Boy HaveTimes Changed!

Who would have EVER THOUGHT that you would hardly NEVER be able to tell what “a child’s age is”…….. Scary and Sad all at the same time!

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Open and Closed Letter

To My Oldest Kids,

I was sitting here thinking and re- evaluations a whole of things that transpired between the 3 of us over the years., Then I also had a talk with one of your previous coaches, talked to a few other relatives, talked to God and even had a tiny conversation with myself about you and your sister over your very LONG teenage years.  I was a little excited because you will both be turning 19 years of age in July and I still ask myself where did the time go! Although you guys are fraternal twins – sometimes I wonder if you are really indeed twins at all because you both just have WAY too, too, too, too, too, too  many differences! ( good and bad )

Nonetheless, as I move on in my life I wanted you to know that I will always – always love you and I am NO LONGER upset with either one of you! Plus, if I desire to get into Heaven, I better not be mad anymore! Plus, it is not worth it at all….

Well, with you both, Please know that  I am just no longer willing to accept your disrespect and your unwillingness to put in the time and effort that it takes for us to build and maintain a loving and healthy relationship….

I am sure that you are shocked but guess what – I was too when I was able to FINALLY come to this point in my life!

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, you both will be turning 19 years of age next month and I have been struggling HARD with the both of you since you were 12 1/2 and I do believe that it is time for ME to see about ME.  You guys have chosen for the last 7 years of what you wanted to do…when you wanted to do it…if you wanted to do it…who you wanted to do it for and with…. and sad to say, None of it INCLUDED ME!

I love you guys to pieces and when “it is time”, we will connect again but it will be on my time and terms…. oh an by the way, I am glad that you both are my kids … EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T ACT, SPEAK, OR DRESS LIKE IT!

If you need need better interpretation of this quick – blunt – open and closed letter, please consult God!



P.S. If you cannot tell by now – I have allowed every year that has passed to MAKE ME better and not bitter!


Online Foolishness


I was with a girl pal of mine and we both was online and she set up a profile page for me… Now I told you guys a few weeks ago why online dating “is not my thing” There was this guy who reached out to me… and I was like he probably dont even dress like that because the profile photo was in a business suit and all of his others were “hood / street” clothing.. which is a HUGE NO – NO for me! I dont care if it is online….off the grocery store…at the mall…at church – REGARDLESS!

Well she started replying to him “for me” and he turned out to be a HORRID liar and she was soo appalled and upset because he said in an email that he was a producer and sent links to his work and 2 of them were documentaries and she is like see…. he seems to be ok. I told her that ANYONE who is about anything would NOT give out so much information about themselves up front so quickly…

But moving right along with the SILLY but so REAL story…..I said he is trying to be too cocky or maybe presenting his information so that he can be seen as a legit person maybe.. BUT I still dont trust he is all put together like he is trying to present… So he sent one more link stating this was another project that he did….

( of course I already deleted my picture and account info and made her promise she would NEVER do nothing like this again….)

At that moment I told my friend that he is NOT LEGIT and she was like you are soo against meeting people online…I said no – it is all about PRESENTATION!! I was trying to explain to her if the guy was STEPHEN SPIELBERG, TYLER PERRY or RON HOWARD they would not be sending links of their work at all because they would want to see if the woman is interested in them rather than their money – fame and success…. She still thought that I was being too judgemental…..


Lo and behold..we opened the last link that the fake producer sent and it was a very CHEAP – LOW BUDGET – SEMI PORN GANGSTER FLICK!!!

I laughed so hard while she fussed and almost cussed at the computer! ……

So now do you see why the photo in this picture is VALID IN MY BOOK!!!! LOL

I told her to  stop-sign trying to HURRY me along to be with someone – Wisdom tells me when to say YES or NO!


lying + teenager = South America

Okay I may seem mean to some people for NOT FEELING BAD for the 14 year old girl in the situation but……………. kids today via this current generation are just a tad bit out of control.. I was really amazed and shocked that this went on for this long but maybe the Lord was trying to teach her a lesson as well…. Who knows! However, the little girl certainly have experienced a whole 365 days of thinking what she will NOT do again! American jail is one thing but Foreign prisons have held on to their horrid reputation since I was in high school and I knew that if I was EVER in trouble that being in prison in foreign territory would be absolute hell on earth.

There are soo soo many grandmothers raising kids that with some instances, things are bound to happen because some of these older foster parents and grandparents are just too old and too tired “to keep up” with some of the very crazy antics of the teenagers of today’s society! It is sad that the kids dont even appreciate their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents taking them in due to the fact that they obviosuly arent staying with their biological parents…. Yeah, some kids dont understand that it is a blessing to be kept and not just thrown into the court systems but we were all born with compassion ….so these kids can see what they want to see….

The link below gives the full story….

Now whatever was going on in the home, I am sure that she had other opportunities to report any wrong doing before she reached over a thousand miles away right? Then being so quick on her feet to give an Alias means that she was indeed “too street smart” and NEVER thought that she would end up in another country. I am not in any way, shape or form saying….” that is what she gets”….. BUT I am wondering if she ran away before. Texas is way too close to the boarder for her to think that anything wont happen to you! Plus where did she even get the Alias name that she used?  I certainly bet that she thinks twice about running away and using someone else’s identification! Sad thing is that the very SAME person that she was trying to get away from is the EXACT same person who took the time to search for her and discover the TRAVESTY that she placed her ownself in! I am sure that this incident in 2010 will maybe have her go to college for International Relations! Not funny at all, more so sad and shocking that you can get from  Texas to COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA!

Choices will certainly direct the traffic in your life!! Red lights, Yellow lights and Green lights must be adhered to! Children who are in the streets definately need to read this article it will make them think twice or make them a smarter thief which is not a good thing either! Shaking my head at these teenagers and young tweens today …STARTING WITH MY OWN!!! The story states it was an accident but after a year being in Colombia and the teenager giving false information… this was not an accident but it was more so a lesson to be learned for a lifetime!