President Barack Obama’s Kenwood neighborhood home. Dixon buzzed the gunmen into the apartment building himself, according to police. The attackers then entered through a door left ajar and shot Dixon in the chest and back.

Also on Saturday, and 18-year-old man was shot in the head in a possible drive-by.

On Sunday, police responded to a disturbance call and found Malcolm Dobbey, 27, shot to death in a backyard. Detectives were questioning a “person of interest” in the fatal shooting, but no charges had been brought as of Sunday evening.

Charles Jones, 42, the manager of a gentleman’s club, was shot and killed during an incident in which a Buick LaCrosse sideswiped Jones’ Maserati. When Jones pulled over to confront the other motorist, the driver and a passenger walked to another vehicle and then came back. One of them had a gun and shot Jones dead, police said. A 42-year-old woman in his car was wounded by a shot to the hip or back.

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Helping Self...

Constantly Forgiving –

You can’t forgive under your own strength… this is the problem and why you’re so bitter! Only through the Grace of God can you forgive….. SERIOUSLY!

There are different types of forgiveness. For example, there is personal forgiveness and divine forgiveness. Personal forgiveness takes place between people mostly on a personal level but can take place on an impersonal level as well. To clarify, personal forgiveness occurs when a person chooses not to hold any animosity or resentment toward a friend, relative or co-worker who may have committed an offense toward him or her.
 Impersonal forgiveness occurs when a person chooses to forgive a stranger who has done harm to him, a family member or has caused damage in some manner. Impersonal forgiveness may apply to someone who has committed a crime such as murder, rape, property damage or some other offense.Forgiveness often doesn’t come immediately.
The process may take time. A disagreement between spouses may be forgiven quickly, but if the hurt is deep enough, forgiveness may be a gradual process. You may have to work through the pain to get to the place in your heart where forgiveness can take place. Prayer or meditation can help you reach that place.
imageIt is also important to be honest with yourself, to acknowledge and accept your feelings rather than denying them. Be honest and sincere, whether you’re forgiving someone or asking for forgiveness. Even if you’re not willing to forgive right away or someone isn’t willing to forgive you, making the attempt represents a critical step.
You also should remember that it is more difficult to forgive others if you cannot forgive yourself. Forgiveness heals the spirit and sets your mind and heart free. It is a necessary component to living a healthy life.

Birds of A Feather, MAYBE?

My son and I attended a drug and social media seminar and I took this photo of him as he was listening to the speakers and the Powerpoint presentation.

It was NOT until I looked at this photo this morning I pinched myself…. I realized how much that I am rubbing off on my son  – I guess you would have to know me as well as be around me PERSONALLY to understand what I am talking about.

I was groomed MOSTLY by men from my father…. to his brothers….to his sister’s husband…to males at work and church…to my older male friends…. so yeah.. I AM A BIT INTENSE sometimes…..

I joke with people all the time and tell them that some days I have on PANTS up under my SKIRT because being a single parent and raising a BOY is a whole different ball game. It almost forces you to be in “prep mode” all the time!

Do I look like a person who would BITE your head off? LOL Well, hmmm… I will just say that ” I NO LONGER ” try to bite! LOL I have learned self control…… However, I am CONSTANTLY always asking God to show me balance and show me when to be strict / hard v.s. soft and lenient.

The goal for women should be to be tough when needed…. but NEVER HARD – we are women – gentle flowers…creatures and no one want to be with or be around a HARD WOMAN!  I am grateful that I have “found the balance” that I need.


A Little Weird and Disturbing


My son had a basketball game LAST weekend and he accidentally was kocked in the face by an opposed teammate.

It was an accident..no big..basketball is a very contact sport..etc..etc.. etc..etc..

My issue is and what I personally found Weird and Disturbing is that with how my son’s fave looks…. it would appear to LOOK AS IF MAYBE HE WAS PUNCHED IN THE FACE / EYE!!!!

However, not ONE single teacher, principal, security guard, bus driver or even a student even asked let alone noticed!!!!

I told my son, God forbid if i lived a double life right? Jesus …..this is just off and what if I was beating you at home my son….its sad that no one even cares or noticed your face!!!

I am SURE They are assuming everything is alright because either of the following::

I show up at every PTA Meeting, we both dress well, you are a good student, you are nice kid, I volunteer at your school etc., I have a good reputation etc.etc.
That is horrible I expressed to him! My son is a child like a few others that o heard and read about via bruising very easily ever since he was about 4 I notoced it. However, observe better how about that??!!!!

Nonetheless, the one’s who look like or seem as of they are sooooooooo perfect or toooooooo perfect are sometimes the Jason Bates, Jeffrey Daumer’s and Ted Bundy’s on the down low!!

I feel like ummmm… can someone even NOTICE that he APPEARS to have a mark on his face and under his eye lid PLEASE???



Before June 2013

I have indeed planned to visit all of these places before June 2013….. I will…I can and I must…

Solo me falta NYC =/

I have lived in so many states… that picking up and going is surely not an option for me. I like to think of myself maybe as a cavalier so to speak… Pick and go..Pick up and move in an INSTANT!

I have talked and shared LONG stories with people who have traveled…..relocated a few times as well as people who have NEVER lived outside of the same state, never traveled or even driven across the county borders of their municiplalities….. and I HAVE TO TELL YOU that the mind sets are conversations are totatlly different! I wish that EVERYONE would desire to shift their life just a little because the world is not only a big place but it is indeed HUGE / MASSIVE!

Explore it so that you can enjoy it…..BEFORE you die off this earth!