My Son and His Glad Heart!


My son and this man has always shared a special bond….. It is so imperative that men REGARDLESS of what age, have male role models, male mentors, male inspired people in their lives……

Being able to share priceless moments is a blessing and my son appreciates all the male mentors in his life. Besides another male mentor that is in his life, no one can bring a smile to his face like this man.

We actually even talked about no matter what community event or church function we are at and he sees him, he becomes ax excited young man. I told him that I know he indeed loves his father, but he does NOT SMILE, GIGGLE, CHUCKLE, GET EXCITED the same way when he is with his father v.s. this man.

My son met him about 5 -6 years ago and he loved him from day one and my son said to me today that he can tell that he has a good relationship with God. I said yes baby, he is special and has a great deal of characteristics that people just don’t see nor experience anymore from men in ministry.

He said he wish that his father had the same type of Jesus on him!!!! I tried MY BEST to keep my facial expressions together but inside I did know AND UNDERSTAND what my son was speaking about. It is not always about how much time a person spends with my son rather than the impact of what is done for him in the time is spent with him.

Of course I never have or ever will speak harshly about his father to him but kids ARE VERY HONEST about their feelings!! What they see as well as what they feel!!! My son is an Old Soul anyway…


Anyway, this Pastor / Bishop is a very nice……kind ….caring man of God who engages my son’s mind, soul and spirit and I am grateful that their connection was tactfully started years ago and is still very magnetic to my son from the moment he sees him.

This Bishop surely loves people and has a heart for REAL MINISTRY and he carries the scent of compassion that it’s soooooooooooo contagious!!!



The rom-com

Think Like A Man has made $33 million dollars in its opening weekend beating out The Hunger Games! Honey, that is AMAZING for an African American full cast foundational movie! I am shocked….. Nonetheless, I read Steve Harvey‘s book via what the movie is based upon called Act Like A Lady and Think Like A Man..

I said to myself geesh… wow – Mr. Steve made MILLIONS off of this common sense stuff!!! Man, my father raised me to THINK AND ACT LIKE THIS since I was in middle school!!

I am sure that this movie is SUPER DUPER FUNNY but from a Christian perspective …….. it is sad that there are INDEED several women who do not have common sense. Whether there were a lack of male role models in their lives to the lack of strong, wise and feminine women to show them how to take a stand and just plain old common sense.

Poster of Think Like a Man

However, with Christ in your life……..your standards become higher of what they would if you were not living for HIM. Common sense though in some situations that women seem to settle with….deal with and put up with is a TRAVESTY.

I am a single woman….. I am a single parent…. but I have standards! I had standard EVEN BEFORE I LIVED FULLY FOR GOD! So with that being sad… why is it that a great deal of women seem to settle for anything and anyone just so they are not LONELY?

Do not get me wrong… I desire to be with someone and be a Godly wife to a GODLY husband… but I rather WAIT than SUFFER!  You will end up singing……writing……wondering why that you have found love in a hopeless place because you are lonely!

I am indeed praying for my fellow sisters in Christ as well as the women of the world to DISCOVER CHRIST and find out who they are! Who God says that they are……..

Some married women also need to ask God for wisdom on how to minister correctly to single women as well….. I say this because as a married woman, if you are going HOME to biceps….triceps….and nice big strong hands…  show a little compassion and just admit that you know how the single woman can feel at times! Dont sing that HOLD ON story without being transparent yourslef okay!!!

I am NOT going to act as if I am a woman who is going to sit and shout to the roof tops that GOD IS ALL THAT WE NEED AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE WITH ANYONE!!!

PLEASE! God’s 1st institution was MARRIAGE!!! If anything I will pray that God will grant you strategy…tactics…wisdom… more grace and more mercy to HOLD ON until “that time comes”….

2012 and beyond seems to be the devil’s new and improved playground for dating and everything else… but ask God to keep you ….really have the desire to be kept… and it can happen!

 Cool Glitterz

I am a witness… a sometimes complaining witness LOL but it can be done!

Do not settle….you will pay for it EVENTUALLY – it will not be worth it…