Traveling –

Welp, we are in the car AGAIN and headed to happiness! This boy loves to travel – I dont care where the destination is..he just wants to get in the car and GO!!  This boy even packs MORE than I do and all I do is giggle and ask myself what in the world did Icreate? He is super neat and a tad bit OVERLY anal when it comes to how his things are folded in his suitcase – like really Jared? Hey things could be worse – he could be a sloppy kid! LOL

Kids learn to be flexible while traveling AND FLEXIBILITY is something this kid has..

There are plenty of reasons why travel is good for kids. Whether you are traveling for a two-week vacation or heading out for a multi-year vagabonding lifestyle, travel is good.

Travel helps kids learn the world is a wonderful place. In today’s society where most people fear others, travel helps children learn that the vast majority of people in our world are kind and generous people who will go the extra mile to help a fellow human.

Travel helps kids develop communication skills. As they travel amongst various cultures, they’ll communicate with people of all ages and in many languages. Children will pick up foreign languages and perfect the fine art of sign language when they can’t get their message across with words. Now, since he talks with his hands like his mother – this should be easy! LOL

Travel broadens kids’ education. There’s nothing like being a place to learn about that place. The history and culture come alive when you see it being lived. Textbooks are great resources, but don’t come close to replicating the experience of actually being there and being able to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch it…. ( an my son touches EVERYTHING!! even at 10 )

He recently told me that he wanted to visit Asia – I said man….for all of this lets just move there! We BOTH are like cavaliers and will pick up and just “go with the flow” anywhere and anytime!

Travel helps kids become more flexible and to adapt to changes easier. We all know the old adage that even the best laid plans will go awry. While traveling, plans change daily – minute by minute at times – and kids need to adapt. Through those experiences they learn that things will be OK, even if they aren’t what was expected.



I love it when there are Christians who are always serious about Kingdom business, but at the same time have a good sense of humor and enjoy a good laugh.
In Christ, trust me….you or I, don’t need to be uptight and a sourpuss to get people take you seriously. Yes, you should be serious about your Heavenly Father‘s business in order for people to take you seriously.
But, you need balance because you don’t want to be serious all the time and you need to enjoy the abundant life that God has for you. When you enjoy a good laugh, it reminds you that God has a great sense of humor.


YESTERDAY!!!! ………  The enemy almost had me jacked up!  Yesterday I wanted to flip out!!! Yesterday I so needed my mother!!! Yesterday I needed a hug from my sister!! Yesterday I wanted to choke my son!! Yesterday I felt like not wanting to be my son’s mother!!!!! Yesterday I needed God to take the pain away!! The bitterness surely was on its way and I am glad that God “blocked it”…… ( that is a true blessing )

Yesterday I was so upset that I could not even cry!!!! Yesterday, God allowed me to go through a very STRONG AND STORMY situation and he then gave me the peace that I needed and allowed me to have and maintain victory over the situation!

Yesterday God reminded me that I have to regroup and refocus to keep my sanity…. Yesterday God advised me that He allowed all of these things that I felt were so bad to transpire… Yesterday God said.. all is well.

OH GOD!!! Is all that I kept saying out loud!I almost felt as if I was INDEED going to lose my mind and the ONLY thing that can shift me toward that direction is when it comes to “family matters/ situations”…..

Welp guess what! The enemy knows that as well so trust me when I tell you that he works in OVERTIME and OVERDRIVE in that area because he loves to see me breakdown…..

Listen as a parent – your kids will surely take “you there” if and when you allow then…..  My kids ….my teenage twins have really put me through it since they were 12 1/2 years old and ask me if things has gotten any better?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… umm yeah like maybe like 3 months out of EVERY year that has passed since they have been that age! OH MY GOODNESS – HELP ME! For my teenage ungrateful kids to ONLY desire to reach out when it is a FINANCIAL thing is a sad thing.

It is a HORRIBLE….HORRID….HORRIFIC….UNBEARBALE thing to try and raise your children with another parent who has 100% DIFFERENT WAY of raising them but they are in their care. AGONY I tell you…COMPLETE AND STRAIGHT agony!

Of course children “rather”  sway toward the mind set of the parent and their family that allows things to be a bit easier on them….. Mother or not – I have feelings and indeed to SEE that they do not care about that but care ONLY the feelings that comes along with my pocket book.

The children also have to take blame in the things that they have done as well as have not done through out this horrid process as well… Allowing his father to think “one way” when it is not the truth and my son not speaking up is basically “co – signing” with what the interperation of me in situations.

I have CARED what my teenage kids as well as their father and family have felt about me via parenting LONG ENOUGH…… at this point in my life I feel soo empowered to move on!

My teenage kids will turn 19 this July and I have not washed my hands of “them” but I am indeed allowing LIFE to take its course! I will continue to pray on their behalf but nothing more and nothing less…… I know that I am not the only mother who has NO RELATIONSHIP with their kids father but it is sad that two parents cannot come together and raise their kids.

I do not beleive in allowing kids “to run the show” and the course of the relationship styles of the parents! Well that is what has BEEN HAPPENEING over the years and of course I am the bad guy because I have ALWAYS stood my motherly / Christian ground! It does not feel good while it is working but I know that it is working for MY GOOD.

Praying that God will save my kids! No wait…. God will save them! So my prayer is that they DESIRE and CHOOSE to become and maintain their salvation with The Lord! It is THEIR choice…..

I feel so much better thanks to waiting patiently to hear the voice of The Lord speak to me…. I am well… all is well and I have peace within “again”….

Honor your parents – that is the Holy Scriptures and no success will come until they can learn to honor! Things may look good and feel good but trust me, God will “shut it down” when people least expect it. You cannot go through life not doing what you are supposed to do and feel that you are going to reap the harvest of The Lord!

Dear ( ME )

ink addiction

Okay I get it …..well ONLY to a certain degree why people obtain tatoos…… but ummm when it gets obsessive…GEESH!

Why the whole BODY… seriously I also wanted to know that! I think that it is a turn on or they get a major high / rush from it all…. Like as you can see the boy has the word PATIENCE tattooed on BOTH of his hands. Is it that he needs this to remind HIMSELF that this is something that he needs to personally practice? Or does it mean that he likes the word itself? It appears to me that people who are lovers of INK seem to  run out of places of BLANK SKIN and then the body piercings start to increas as well!

Do you ever feel that people will regret this artwork? I mean if they like ART “all like that” why not buy some to put on the walls? I mean people get to the point that they are SOO SOO PROUD of the VARIETY of colors that they paid tons of cash for on their bodies. I cant get into it to this magnitude, so please help me understand the mind set of it if ANYONE CAN. I dont know anyone with only ONE TATOO.

They ALL start off saying that they have always wanted one and will only get ONE but a few months later…..the ink addiction BEGINS! Follow the moving hand!!! I am trying to obtain the message myself from the INK -art and what it all even means….

 I know in Leviticus 19:28 speaks volumes TO ME. “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.



Family is soo important and I have had to reallllllllllllll -y fight for it over the last 5 years. I am just literally exhausted behind it but I love my kids and I would not trade them for the world… Regardless how #$%#@!@ my 18 year old twins can be MOST of the time! GEESH….

Nonetheless, God has been helping me to remain patient and faithful to them as HE was for me as I was going through my changes and trying to find my way…. then I still scratch my head and say that my 9 1/2 year old does NOT act ANYTHING like my 18 1/2 year old twins…..

Then I scream >> GOD!! I didnt act the way these kids are acting! Then he reminded me again, it is with that same way of thinking is why a lot of people JUDGE.

It is man who places stipulations on what types of sins are just or unjust but God says that we are ALL indeed a mess!

So with that being said….. my kids REALLY teach me the importance of forgiveness because without Christ in my life – I would have dropped them and cut them completely out of my life about 5 years ago. Family is a must and a need for me… so I will continue to ask God how to show me how to effectively parent my children….

Helping Self...

smiling through pain

women are some AMAZINGLY strong creatures!…… we can be going through some really rough patches in EVERY aspect of our lives and still walk around with a smile on our faces!

yeah….yeah..yeah … we have heard that we have to learn to smile and fake it until you make it… ( which that saying is SILLY ) but i have learned to smile to keep from crying… to keep from frowning….smile to keep from screaming….smile to keep from lashing out….smile to keep from complaining….smile to keep from constantly asking God why…….smile to keep from going crazy….smile to keep from my enemies from seeing me sweat……smile to keep from my son seeing me sad… to remind myself that i can indeed “get through this too”…..

so to me those are BETTER and more importantly HONEST reasons to smile throught the pain instead of the silly cliche’s i have heard from childhood until now……