Remembering and Respecting MLK


A great man can never be forgotten – he can only remain to be admired, missed and respected!!! I am personally grateful for all of the sacrifices that this man CHOSE to do on behalf of ALL people.
The Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an example that people all over the world can still appreciate and emulate.

Mother Teresa was not the only chosen vessel by God to create, lead and change people’s hearts in the name of the Lord. The Civil Rights Movement was the pedigree to the United States of America’s Freedom!




Rosa Parks sat so that Dr Martin Luther King could begin to WALK, so that my generation would neve have to go back to CRAWLING and most individuals understood the struggle because it opened up our eyes because it gave President Barack Obama a DREAM and he discovered that he was able to FLY in 2008…. He may not stay flying in the air much longer BUT at least he speaded his wings and flew! Just grateful for what Dr., Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. did for ALL mankind and was not selfish to only fight for “black rights” for he fought for, stood for and was murdered for equal rights.

Happy birthday Dr King….. your dream still lives on today!