My Son and His Glad Heart!


My son and this man has always shared a special bond….. It is so imperative that men REGARDLESS of what age, have male role models, male mentors, male inspired people in their lives……

Being able to share priceless moments is a blessing and my son appreciates all the male mentors in his life. Besides another male mentor that is in his life, no one can bring a smile to his face like this man.

We actually even talked about no matter what community event or church function we are at and he sees him, he becomes ax excited young man. I told him that I know he indeed loves his father, but he does NOT SMILE, GIGGLE, CHUCKLE, GET EXCITED the same way when he is with his father v.s. this man.

My son met him about 5 -6 years ago and he loved him from day one and my son said to me today that he can tell that he has a good relationship with God. I said yes baby, he is special and has a great deal of characteristics that people just don’t see nor experience anymore from men in ministry.

He said he wish that his father had the same type of Jesus on him!!!! I tried MY BEST to keep my facial expressions together but inside I did know AND UNDERSTAND what my son was speaking about. It is not always about how much time a person spends with my son rather than the impact of what is done for him in the time is spent with him.

Of course I never have or ever will speak harshly about his father to him but kids ARE VERY HONEST about their feelings!! What they see as well as what they feel!!! My son is an Old Soul anyway…


Anyway, this Pastor / Bishop is a very nice……kind ….caring man of God who engages my son’s mind, soul and spirit and I am grateful that their connection was tactfully started years ago and is still very magnetic to my son from the moment he sees him.

This Bishop surely loves people and has a heart for REAL MINISTRY and he carries the scent of compassion that it’s soooooooooooo contagious!!!


A Great Part of My Day

Was taking a break in the mall and sitting in a chair trying to get my MASTER PLAN together so I would be focused and not OVER SPEND as usual! Lo and behold, here walks in my niece whom I have not seen in ummmmm….. I shall not say how long it has been but ……..It’s wonderful when you KNOW you have a few folk who love you for “REAL”…No strings attached, no hidden agendas or motives…they love you for you, with all your faults, &  all your idiosyncrasies because they see the “essence” of who you are, and you can be “just plain ol’ you” with them, without all the “stuff”…Man, true LOVE from true FOLKS is an awesome thing…deeeep siiiiiigh… Seeing her REALLY made my whole weekend worth staying in my tri- state area! Grateful to see her and blessed to share and swap stories of LIFE and knowing that we have and had shared a great deal of similarities was just astonishing…..

We laughed..talked…..I cried….we hugged….we paused in silenced…we flirted..we cracked jokes…we mini complained and lifted up Jesus!

yeah – I am talking about my lovely niece  and she is an amazing 26 year old young woman who loves God….shopping….family…music…cats…ME and LIFE!

There are a few people who I KNOW loves me without a million questions that I  must ask first…. what am I doing these days… where have I been etc.. they are just glad to see me and that I am doing AMAZING!……

OKAY – the moral to this quick blog is to tell you to ……enjoy people who desire to enjoy you back!



Women's Stuff

People Like Me –

Strong women are women who are candid, forthright and quite liberal in their views. The women of today are quite smart and almost stand parallel with today’s men.

Liberalisation of women has gone a long way in making women stronger, sharper and smarter. The woman of today is more independent, courageous and brave enough to carry out things herself. Women of today, even make better bosses than men.

God has linked me up with several women “who are NOT like me” and in the beginning it was VERY CHALLENGING for me because ” I ASSUMED” growing up that all women or at least most women were just as strong as me…..the same…or even stronger….. OOOPPSS!!! That is so not the case, which has allowed me to PRODUCE more compassion in dealing with me who are not like me and even the people who may be like me…. Interesting HUH! LOL

Charmion (1875 - 1949), vaudeville strongwoman...
Charmion (1875 – 1949), vaudeville strongwoman and trapeze artist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is always important to have someone in your life who is NOT on your level so that you can help pull them up

It is always important to have someone in your life who is ON your level so that you can manage and see what you have accomplished

It is always important to have someone in your life who is OVER your level so that you can be taught and then grow

According to Brad Garrett, “I love strong women, not only in life but in craft.” A phrase called “women of substance” is used to describe all the strong women in the world. When I first read that from this author, I got excited because I was like FINALLY!!!! A man who can appreciate a strong woman and not THROW HER INTO THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT category! BUT THEN – I kept reading some more of his writings and he is a little sexist…..

I tell ya, I am NOT a feminist….. you know – the women that feel that they can do JUST AS MUCH OR THE SAME as a man so they want the same treatment …pay etc…  There is a balance to everything and I understand that women should be treated equally but let us PLEASE FIND SOME BALANCE! I enjoy being a lady 24 hours a day! You can count on that….

Strong women are those women who are mentally strong and have strength of character. Strong women never give up in the face of testing circumstances. According to Bete Davis, “Strong women only marry weak men.” Which I feel is a very sexist statement because I am  A VERY STRONG WOMAN and I would not EVER want to marry a weak man!

Key words… ” I would not want “……………..